29 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Bulletin

Friday evening hubby took us for a sushi date - loving the family three dates :)
Saturday, late morning, i met with my future student and his mom for a meet and greet session - i am offering my knowledge of italian to help others improve theirs… soooo excited.

For lunch we met with our friend D and her daughter S at one of local favourite bakery/restaurant. She offered pizza... Yummmm!

They left early to take her daughter to get her hair done.
After we finish we went to buy cupcakes...PA277102They're so yum.

Sunday we didnt get ready in time to go to church. Instead we stayed indoor the whole morning catching up Ex Factor UK.
Late afternoon we went to our local art gallery.

To finish the day, i don't know how and why i did it, but i cut my locs short. haircutHubby likes it but he said he doesn't want to encourage my sudden act of madness.

i’m enjoying Ex Factor UK and this year there are so many potential international musicians. i will point more out but for today Jahmene Douglas is to watch


  1. I like the haircut/bob. The cupcakes look delish!

  2. Ooh I can't believe you cut your hair short.. Super cute!

  3. The bob looks good on ya girlie!

  4. Love the hair! Looks good on you. If this is the result of sudden acts of madness...they should be encouraged ;-)


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