22 Sep 2012

Niagara Falls

Oh, it feels good to be back to our own bedrooms and beds!
It was nice to be in Niagara but this time i missed the comfort of our marital bed. Sharing a double bed with a baby when we're used to queen size is not fun. It becomes an adventure when the baby in question kicks off the covers while the room is very cold. I had to tell her to stop, sometimes she complained but most of the time she listened.
Well, how was Niagara Falls?
We got there Sunday evening around half past seven. Hubby and his colleague, R’s dad went to register for the conference and had something to drink, courtesy of the conference organisers - we missed the meal but had bread and beef sandwich.
The first night we got we didn’t have a good vibe for the place. What is all about the spooky attraction? I mean somebody said the place is better than the American side. But all i could see were spooky fun fair attractions. Maybe it could be the perfect place for eleven year old children but not for me. All the night lights reminded me of a tacky Vegas replica. P9195972No-way that wasn't for me.

The following morning brought me different eyes to view the location. Ten years ago I was standing over the American side taking pictures of the same spot I was standing on Monday morning. My sister came to see me and then-boyfriend-now-hubby (that was the first time she was meeting him after she told him she would kill him if he treated me bad, he is still treating me good due to that warning). We had a meal but i've always wondered how the Canadian side is.
Well, though the Falls are spectacular,fall2falls1
i wasn’t missing much because the town is tacky as hell. Okay, there are nice fall-view restaurants and more beautiful hotels but nothing that one cannot live without visiting.sheratonhotelfallview

Monday evening AOI and I took the chance to go visit my sister in Mississauga when R's dad drove back to Toronto because Tuesday morning R had to start the second stage of chemo (8-12 weeks long).
We got back Tuesday evening.
Wednesday hubby took the day off to spend time with us. We walked  by the Falls and took many pictures. In the evening we drove Niagara-on-the-Lake. That's one of the hidden gems of Canadian municipalities!


  1. I've only been on the American side, and missed going to the Canadian side because my friend didn't have her passport with her. Beautiful!!

  2. Ooh Niagara on the lake is lovely...glad you had a good time:-) been loving all your fun travel times:-)

  3. Your take on the Canadina side is hilarious! I quite enjoyed the Canadian side and all the "spookiness". The falls are a beautiful view!

  4. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. I have only visited once and it was a bit cold but definitely worth the visit.

  5. My only visit to Niagara was to the Canadian side and while it was beautiful, the town itself was definitely tacky! I completely agree!

    We LOVED Niagara on the Lake, I would travel back there in a heartbeat!

  6. wow, the pictures are incredible. def. looks like you saw the non-tacky parts, hehe.

  7. Lovely pictures of the fall. Just wondering: I've been told that the falls look better on the Canadian side, would you agree, or the whole experience of the town just made them seem like that's the only thing going for it?

    1. I totally agree that the falls are it their best from the Canadian side, because you can view the way and the strength of the water fall.


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