10 Oct 2012


…the first snow of the winter season fell over my city. nothing serious to cover the streets, just a teaser to prepare the soul for winter around the corner. for this reason, not-because-i-was-lazy, we stayed home instead of venturing to the library for a french songs and rimes session.
what did we do the whole day locked in the house?
i did laundry, held AOI in my arms 80% of the time, she’s all cuddly and delicate due to two more teeth coming out in the upper gum. she had two naps, one around ten and the other around two. while she slept i watched Italian TV shows online, caught up with The Voice and re-wrote two more chapters.
our landlord sent someone in to finish some work for the house. while the old gentleman was working i listened to Fela Kuti, and did the kitchen chores. at one point AOI comes into the kitchen with a scissor from his tool box. i can’t take my eyes off her for a second.
at half past five i went to Pilates – i am out of shape and stamina – hopefully by the end of this month i’ll have more strength.  
after Pilates i went to talk to the new writer in residence. we discussed what he can help me with my novel. my first goal is to finish the second re-writing of the novel by December (and published for my younger brother who insist having it as his Christmas gift). the second goal is to get it into a presentable and polished shape ready to be sent to potential agents and publishers by the end of his which is in May.
when i got back home, at half past seven, my sweet daughter was already in her bed.
i had rice and tomato sauce for dinner, organised my studio, wash diapers, vacuumed the floors and had creme brule for dessert.
before i sleep i’ll enjoy reading blog entries then Portia’s memoirchinesefanshope your day was eventful


  1. That sounded like a lovely day. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  2. That sounds like a great day and I love that you have a writer in residence...so cool!

  3. You first snow! That is so cool. I do love how pretty it is after it snows. I hate how cold it gets though.
    I love Fela's music. The Broadway show came to our area a few months ago and hubby and I went to see it. We enjoyed every minute of it!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Wow... snow already?! I don't know if I'm ready for this!! Your "day in" sounds so relaxing! Glad your writing is coming along as well!

  5. What a nice day :) Snow?! Sigh. I felt the first real cold of the season today as well. How exciting about your novel!


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