14 Nov 2012

Can She Play The Piano?

note: the following conversation happened few months ago but i want to share it because i feel like we are making great progress about our decisions as new parents

“i don’t know if she can play the piano properly.” he was talking to someone on skype when i walked into the living room

“who is it?” i mouthed

“my mum.” he mouthed back 

“you have to tell her she is capable of everything.” his mother responded. i had the broom in one hand, the mop in the other ready to tidy the house while my sleepy baby was wrapped to my back.

i silently agreed with her. my mother-in-law continued “she more or less does everything with her left hand, doesn’t she?.”

“oh she does everything with her hands. she holds things with both hands like this” he showed his mother on the skype how she uses her little palm amd right hand together, then he continued “but i question if she can play the piano.”

before his mother could respond i mouthed “yes. i showed you the video.”

“not like that, i mean not for fun. but properly” he whispered to me. few months ago i showed him a video of Ryan playing the piano. {for those who don’t know, Ryan is a handed man who blogs about life and doing things one handed at livingonehanded.com}

we don’t talk about AOI’s hand very often so i was taken aback. why are they talking about A’s hands now? is he worried about something. why can’t he talk to me? i thought as i paced the room, trying to not throw a fit. there is nothing wrong if he wants to talk to his mother, he is not worried, just chill would you. i thought again as i left the room to carry on with my cleaning.

then i remembered. i went back to his computer “can i show you something?”

I typed in Nicholas McCarthy

point made and taken.

i believe that all we need to do, as parents, is to encourage and support our daughter all the way in this walk of life. we shouldn’t put limits to her abilities. she will try everything and she might not do everything because that’s NOT WHAT SHE WANTS to do and NOT BECAUSE SHE CAN’T DO IT.

you can learn a little bit about McCarthy's journey with these videos

“there are lot of people born without limbs… you can either willow in self pity or you can completely spin it to your advantage…” Nicholas McCarthy

we need open conversation and i think talking gives way to learn and teach from each other.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. Great post!!!!

  2. You guys are doing an awesome job raising your daughter to take pride in herself! She's going to do great things because of that support and encouragement! Well written post!

  3. What a great post, Nicholas is so inspiring, I'm sure you will encourage Baby AOI just the same!

  4. that is the right attitude to have. The sky is the limit for her. The are several people with missing limbs who have gained prominence (Olympic Track Star, the surfer girl, the rock climber). A can do anything!

  5. Nicholas is such an inspiring musician and person. I think encouragement and support can definitely go a long way :) xoxox


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