18 Nov 2012

ONE Year Ago Tonight…


around this time last year i was a new mother of about one hour, some minutes and some second...

my heart was beating fast not for the birth which happened few hours before but for the love for the little girl in the hands of two midwives and a doula turn photographer.

the midwives were checking and taking measurements of my wee tiny berry, AOI, i was laying on the bed excited. my new mummy mind alert, making sure every their turn and twist of that baby was carefully executed

the little girl, who just few minutes ago was in my womb now that my eyes were on her were never ever going to be away for too long, she is my angel. but in that moment she was in good care. AOI sucked her little thump {which were found out just when she was born}, her first baby cries were adorable, my heart stirred in my soul and my arms itched to have her there

after all the professional checks, the midwives gave me my daughter for the first important feed, or was it after i fed her… it doesn’t matter. all that matters is that a year ago today my daughter made her debut into this world and i fell hard in love, a love that no-body can condition.

i want to relive each moment and for that reason i am re-reading/re-living the birth story. for the very first time i want to share the link to the full unedited version published on thegreenparent.co.uk. enjoy and GOD BLESS.

Thank You all for being part of our life journey.


  1. Awww....congratulations and happy birthday AOI.

  2. You have a beautiful daughter! Motherhood is a joy! Enjoy!

    Happy Birthday AOI, With lots of happy wishes and sunshine from Windhoek, Namibia.

  3. Aww happy birthday to your little one. I loved reading your birth story.

  4. beautiful! Happy 1st Birthday AOI!

  5. So beautiful! Happy Birthday AOI!

  6. Wow!! A year already. Geesh! Happy Birthday to her!

  7. Great story1 Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  8. it's stories like this that bring to mind the similar stories - my daughters' first birthdays - and i thank you for making me remember. also for making me see that i am past the point of grieving for the fact that they're not babies anymore - but able to celebrate the fact that i loved them as babies in my arms and love them as young women sending me photographs from the beach with their friends this weekend :). AOI is so lovely in her diaper and with her beautifully curls and i adore her birthday cake!


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