28 Nov 2012

It’s Time To Be Bold…

when something good comes onto the blog-sphere, one must admit it... Becky’s Women Connect '12 is such a great link-up.  i love projects that helps inspire and connect with other women, that’s why i started She Rocks… check it out and submit an inspiring story.

so the incredible Becky at FromMrstoMama came up with the Women Connect project, which she launched yesterday. the aim of the project is to connect with other women who has similar life journey as ours by just writing and pouring our hearts out. i love thoughtful link ups so i was over the moon to just write…


lately I’ve been thinking about the path i want to follow as we approach 2013. i wasn’t going to share any thought on that until the beginning of the year but they are signs in my everyday life that urge me to share.

come 2013 i want TO BE BOLD, i want to live my life as if it’s my last. i started to have that need few months ago when i thought i was having internal bleeding, turns out Aunty Flo is making her appearance again after nearly two years absence due to pregnancy.

so i thought why wait until ‘tomorrow’ to share  my life story when i can share today? you may ask why don’t you already share your life? i do and most of you know bit and pieces about my life and my thoughts. yet, every time i sit in front of the screen i feel scared to push myself to share even more, to share the things that has shaped my life thus far in this journey.

i want be raw, i want to share my life experience but fear keeps them at bay

when i started blogging on this platform 3 years on Christmas day, i didn’t care about comments but i also set the record straight, i was keeping my identity and family’s identity private. i just wanted a platform on which to share my chaotic mind as i secretly planned my journey towards motherhood. since then i’ve given birth to the most adorable little girl i could ever dream having and every day i thank Almighty for the blessing she keeps sending onto our family.amoredimammapapa

i feel the time is ripe to be BOLD, to push myself out of my comfort zoneselfportrait

like everyone, i have a calling in this life. i pray each day to have the answer and God is pointing me there. i feel like my life purpose is to share my journey and encourage other people to do so. the only way to tell my story is to be bold and i feel that i don’t need to wait until 2013 to put it into action… 



you read about my journey to my daughter, my journey from UK to Canada, you will read about my journey to baby #2, but more than ever i will share the journey that took me to this point in my life; the time is right to free myself and if people want to judge me instead of living their own life it’s their own loss.

i don’t mind my poor english, i don’t care about how many comments i have at the end of the day… all i care from now on is to set aside fear, believe in myself, trust in God, know that my penny is worth more than all the gold in this world and be bold.AOIfirstcanoe

yes, i want to share our everyday life but i also want to be able to look back in 10 or more years time and know that whatever or however i lived my life it didn’t drizzle into air, but it made a better change for the future generation. walkinginsnow

so i want to use my blog to share my life for a good purpose.

questions: are you living your life purpose? does your blog help that purposeful life?


  1. Toi! I loved this :) I am looking forward to these posts. I sometimes feel when you share more there are more people who can relate to you. If they judge you, it is entirely their loss. I'm looking forward to these bold posts!


  2. yeay! i'm looking forward to them too. :)

  3. My blog helps our family, friends, and supporters keep up with our lives and ministry here in Belize.

    I love your boldness!

  4. I feel you on living bold. I came to that realization a while ago. I like to think my blog shows mothers that they can still be fashionable, and tell jokes and live while still being great mothers and wives. I am an advocate for mom taking care of herself in order to be the best for her family. I hope that my blog subconsciously exerts that.

  5. I so love this post...I want to be able to live boldly too in my life. There is so much of my life I feel like I'm not living! I love the pictures that illustrates your feeling!

  6. Awesome goal. It is important to be bold and not meek. Go for it!

  7. YAY TOI, looking forward to you being bold.


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