12 Oct 2012

Lousy or Good Mother Friend?

I love walking, it gives me both time to reflect and good doze of fresh air for myself and my daughter.

Today I had a book in the other hand. Yes, I walked and read at the same time. I am immersing myself in YA literature. I have to read is like studying the market I'm writing for.

The novel, By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters, is interesting. The author spotlights how bullying can push young people to attempt suicide. I've being there, but this is not the post for it.

Today I reflected about my lack of tons of friends in my life. I’ve never being the kind of person to have many friends. I used to team up with those who targeted by bullies due to their brains or something that singled them out. I got along with them because I've always  being the odd one.

The one who is not of the right colour, doesn't have the right hair or not cool enough to be surrounded by people who want to be friends with. The one who had an accent and liked geeks and didn’t  like people who said too much dirty words.

I sincerely thought becoming a mother that would change. I believe that I would made friends easily but apparently that's not the case. Making friends has to be two ways process.

I am writing this because few weeks ago I saw of hubby’s colleagues’ wife. She is a mother, so when we met she invited AOI and I to have a play date with her two children, one of them the same age as my daughter. I was looking forward to date.

When the day came and I phoned her to confirm, she said we couldn't meet because her daughter had a cold and she didn't want AOI to catch it. So considerate of her, but pulling out of the play date brought to mind how she stood us up two previous play dates. That made me sad,plus why didn’t she bother phoning me to let me know?

The annoying thing is every time she sees me she then remembers how we should do something together, but when i email her she doesn't bother replying or anything.

I am interested in meeting new mothers because I want my daughter to socialise but maybe I shouldn’t dwell on it, or read unnecessary conclusions.mothers club {via}

I pray AOI will always have good friends around her. She is a social butterfly, just like me, her initial shyness is temporary because as soon as she warms up with new people she is the most adorable little darling. If I may say so myself ;)!

Last month we started playgroup. Two weeks ago we met a lady and her daughter. We clicked, we share similar ideology regarding bring up our daughters. She is an artist and I love artists from any field. Her daughter is just 6days younger than AOI. I can see her as a potential good friend. Our daughters could become the best of buddies. At last playgroup she suggested we do something together for our girls upcoming birthday. I’ll invite her for a drink next week.

My motto is: large but lousy friends never, small but good friends always!


  1. I wished we lived closer together so Abby and AOI could be best buds!

    1. That would be awesome. For now they can be pen pals :)

  2. What a great motto! I feel the exact same way. I'm currently dealing with weeding out real friends from people who just call me when they need something. Glad you all have a new friend and hope your friendship continues to blossom.

  3. What a awesome post.. I've never been a huge circled kinda girl either, i'm more quality over quantity and always say "i'm outta friend apps for life" lolol.. I really do hope my little ones grow up wih great quality friends.. Life's what we make of it in every way I think, even in choosing friends.. This is a great read.. I'm Marilyn, officially a new happy follower here, hope you can stop in sometime.. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.. LOVE your space here..;))

    1. Hello Marilyn thanks for stopping. I tried to stop by your blog but I believe it's set as private

  4. I like your motto and your post was so inspiring. I'm now entering into the whole... who should we hang with for lil A's sake. Thanks for this!

  5. Great post. I am with you. I don't like what I consider flaky people. In my mind, I often say ” no one is that busy...not even the President of the US”. Since I grew up in a large family, I feel like I always have people around to talk to but I can certainly understand how you feel.
    Hang in there. I like you motto!

  6. I hear you about the friendships especially mommy friends...I have none in real life at the moment! I like your motto!

  7. I love your motto...it's perfect for this time on our lives! all we need are a few great mommy friends who we can relate to as we raise our children!


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