11 Sep 2012

Our Weekend

i can’t believe monday was already here and gone. i mean where did last monday go?
i’ve being busy doing many things i can’t even remember, but one thing i’ve done and i proud of was signing AOI to one of our local popular indoor playgroups. i went there to register last thursday, all coolly dressed up, praying my hair didn’t smell like fried chips, our evening meal. everyone was so dressed up. even the kids and AOI was wearing no shoes. it was as if returning back to school after the summer holidays and you wanted to impress your classmates, but your outfit is worn inside out.
well, i managed to get ‘us’ into one of the small groups. i can’t wait go on thursday morning 9:30am. both AOI and i have to wear something nice, we want to make friends for possible future play dates and not wearing shoes won’t put us in the good, presentable mother/daughter team.
friday evening we went to a BBQ. we were sitting by the table eat when hubby’s work colleagues little girl, L, came to ask for some bread and butter to eat next to us. After she ate everything, referring to AOI, she said “I think she is happy with her little hand.”
“Yes, she is.” i smiled at her. i was so touched by how cleverness
after more observation about how AOI can clap but not like the way L claps, she asked “can i touch her hand?” AOI was smiling and wanted to play with L. “I think she likes me.” L hugged and kissed AOI. How sweet to have such a lovely little girl as a friend.
well, the end of the day is already here and i have being composing words in mind but nothing want to come out.  saturday we wanted to go to the swimming pool but on the way there AOI fell asleep so we stopped at the library. i got books to improve my photographic skills, i want to take great pictures. i want to capture better memories for my family. i will only keep and share the good ones.zucchinicake i baked zucchini chocolate muffin/cake, thanks to our garden we have so many zucchini that i have to creative. zucchini recipe anyone?
also this weekend i read more. i want to improve my writing: language, grammar and punctuation. english is not my first language therefore i am always paranoid about little things. i read some blogs which i would like to emulate the flow of words the authors use to express themselves. sometimes words form together in my mind like thick fluffy clouds without form, i wan to be able to turn them into stories like my eyes do when they look up into the clouds above.
have you ever done that before. sometimes i can see mona lisa in some clouds, or a sheep in a green field or some random paintings.
i organised all the books in the new bookcases we purchase on kijiji (sort of Craiglist), $30 for two cases, not bad eh?
after we picked up the cases we went to the university to print work articles for hubby. whilst there i stood in the sun, my daughter sitting on my arm, curled into my hip. i soaked up the few last warm rays which returned full force this weekend. i love the beginning of autumn when the leafs turn into gold and burgundy but there is time for that so for now i want to enjoy each ray in the sky. distanceAOI took some steps on the grass, i guess it’s less harsh on her delicate feet. she is learning to love the grass but i believe next year will be the time for her to giggle, running down a green field and my camera will be ready to capture beautiful, memorable life.
so our weekend was hectic.
how was yours?


  1. It's great that you got her into a play group for your little girl. She'll have shoes next time. But I totally get about wearing your best to impress your friends, and you end up embarrassing yourself instead. We all have moments like that.

  2. I know how it feels to show up and feel like you didn't dress for the occassion! You're such a great mom! You will make friends for play dates in no time at all!

    I think your writing is great! I, too, struggle to articulate what I want to convey in my writing. But the more I blog, the better I get! :)

    I love the fall too! It's my favorite time of year!!!

  3. Those muffins/cakes look so delicious. And your daughter is just absolutely adorable :)


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