22 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Lazy As Always

hello Monday,

well, what a lazy weekend we had.

Friday we went to a Caribbean dinner date as family of three.

Saturday we had the most delicious roast hubby has roasted thus far. roastAOIyumsroast

1 day after she turned 11months, this little Miss insist feeding herself. the operation is quite messily cute

home-grown veggies are the best. after lunch our lazy selves kicked in. we were supposed to go to a pumpkin maze thing but the weather was so grey outside that the only sensible thing to do was to stay behind the warmth of our closed doors. in the evening we went out to buy fruits and dairy products that were missing from the fridge.

Sunday, after church, hubby prepared Indian chicken curry with rice [i was in charge of boiling the rice and adapting the meal to a baby version for AOI]. it was yummy. in the afternoon we went for a walk and on the way back we went to a nearby sandwich restaurant for a cup of tea and dessert.

we were drinking when i noticed my doula on the other side of the restaurant talking to her friend. she noticed me when we were leaving the place. we were so happy to see her. she kissed AOI and our little girl looked as if she knew her from somewhere. she was her usual first sight shy but she gifted her one of her lovely smiles. we agreed to meet up one of these days. she has a little girl, five months old, and when she said baby AOI repeated her favourite word.

in the evening the went to ‘co-ordinate’ the toy wash of the playgroup AOI and I are part of. Co-ordinator is mainly the person who goes to most of the toy washes to make sure people turn up. apart from yesterday’s I have three more to attend over the year. i like taking responsibilities. talking about responsibilities I’ve offered to be part of the communication committee of our church, i will be managing their future website.

well, i like life on the fast and furious pace.

Source: google.ca via TOI on Pinterest


today we started our morning with soft pop, indie and now we are listening to sleepy baby playlist all thanks to Songza. i love this music stream website/app. if you are a music lover, you will appreciate it too.

well, off i go to put this little miss down for late afternoon nap, while outside the snow is falling meaning winter business.

how was your weekend? have a great week.


  1. Oh, I want some snow. Guess I will have to wait & see if we get any this winter. Glad you all had an enjoyable weekend.

  2. Snow?! Sounds like a busy but fun weekend..Yaah that Miss AOI is eating by herself.,,how fun!

  3. Oh wow...we don't get much snow on this end of the world :(. Sounds like u guys had a nice weekend.!

  4. Wow! I am so amazed that AOI is eating all by herself! It seems like just yesterday she was born!
    Snow!!!? Wow! Winter already for you! How exciting!
    It must have been really wonderful to run into your duola! I can imagine there must be an intense connection between her and your family.
    We had a nice lazy weekend too! It was wonderful!


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