26 Oct 2012

Turning 3.0 years+Big Deal+AOI’s Birthday Planning

i have three things to share with you 

  • today is my birthday, officially celebrating the big 3.0 years!
  • i feel like floating over the moon, ‘cause as for a big gift, a piece i wrote about my struggle to get back to shape after baby is featured on whattoexpect.comwhattoexpect

couple weeks ago i mentioned how one of my friends asked me if i’m pregnant. what i didn’t mention is that her comment nearly made me lose my appetite. you can read the full post and share your experience with me here.

  • Two days ago hubby phoned me from work to tell me what we’ve bee dreading...
    His work colleagues are throwing a baby shower for two colleagues on the same day as AOI’s birthday bash.

What are we doing about this clash?

Well, the first thing we had to do was set the hour and prepare the invitation cards. the baby shower is from 1pm to 4pm, so our invitation is set from 3pm to 5pm. I'm sure whoever want to come celebrate our baby's first birthday will try to make an appearance. thinking about it, i’ll do a skype version of the event for my family overseas.

so, on that Sunday we can go to church, have our skype party (30mins) and even make an appearance at the baby shower.

i’m using this free e-card {it looks nicer from evite website}

Source: new.evite.com via TOI on Pinterest

you can stop by my pinterest board to see what i’m pining for more partee ideas Smile!


  1. happy birthday girl! I'll be joining you in the "30" club in February!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! May our 30s be even more awesome than your 20s.

    That sucks about the shower/birthday party timing but you are right. The folks who want to be there will be there. And the important thing is that you and your hubby will be there celebrating with AOI.

  3. Happy Birthday! SO exciting we're in our 30s! crazy hun!

    and party clashes are the worst! i have a feeling that it will be fine though and that people will just have more than 1 party that day. the more parties, the better :)

    have a great weekend celebrating entering the big 30!

  4. Happy Birthday!! 30 is the new 20!! Enjoy it!!

  5. Happy 30th!!! Hope its a blast!

  6. Happy 30th birthday lady! Good luck with AOI's birthday plans I'm sure she'll have fun regardless. She is so beautiful and my has she grown quickly.

    *I read your article. My friend is a personal trainer and has high end clients that want to bounce right back after pregnancy. They have super strict diets and exercise like crazy. They commit to diet and exercise as if it were a full time job. Life is meant to be lived or course healthily but also in a relaxed manner. I think you should give yourself six months and be realistic about how much exercise you can do per week. Like 2 or 3 days. You are smart and determined. I'm sure you'll reach your goal.

  7. Happy Birthday my dear mommy friend!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOI. Hope you had a great day celebrating

  9. Happy birthday deary...we share the same bday I had no idea! Don't forget to enter my Bday contest!!

  10. This is the first time I've been able to get to a computer but I wanted to wish you a Happy {Belated} Birthday!!! And I have no idea why I have not been following you on Pinterest but that is now rectified :). Love the article on WTE. I'm so happy you writing exposure is increasing. I too am concerned about my weight so I hope you continue to write about that part of your journey.


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