8 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Thanksgiving

good monday everyone!

it’s thanksgiving over our end of world. historically thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest but these today it’s primarily celebrated as a secular holiday, but we want to observe the traditional meaning of the this festivity.

Saturday morning we went to our old house to harvest our crop from this year’s gardening. AOI was such a helpful little girl. AOIgardenpicking up some leaves for us. it was so heart warming watching her get dirt all over her winter-coat. hubby was happy to see our young family harvesting together happy and all smiley. he said these moments are going to be fond memories, when AOI is all grown up and doesn’t want to be in the garden with us we will remember this day and be happy

we got nice veggies.onionscorn

potatoescarrotsharvest2we’ve been picking harvesting some courgettes and tomatoes since Augustharvest1 how cool is it to be able to spell COOL with my own veggie.coolveggies

in the afternoon we went to our friend’s house for a vegan thanksgiving. at one point another friend of mine asked in ‘private’ “Are you pregnant?”

I was taken aback but i put brave face on “No, no, I am just fat.”

“Oh, you have to be careful.”

“Yes, I know. I am working out and eating better.” after this exchange I lost my appetite and was annoyed.  [i’ll go into more details in another post]

anyway, the rest of the party went on smoothly. i took pictures of the kids playing together. it was such fun to look at how AOI is walking and making friends, just eight months ago she was laying down when the same children where looking at her, now she can interact.kidsplaying

Sunday we hosted a normal thanksgiving lunch for hubby’s foreign students. we had turkey and some of our potatoes, carrots and cornroastedpotatoesturkey

thanksgiving is about sharing the harvest God bountifully provided us. we are thankful for our health, love, happiness and family bonding time. 

how was your weekend? have a wonderful day and week Smile


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Your post just got me excited for Thanksgiving!

    Great pictures!!

  2. Yum! Look at all that delicious food!

  3. Aww man I am late for dinner. haha
    I can wait until my little one makes friends too!

  4. I totally feel your annoyance on the pregnancy question! People can be so insensitive, but on a happier note I love how your little family harvested the fruits (or rather vegetables!) of your labor together. So sweet and memorable!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! You sure did get a bountiful harvest. That's really nice!
    I think people need to learn to mind their own business when it comes to asking about pregnancy. I just think it is such a sensitive subject that it is never OK to ask!
    I hope you were still able to enjoy the dinner afterwards though.

  6. All those fresh veggies look so yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Wow, I can't wait to move and can plant veggie garden. And how insensitive of your friend. I can understand asking but to add that be careful part on the end was just plain rude. We can't all snap back after having babies. JJ's 18 months and I'm still carrying around baby weight.

  8. A happy entry (and those rolls look delicious) despite the unneeded commentary - sorry for that. I'm not sure what gives people the right to comment on weight or body size when we don't comment on anything else regarding peoples' physical appearance. Sounds like you handled it with as much grace as can be expected.

  9. The photographs are gorgeous. I love how you spelled "cool" with your harvest. You have a beautiful family and beautiful friends.

  10. Awww that's amazing you got so many veggies...way to
    Go and yes it's very cool. Precious picture of AOI helping!


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