26 Sep 2012

In Touch is Out[of]Touch

really, really, what the heck!!!
come on you people at In Touch, be considerate of human emotions sometimes. i know that as a weekly mag you LOVE to rip people celebrities emotions apart but really? do you have to go as far as ripping a child’s emotions and privacy?
what does she got to do with her parents’ busy lifestyle to be constantly on your cover?Suri-Cruise
to make my point clear i’ve used the InTouch cover but personally edited the image to try to protect her, at least on my personal blog!
i believe she is the most paparazzi-ed child in Holllywood.
if i was kate holmes’ publicist i would surely sue In Touch for invading my daughter’s privacy by using her image on its cover and having those titles underneath.
please try to be In Touch if not change the mag to Out[of]Touch!


  1. Oh I totally agree. I just got back from the grocery store and saw this mag at the check out counter. I shook my head.
    Just cause her parents chose to be celebrities and live their lives in the spotlight does not mean she has made that decision too.

  2. It's so messed up. One of the downside of being in the lime light, is that many people feel that the lights are never shut off. I agree, they should leave the child out of it; she has no control over what her parents do.

  3. there is no emotion or real thought involved. its about whatever will increase sales. unfortunately.

  4. Completely agree. It is awful.

  5. I don't like to see children on the covers of these magazines with negative headlines either. It just sucks that we put these celebrities and their families on such a high pedestal and evade their privacy. At the end of the day they're people too and the kids should be off limits.

  6. We should start a campaign to stop gossip tabloids using children on their cover and stop trashing celebrities! I am so livid about this privacy invasion and i am glad i am not the only one.

  7. It is so sad that the papparazzi have no sense of responsibility to protect the interest of a child or ounce of humanity to at least consider the negative psychological effects that their actions are directly causing on a young child!


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