2 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn

well hello, hello  October.

with your arrival i’ve decided to say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn. i know you are going to bring many interesting activities for us to enjoy. you may ask yourself why i took so long to say my farewell to summer. we had many places to to travel to.

so this weekend we went to the boreal forest, Prince Albert National Park, for one night.borealforest it is always beautiful and life reaffirming to go there. when i am there i feel at peace, mother nature wraps her reassuring mantel on my shoulders and makes me know that i am lucky to be able to experience such splendour. we stayed at ScenicRoute263 bed&breakfast. though it was our first visit, it felt like going back home to our aunty. L, the landlady is genuinely friendly and helpful.

we got in Prince Albert around four on Saturday. it’s hot so we stayed at the lake beach for some time. AOI enjoyed eating playing in the sand. she wouldn’t get away from the water and cried when it was time to go check ourselves in at b&b.waterdip

in the evening we went to Sunset Resort to have dinner. it was the first romantic dinner we were having since we became family of three. in fact it was our post 7th anniversary dinner. for our 7th we didn’t do anything.

AOI snuggled between us, i was the most happy lady on earth. i was truly in such a happy place this past weekend. in the wee hours of Sunday morning while my daughter’s little warm body was cuddled to me i found myself smiling semi-conscious in our bed.

for breakfast we had an English breakey: bacon, harshbrown, eggs and toast. after break we went outside to take few pictures. this is the place in its autumn splendour. scenicroutebb1

scenicroutebb2scenicroutebb3after that we drove to Waskesiu for the day. this is another destination our family will build beautiful memories. being in such place felt/feels like straight from a romantic/wonderful fictionfamilyportraitwell. well. welcome autumn.  i wish everyone a wonderful month!AOIautumnplaying in the crunchy leaves is so  much fun Smile


  1. Your baby looks so sweet playing in the leaves. I can't wait for our leaves to start falling so Abby can play in the leaves too! I will just have to keep a watchful eye to prevent her from trying to stuff all the leaves in her mouth!

  2. What a lovely weekend to remember!

  3. Awwwww, this is so beautiful. YAY for some great family time. I love the family pic. This place tuly looks amazing. AOI looks so happy playing in the leaves. gotta love Fall.

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend! I am looking forward to visiting new places with our little one someday. Your daughter is just so cute!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. I love the golden leaves, still waiting for things to change here in NYC.


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