18 Oct 2012

11 Months: The New Age of Determination

Dear daughter, Amore di Mamma e Papa’,
I fee like crying.
OMG, I can't believe how time is flapping its wings away so fast – cliché I know but that’s the pure truth. Do I rejoice or do I let sadness wash over me for how quick you are approaching your one year mark. I feel sad because the quicker you grow the quicker I will not be the centre of your world.toi
That's how things are turning around. The other day at the playgroup after you finished your snack you left me to go play with the toys and the other children. I thought you would come looking for me but nothing, I was the one looking for you. That makes me think about when you'll be older, in your tweenies and teens and you will not like me around. I think about when you’ll travel the world with your friends and I will be home thinking so much about you and missing you like crazy.
Right now I am the centre of universe to you and I’ll miss these precious moments, when you cling unto my leg and you want me to hold you tight. These are few of the reasons why I feel sad. But I pray that you’ll still giving me hugs when you’re older and enjoying your days with your friends.AO2AOIdaddy.1 Let’s the little baby in you shine through when you are with us.
However, I also rejoice because your need to go explore means you are a strong and independent little girl. I like letting you play by yourself but I am always one arm reach away from you - unless you turn and leave while I am not looking. Like yesterday, at the library, you wanted to wander off by yourself.
I love watching you walk up and down the Coy house with an empty pop bottle in hand drumming on the floor occasionally. I love your laugh when I start running after you. You get all excited, shaking your head in laughter you try to dodge me. When I manage to get hold of you, you giggle and I tickle your tummy for more giggles.
Gosh, I will miss all these moments for this reason I don't mind leaving dishes and laundry undone to film a fraction of our daily life. Most videos are of you or you and daddy because I am the one filming. However, sometimes I set the video because I want to be in the video with you.
I want to be your mother always but at some point in life – teens onward – I would love you to see a friend in me. I would like to be the friend you can trust, talk to and will try to not judge but advice you based on her own life experiences.
You have two more teeth, top gum. You are also trying to eat with spoons, and spork [spoon+fork] by yourself. Deep down I dread the moment I’ll have to start weaning you away from breastfeeding. My stomach churns at the thought. Breastfeeding you is the most amazing experience. I’ll miss that so much, but I still have time to adjust to the idea.
These days I find myself looking through the trillion pictures i took of you as teeny tiny baby. AOIAt the time when we held you your cute baby legs dangled just below the chest. Nowadays your lovely long little girl's legs dangle pass our belly falling on our bladder area.
One thing I don’t like is quick temper. Normally you listen to me and stop doing anything you are doing when I say NO. Sometimes you behave and throw tantrums like a 2-year-old.
Mmmm, I have to say you are one little determined girl. If you set your mind on something is hard for us to deviate your attention off it. That's where i got the title for this entry. Yep, that's my conclusion for your 11months age.
Your temper and determination remind me of myself a little. We are so similar in character, it’s scares me because or we’ll get along like bee and honey or we’ll not see eye to eye, but I pray with all my might that’s we get along like the former. We can sting like bee yet are we sweet like honey.
your hair: h gosh, i love styling your hair, you have the cutest curls. to style them i have to have around with you, but after that the pig tails are too cute. the colour if your hair is brown with traces of light brown and blonde, just beautiful. AOIphones
You are saying many, many words. I believe you are making conversation which I can’t understand all but here is the list of few words you can say:
  • Baby= [baebae] (you say babe when you see other children, but sometimes for lost of better noun you use baby for everything),
  • night night=[nai,nai]
  • please=[peas],
  • thank you= [ta],
  • more= [mmoo],
  • mum= [mmumma]
  • dada= [ddada]
  • papa= [ppopo],
  • yummy= [yum, mm],
  • bye bye= [baba].
You can also imitate sounds and actions. Here is the list of few things you can do:
  • You imitate peekaboo
  • yawning while tapping your hand on your mouth to make an echo sounding ha.ha.ha [something similar to a Native American sound], especially when you are crying you do that and that entertain yourself in that way
  • blowing kisses 
  • You are quite a dancer, you boogie to any tune you like the sound of, you have good music taste
  • You clap when we say good girl, when you hear people clapping and Wonder Pet’s tunes.
  • You are climbing off beds and sofas without falling. AOIclimbYou try to climb, chairs but I am still scared because they are tall. When we let you you climb out of your booster chair onto the dining table. Sometimes you fall out of your chair because you won't sit
  • You like to be active around the house. Taking some of your mega blocks [daddy bought it for you this month] to give them to me when I am in the kitchen cooking. When you see me chopping fruits or veggies you want some to eat. Few days ago you had your first choco cookie, it was yummy because your face was messy.
  • you made me laugh after a food shopping, as soon as we got back home you went to look for the fruits in the bag. I was like wow, among all the things in the bag your sweet little hand grabs the fruit bag. If it was up to you you would spend the whole day munching fruit
  • funnily, yesterday you were crawling and behaving like when you were tiny baby, maybe you miss your infanthood too. it is just too cute watch. 
  • make the sound ahhhh, uhhhh, baa-baa-baa as in songs
  • when I say hello, you pretend to answer the phone [pic above]
this month grandmother – daddy’s mum – sent in a parcel for you. in this parcel she put two jumpers she knitted and doll that looks like mummy. Dolly likes when you kiss her cheeks, button nose and cuddle her.AOIcuddledolly
you love being read to. you bring books to us to read to you. i cherish the view of you curled in daddy’s arms for a storytime. AOIdaddyreadGirl of Mine, That’s Not My Kitten and Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? I pray books will always be your great companions, because words can great beautiful worlds. also keep your passion for music always alive.AOIplayspiano keep enjoying piano and guitar, two of the instruments i wish i can play well.
AOImummytimealways remember that daddy and I are right here for whenever you want to tell us and ask us anything you want to know. you are and will always the centre of our world
always our love,
mummy  and daddy


  1. Omg this is such a cute post!! And she brings you books to read...that is just awesome!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I find myself feeling like you now and my baby isn't even here yet!
    I keep thinking "she was a jelly bean the other day and now she'll be a human being and before we know it, hubby will be walking her down the aisle!"
    I got all teary eyed and hubby laughed and asked me to slow down :-).
    I know you already cherish each moment with her at this stage. Its all a part of the growth process.

  3. cutest post ever! enjoyed reading this and seeing pictures of her! she is so beautiful!

  4. What a lovely and sweet post. It so bittersweet watching them grow. A part of you wants them to stay small forever and need you but then another part wants them to spread their wings and soar.

  5. Awww, I love this post. Such a great trip down memory lane with those pics of tiny AOI. Don't they just grow up so fast? I really like the last picture.

  6. Love this post and the pictures - she is blessed to have you for a mommy.

  7. I can't imagine how joyful...yet heartbreaking it must be to see your little one grow up and become more independent. She certainly is growing quickly!!!
    Your pictures are so beautiful!


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