30 Nov 2012

Cloth Diaper My Experience: Part 3

i’ve been cloth diapering for a year now and i find it difficult to write about the last instalment of the cloth diaper experience. the one thing that i do most… the wash.

so i wash the diapers every other day and put them on a drying line and air dry over night. for the TWO IN ONE (2in1) and pockets diapers i can have them dry over couple of hours. 

before storing

i lightly shake any excess feces into the toilet, or using a bit of toilet paper, then i simply throw the diaper into the diaper pail. awhile back, when AOI was still drinking only breastmilk we would rinse the soil diaper.

how do i store the wet and soiled diapers

wet pail

i used to place the wet and soiled cloth diapers in a pail filled with water. it was good to prevent stains from setting. on the day of wash i would just pour everything into the washing machine. the only down side was the smell and the weight {heavy to carry from upstairs all the way to the basement} so i stopped.

i recently read that, apart from odour, this method has lost much of its popularity due to the potential messiness, and potential drowning hazard present by having a pail full of water in the vicinity of children.

dry pail

i place the wet and soiled in a waterproof diaper bags. unlike the wet pail method this one doesn’t stink the place and it is easy to carry down to the basement to do the laundry.



PB307992i use Country Save {$8 CAD} because it’s fragrance, dye and additive free which is best for baby's skin.

i found out from diaperjungle that:

…children can develop severe allergies to coconut and citrus based products. These two items are often found in laundry detergents. Allergies to anything can develop at virtually any time. Changing your laundry detergent is one of the most simple changes you can make to start trying to figure out what is causing your child's reaction. Allergies can be aggressive in some cases, so don't waste time thinking your child might recover without intervention. To help you weed through a rash or possible allergic reaction in your child consider these: your detergent, possible teething, new foods in your child's diet, clothing materials they come into contact with, and how well your detergent is being rinsed from your child's diapers. Don't forget the amazing cleaning power of adding baking soda to your wash cycle and distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle. Not only are they highly effective, but they are also cheap!
It is best to avoid detergents with whitening enzymes. These enzymes can actually attack baby's sensitive skin and cause horrible, blistering rashes! You should also avoid washing cloth diapers with soap products since repeated washing with soap creates a waxy build-up that reduces the absorbency of an material.

as i mentioned above, i wash the cloth diapers every other day. i pile about a dozen diapers at a time. i fasten all velcro tabs to avoid diaper chains. for detergent i used about 1/4 of the measuring cup {refer to Country Save laundry detergent measuring cup – big as a large egg}. PB307994

once the diapers are in the washing machine i set to large water, hot wash/cold rinse circle. normally after the wash, the diapers smell fresh and clean with no hint of urine, feces or other unpleasant odours. once in a while i do an extra rinse to help eliminate odours caused from a build-up of detergent.

i line dry them. while drying i leave them over our floor heating. sometimes when i need diapers quickly i put them in the dryer at low heat.

cloth diapers and summer are best friends because i can line dry in the summer breeze. also the sun removes tough stains leaving the diapers sparkling clean as if new.

i believe we are not spending a lot on electricity usage because i line dry them 95% of the time. research shows that line drying cloth diapers extend their life, especially All-In-Ones {AIOs} and covers.

things to avoid

  • Chlorine Bleach {will eat at the fibers}
  • Fabric Softener {leaves a water-repelling residue on the diapers, making them less absorbent and useless in the very purpose that they serve}
  • washing together with your normal laundry {will stain and there is a potential detergent build-ups}
  • leaving the washed diapers in the washing machine over nice {will stink and you’ll have to do another wash to get rid of the stink}

note: i really enjoy using cloth diapers, hubby loves it too and AOI looks great with her colourful and fun diapers. i haven’t bought a disposable diapers since September.


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  1. this was VERY helpful since I'm just starting... thanks!!


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