6 Sep 2012

Ontario Summer 2012: Toronto pt. 1

waitingflightthe alarm went off at 5am. we got ready then i went to take AOI out of her crib. she woke up confused, we tried to feed her back to sleep but that didn’t work. she was wide awake from the moment we put her car-seat in the the taxi. she only fell asleep once we were in flight. before that she was enjoying her surrounding and being a conscious traveller.

it was so sweet to watch her interested in what was going on out of the window. the first time she ever took a plane was in May and it was different because she was small to notice anything but this time she was aware of many things.


we arrived in Toronto at around 2:40pm, the flight was 15 minutes delayed. my elder brother (half brother, father side) came to pick us. my sister (half sister, the same as my elder brother) lives thirty minutes away from the airport {you can imagine the noise}

they were delighted to see AOI, she was smiley-shy, so cute to see.

that night i couldn’t sleep because i wanted to catch up with my sister. and i guess my daughter wanted to enjoy the conversation too. but finally at around eleven we all went to bed

the following day we went to visit R and parents, i mentioned my friends in this post, at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto.

babyincitywe took the GOGO bus, one of the big buses in Ontario. AOI was fascinated by the immense skyscrapers, i mean i was more fascinated. skylines are not common in London not to mention in Saskatchewan!

Toronto is busy, busy, busy like London. everyone was on the go go go. but also everyone was so stylish (not everyone, but the majority). that inspired me to take a little bit more time to maintain myself.

this holiday was not for the lazy at heart. we were like the million people on the street of Toronto metropolitan, walking, walking, walking. we didn’t stop to pose and click the camera like real tourists. torontodundasP8224674

hubby carried AOI in the harness and i was the photographer snapping as we walked by. people were in love with AOI, saying how cute and adorable she is “she is so cute.” random people kept saying. hubby was beaming of pride, our daughter hanging out like a character from Hangover!torontohardrockcafetorontohardrockcafe (2)

we were sweating like pigs by the time we arrived at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto. This is a place established in 1981. It seeks to provide a home away from home for seriously ill children and their families to heal better together.

It is located in very nice area, near the university of Toronto. the noise never fade away but once you are in the secured doors of the house you don’t even feel like you are surrounded by the busy city of Toronto.mcdonaldhouse

life goes on on a different lane. it was my friend’s birthday. i bought a photographic book for her. she leaning to use Canon 60D. when we got there R was happy to us, because it was party time. but it was not party without cake, so his daddy and hubby went to by something to eat plus a cake (tiramisu). while there were gone R danced to entertain AOI.

he is always so sweet to our daughter – his parents say that AOI’s babyhood remind them of R’s babyhood. I saw his curls when they moved here in November, they can be mistaken for brother and sister. babyfriendsat one point, after we finished our lunch together, AOI wanted to wander off, but R went to her and stood in front of her and say “No go there.”

R is so polite, good natured and caring. i love to see AOI next to him because he is such a protective little dude. my little girl likes to be affectionate to other children and R is always there for that affection, but towards the end of the visit he was too tired. i saw that so i told AOI “enough kissing” she turned to look at me and the next time she tried to kiss R again he said

“enough kissing.” with his child sweet accented voice.

{Oh God let’s him get better with each passing day, please everyone keep on praying for him}

a journey that should have taken us max two hours, it took us four hours to get back home. we missed connections plus we couldn’t find the bus stop. Take goodness we had the harness to carry AOI, she was happily sleeping by the time we got home and had our Big Mac for tea.


  1. Praying for R. Your daughter is so adorable. Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. This sounds like such a great trip! AOI is absolutely stunning! So gorgeous! R sounds like such a sweet and protective boy. Saying a prayer for him now.
    Beautiful pictures of Toronto. Now I want to visit.

  3. AOI is definitely a cutie! I can see why folks will be taken by her.

    Praying for a quick recovery for your friend's son!

  4. Wow...AOI is so beautiful! Ah...I want a baby girl now. lol. :) So glad your trip went so smoothly! Adding your friend's son to our prayer list. :)

  5. Praying for that precious little boy. God will protect him and his family during this trying time.
    AOI's curls are so beautiful. Abby is still essentially bald but I would love for her to grow curls like your little ones!


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