16 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Playing Like Kids

so our weekend was spent enjoying own company and eating good food prepared with our seasonal crop. Friday I prepared bake sausages vegetable macaroni with grated cheese on top. We had that for dinner and lunch the following day.

After lunch we went for a walk and stopped in the park to go on the swing and slide.slideswing It felt good to let ourselves be children again. That's the beauty of having babies,they awake the child in you – not that we behaved like boring grown ups before AOI was born, in fact is thanks to her that we're becoming two responsible adults.

Saturday evening we were going to have vegetable pearl barley soup for supper but it was not read in time therefore we had toast and mixed berry jam.
Sunday after church we had our soup. After AOI's nap we went to our a play date.

yesterday, Monday, AOI and I went to say hello to our midwife. after that we went to do one and two shopping and by the time we managed sit and phone your auntie R in Ghana was three o’clock. we talked for one hour and then i had to cook and get ready for my writer’s group. i stayed for one hour instead of two because daddy had a dinner to go to.

well, that was a long weekend, though Monday is weekend I couldn’t write the update until this morning while you are having your morning nap. in the afternoon we have a play date to go to. i’m happy about this play date. 

hope your weekend was fun and the week has started well


  1. love that we can act like little children with our babies!

  2. Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend. We were actually invited to a private movie screening on Saturday. Then Sunday it was cold and wet. So, we stayed inside.

  3. That's awesome that you get to spend do much time with AOI. I agree with you...kids do bring out the kids in us all.

  4. I love that pic of you and AOI going down the slide. Isn't so much fun to be out there like the kids.

    By the way, I love play dates too, they keep us sane :)

  5. Yay for getting the chance to see the world with new eyes again, right? I love that my girls do that for me everyday. They each make me laugh and enjoy the little things on a daily basis and for that, I am grateful. You are a beautiful family!

  6. AOI looks super warm and comfy in her bunny suit going down the slide! Is the outfit called a bunny suit? I grew up in warm climates so I am not sure what all the winter gear is called!

    1. Lol, we call it snow suit, it was a little warm for such a big thing but I wanted AOI to be extra warm :)


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