11 Sep 2012

Going Back To Pilates

when i woke up this morning i couldn’t feel my feet. they were heavy as if i was an old lady – well i am truly getting old, too much grey hair. so much that i had to use mascara to cover the front, but mascara are not made to hide an ageing person.
“what did i do yesterday?” i asked myself as i picked my daughter from her crib. my body felt as if being hit by a truck and i was scare she would fall from my arms. i didn’t feel like doing anything but still i went downstairs to kiss hubby goodbye and fetch breakfast for AOI and myself.
slowly my energy level returned but still i wasn’t in the mood to do much so i played music. then i remembered. yesterday i was dancing to songs your kid should grow up. the last time i danced like yesterday was some months ago when my daughter was itty bitty and would look at me bemused but surely unsure of this woman crazy dancing moves. yesterday she was laughing and shaking her body to the music.
it felt good to move again, because i am feeling bad about my body image and after i dance my mood lifts up. but i am feeling low because i am heavier than two weeks post-partum and that’s not a good thing. i can’t believe how much i am letting myself go with the lack of eating in moderation and opting for healthy food choices. really i need to tone the muffin that forms after i close my jeans, i can’t afford replacing all my old jean
so today i made a phone call. initially i wasn’t going to because i phoned last week and they didn’t return my call. but, today whilst tiding up the house i saw their phone number again. i composed it there and then before i could change my mind. thanks to that call, tomorrow if hubby comes in time from work, i am starting Pilates again.

i am so happy because i love Pilates, more than yoga. i work on my core without feeling the pain and i tend to tone my stomach easily, and strengthen my lower back, which i really need to as my daughter grows and i lift her up.
today  for mid-morning nap AOI listened to lullabies, the mid-afternoon we listened to children music that grown ups like.  we are listening to music often because hubby has a new app on his ipad. apparently the ipad is for work but he is so kind to leave at home so AOI and I can entertain ourselves.
songza anyone? yes, songza is the new app. i am talking about. which gives you the possibility to listen to any kind of music. late afternoon nap AOI listened to sleeping classical. we she got up i danced to club/dance music. if you like music and want to listen to everything then download songza from App Store, it’s free!
anyway, all this verbal diarrhoea  to say that i am slowly working on my fitness and stamina.
how do you keep you fit?


  1. I think it's so great that you made the call, and the decision to get back into Pilates. I do dance class 2 times a week and yoga every day. It's interesting that you said you prefer Pilates, I must give it a shot so I can compare!

  2. I DO pilates!! Not enough to see the outside changes but I feel great on the inside. Can't wait to do more!

  3. Good for you! I've never done pilates myself. I've been meaning to try for years now but have never gotten around to it. I love yoga. I might have to really try pilates now that you say that you prefer it.

  4. I'm so very happy for you, it's always hard making that first step knowing that you've been out of it for a while, but it was an awesome call. I usually workout with my Wii, but these days, I've been taking it easy. Can't wait until I give birth so I can do Zumba for the Wii.


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