14 Sep 2012

I the Sonnambula

3am her little dolphin cries wakes me up. i breastfed her tiny sleepy angelic body, changed her wet diaper, rocked her back to sleep. so what does this mother do when sleep doesn’t want to be her friend at 4am?

she slips out of bed, enters her studio, writes a quick note to her daughter and reflect about the lack of sleep. does some editing of her novel, reads some blogs until sleep comes knocking, begging her to come play the golden dreams game.

unless her daughter calls her again at 6am she is off to slip back into bed next to her hubby’s warm body to have sogni d’oro!


update at 11am

so i went to the warm embrace of hubby, but in the end i turned and twirled while sleep teased me with images of Sofia Loren and Antonio Mastroianni running bare feet in a sandy beach of a vintage Italia.

it felt good when my body would feel the heaviness of sleep and images of Marilyn Monroe’s mask moved into darkness but the sign of early morning breaking through the darkness in our room made me fight away sleep. the light welcomed me to wake up and go bring our daughter for a warm cuddle. as if she could feel my struggle to fight away sleep she woke up and called me with her cries that sound like gentle throat clearing.

Now she is having her mid-morning nap and thoughts are flooding me. I believe the more I get out my mummy mind the more the thoughts keep flushing over me. well I am switching to mummy mind because this scene is what I have to drink in and marvel.AOIsleepy

oh, who doesn't want to be a baby again. mummy i really mean it when i say i love you though I don’t have cute pictures of me sleeping!


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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