8 Sep 2012

Ontario Summer 2012: Port Perry/Toronto pt. 2

on 23th August we rented a car and drove to Port Perry… one of our married friends and their kids were visiting family over there, so they invited us to stay. we didn’t want to sleep over because it was going to be hassle to wake up early in the morning to beat traffic. we decided to enjoy the day with them, have dinner and then live.

their house sits on the hill overlooking the man-made lake.

lakeviewhubby went sailingsailingboati went canoeingsolocanoeingjust after lunch T, our friends’three years old brought me this lovely bunch of flowers collected from his grandparents gardenflowers

AOI had a lovely time, catching up with her little friends A and T. she also enjoyed being dipped into the lake and then she stood all excited in the turned to into a mini pool hot tub.babybuds i took the chance to kiss her soft cheeks, to cuddle and tickle her tiny infant body. i tickled her so that i could hear her belly laughs which echoes distinct in the distance.sunsetjoywe witnessed this breath-taking sunset. i felt blessed to be there with my beloved husband and daughter.perrysunset the next two days we decided to chill and hang around with family. Saturday we went cloth shopping. hubby didn’t buy anything but i bought Tommy Hilfiger shirt and pair of socks for AOI. Sunday we had BBQ after church. it was all about good food, company and laughter.

Monday were invited to R’s birthday party. He turned 3 on 31-08, but his parents wanted to celebrate on the 27th because his grandparents and granduncle came from Israel to visit him. Plus our friends from Sasky stopped by on their way to the airport. it was such a lovely party. R was tired but he didn’t complain. he was polite throughout the noise. he was so happy when we all sung happy birthday to him. he loved that moment so much that he asked us to sing it couple of times. we happily sung because we could do anything for him to make him feel better and be out of the hospital at once – keep on praying and believing he will be out from there ASAP.

we stayed a little bit longer even after all the guests were gone. we wanted to leave late to be able to beat traffic. also hubby wanted to buy something at Mountain Equipment Coop and i wanted to buy something from everywhere i find something nice. 

these were the reasons that made us stumble upon the theatre district of Toronto downtown.  P8275022P8275025P8275027and the the media ‘zone’P8275031P8275030P8275032we walked all the way back to dundas’s street mall. where i purchase a pair of rose peach skinny jeans and a red top by Zara. i couldn’t resist taking a picture of this this billboard – too funny!torontodundastorontodundas1

28th i was woken up to a lovely news my sister gave birth to her first born WckH. he is so cute and i cannot wait to hug his newborn body and kiss his extra soft cheeks.

29th we stayed in Mississauga area, just ate and read and watched crap tv and Nigerian/Ghanaian movies – ahhh, the bliss of summer holidays!

30th we rented a car to go to Port Credit, just one hour south of Mississauga. we had a passeggiata along  the lake. then we went to visit R and his parents. at Ronald McDonald House Toronto. we had dinner with them in their apartment. while L, my friend, was cooking i was taking pictures of the cuteness of our children. it is heart warming how R is protective and caring towards AOI. he is going to be the best big brother ever – his mother is pregnant with his sibling. after dinner we took a quick walk around the University of Toronto majestic buildings.

31st we went to Waterloo to check out the university which is great for the topic hubby teaches. we went to a nearby lake and we concluded that Saskatchewan is the place to be for lakes. later we drove to downtown Toronto to visit R and parents again. in the morning we learnt that R had been hospitalised due to a mild flu but because his immune system is low they doctors wanted him in the hospital for any eventual complications.

he was feeling fine by the time we got at the Sickkids hospital. he has a great sense of humour and when his mother wasn’t feeling like leaving his side to come for dinner with us, he said “Go, t’night [granny] is here with me. when you come kiss me goodnight and go back to the apartment.” he’s so wise beyond his years.

we went to have and Canadian’ised’ Italian meal at Adega on Elm Street. it was the first time we were going to a nice restaurant with AOI.

as we walked into the restaurant all eyes were on my little girl. i heard an Italian group say “Ahhhhh, sembra una bambola![Ahhhh, she seems like a doll!] sometimes i wonder if she will keep catching people’s attention as she grows. i pray she does because she has an halo around her which is sublimely irresistible.

it was nice evening outting. AOI was sleeping by the time we left the restaurant. on our way out of the city i took few pictures of the beautiful CN Tower [next time we are in Toronto and AOI is a little bit older we will go up the top] cntowerand the skyscrapers lit in the darkness of night, next time i will pose and capture few pictures of the moving city.


so this was our summer 2012 holiday. how was yours, where did you go? anything nice happened to you?


  1. Your pictures look wonderful. I haven't been to Toronto since I was a little kid. That was actually my first plane ride. I have lots of family there but I don't know them.
    Glad you had a wonderful time with family and friends. You guys are truly blessed to have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Glad you all had a good time. We didn't go anywhere special as a family this summer because of the Mr's job. I did get to go to Atlanta for a conference last month but that wasn't the same as a vacation. I'm hoping that next year we can go on a cruise or something.


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