12 Sep 2012

The River Bench

i took a walk to the river, this was my third time.

on our way to the river i saw a woman walking her cat. yes, a cat on a strap, wish i had my camera with me. 

when i walk the flow of blood into my mental cells force me into a blissful self reflection and deep thinking, which i adore. my thoughts twirl fast and i which i can talk into a tape recorder.

so, i walked pushing my baby in her stroller and while the bump bump bump on the pebble sandy trail rocked her to sleep, i listened as the wind lured the trees to shed their leafs in front of my eyes. my mind searched for words to describe the sensation this time of the year awakes within me.  this time i drove up and down the city with my first protruding belly purchasing the last few things before my baby arrives.

today i sat on the same bench i sat on nearly a year ago while hubby took the first pictures of my 30weeks pregnant belly.foto2 today typed my thoughts. it’s impossible to believe a year is nearly here. the weather was so different from last year’s, it was warm. i was wearing a blue dress and trainers after our swim in the local pool. we weren’t living close to the river as we are now. we had to drive but now we walk. today i wore a jacket because autumn is so real. AOI was wrapped up warm in a shawl, sleeping. the wind gently stroking her warm cheeks, it felt good.

foto3this is the same stop hubby comes to fish, while i sit contemplating about our blessings and life in general.

as long as i can remember every where i’ve lived i’ve always found a little corner where i call my private self reflection spot. in italy was on the stairs of some offices. in london was on the bench in one of our local parks. now, i believe on the river bench is where i will always come to sit to ponder about life.

today the wind was luring the trees to become leafless but in few months the snow like a rich lady with her white fluffy fur will come to comfort these leafless trees. then spring will come again to bloom their leafs into gorgeous green.foto1

but until  then, oh my, this mummy here has to start planning her first baby’s birthday party. and every time i want to do some self reflection i will have the river bench on which i can ponder.

p.s: pilates was great. for AOI’s morning nap we listening to lullabies, for afternoon nap classical and in the evening we listened to italian oldies  lucio battisti, is so melancholic.

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  1. We've been listening to jazz and that works like a charm!!


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