22 Nov 2012

Blog Like a Pro

Have you wondered how some bloggers get those beautifully edited pictures, all watermarked and colour popped, big as their blog or careful of typos?

I asked myself the same question until i found about Windows Live Writer.

Source: Google.ca via TOI on Pinterest


This is my attempt to share with you all how Window Live Writer made my blogging experience easy with a flair of professional.

This software is FREE and it’s like writing on your window program with the only difference that you can publish to which ever blog you manage. On the same software you can edit your pictures without needing any photo editing software. What really made me download the free program was the fact that I can increase the size of my pictures without losing the quality.

I hope you will try the software and let me know how you like it.

Until then keep safe and enjoy the rest of the week



  1. Thanks for the tip I will try it.


  2. I can't wait to figure out my laptop situation so that I can try this!! My poor computer has died and ive been using my hubby's laptop... It's not the same!


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