29 Sep 2012

She Rocks ‘n’ Rules

My indulgence: Marie Claire October 2012 The Big Beauty Issue
so, some of you know that i challenged myself not to buy magazines from the moment i moved to Canada 2011. Well, this month i couldn’t resist paying for a magazine – well if i must confess… last year i couldn’t resist buying few magazines, just two or three promise, but Angelina Jolie was on of the cover (who can resist her?).
so, last night whilst hubby sang and consoled our sleepy little girl to sleep, i crossed my legs on our bed and indulged myself with my own issue of Marie Clair.

marieclaire2012i felt like, as Bryan Adams sings, i’ve died and gone to heaven.
As always, what a great issue! Full of poignant stories, beautiful fashion and inspirational beauty/style tips.
I bought the magazine mainly because i love Gwen Stefani, tom-boy with a kick-ass female attitude and love angel music and baby is always numero one in my heart. So her picture on the cover, deep brown eyes, her blonde-blonde-blonde hair raised into a rough rolled up ponytail and her chic bad-girl outfit, who can resist that?

Anyway, the interview is a great read.

First thing she’ll be 43 next month and she looks 12 years younger. What makes me like her even more is this statement

“I was definitely swimming upstream,” she says “trying to balance everything that’s been going on with having kids and a family. There’s no way to do all these things.”… “Every day I fail at something,” she laments “Every day someone is suffering because I’m doing all these things.”… So she’s downsized a little. (the journalist points out.)
who can't relate to those words. I believe as women we love to multitask, we all strive to be good in everything, every day and when we fail at something we push ourselves too low. In my opinion, just like Stefani does, streamlining, putting things into perspective and focusing on the important things in our lives, can help us achieve our goals.
Another part of the magazine i enjoyed reading is the article in the Beauty section titled "Portion Control". Initially I was sceptical about it because in my youth days some magazines have promoted unhealthy dieting and i am SCARED of dieting but knowing Marie Claire is a mag with integrity I approached the article.
I am glad I did.
OMG, if just like me you are struggling to get back to your pre-baby body then please have a peek at this article. It's one of the best articles on healthy living I've read in years!

Few excerpts:
  • "your old techniques don't work anymore," says Heather Bauer, a New York City-based registered dietician and co-author of Bread Is the Devil. "You can't binge and starve your way to a healthy weight." Research suggests that even exercise can't counteract the evils of age-related weight gain.
    • Experts say those growth hormones also prevent glucose absorption in fat cells, and when there is a deficiency, it's hard to lose weight. On top of that, pregnancy and breast-feeding mean many women temporarily increase their nutritional intake, and stress- family life- can cause overrating and trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone that signals to the body to store fat around the midsection.

My worries are explained! Alleluia for this issue. The article explores how each age can moderate their lifestyle to be healthy and look good.
I am in the infancy of my 30s, I need to streamline my lifestyle again; eating healthy food (carbs 30%, fat 35%, protein 35%) and doing exercises in moderation. Getting rid of my 20s clothing and enjoy the 30s in full.

Yes, I can do this!

hope this issue inspires you as much as it’s inspired me to a healthy me again.


  1. AMEN to this! Thanks for sharing this article, I am SO trying to rid myself of this weight! I recently started weight watchers and its working so we shall see!

  2. i was supposed to begin today...i need to make more better decisions daily!!


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