19 Nov 2012

Our Weekend: Colourful Balloons + Pink Birthday Cake

hope your weeks started with right foot.

i still have butterflies in my stomach {my heart is in my throat and is pulsing fast, those are the butterflies sensation} for how our weekend went.

where do i begin?

friday: i ordered the birthday cake the1cakeonce back home and AOI got up from her nap i decided to shoot her first birthday smash cake. it was fun experience. once i finish the shoot she wanted more cake so i let her wash herself with the messy cake.

that evening we went to pick my mother from the airport. it’s so nice of her to be here for AOI’s first birthday, she still feels bad for not being here when i was a new mum but i’m okay with that because i loved the bonding between hubby and i during the early days of AOI’s infancy.

saturday: stress kicked in because we went party food shopping and finally it hit hubby that the party was going to happen. he was worried that maybe nobody will turn up and we would just be buying things for nothing. also we were indecisive about party favour bags.

sunday morning:  we talked to one of my sisters in law who suggested we do party favour bags. so after church we stopped by homesense, dollarama and walmart to buy few items for the bag, flowers and cupcakes toppers.

we made a dash visit to the baby shower happened at hubby’s colleague’s house. we stayed for about an hour, just in time for a nibble, photos and gift unwrapping. it was such a great feeling because, as hosts mentioned, just last year we were the couple sitting there unwrapping baby gifts.

i was still setting the table when we had to welcome early party comers. anyway this is how the table turned outpartytableblur

the pictures are bit blurring and i’m so annoyed but thank goodness i managed to get few in focus {this the moment i wish a pro photographer was at disposition}


AOI could take she was the center of the party, she was happy most of the time. she cried after we all sung happy birthday song. she was about to touch the flame of the candle when in a roar everyone said NO! i took her upstairs to comfort her and once she was back she was her happy self again. i believe child’s party is never the same without a little cry.

as parents we enjoyed the afternoon.

when people started pouring into our living room hubby was relieved and happy to see all the friends AOI and I are making thanks to the playgroup. initially he thought the only children coming were five children, all from his work colleagues, but in the end five more children, three the same age group as AOI, from the playgroup came at the party. i was so happy to have my own friends over. not friends acquired thanks to hubby but friends that only AOI and I have made.

our living room floor was an ocean of multi-coloured blanket and colourful toys to play withplayingkids

we were tight in the house but i love that atmosphere when it comes to parties. being in people’s faces allow the invitees to get to know each other fast, lol! we felt blessed to have everyone over to help us celebrate the first year of our precious girl.

happybirthdaywithout each one of them the party would have being full colour i it was. AOI loved it when everyone sung happy birthday. she clapped and grinned.birthdaygirlgrins

this weekend was the best of our weekends in our city. amoredimammapapaGod bless our angel and all the children/friends in her life.


  1. Turned out perfect! Sounds like its was tonnes of fun! Once again, happy birthday A.

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous!! I think you did a great job with the decorations and table set up. Also looks like you had a great turnout. I remember (back when I used to blog) when you were trying for your little one and now she's one! Congrats and happy birthday!

  3. So hard to believe she is one already. I still remember your bump updates. Looks like it was a beautiful celebration. Great job!

  4. Awww everything looked so lovely...and the birthday girl is beaming...many blessed days ahead indeed! Well done mama!

  5. sounds like the perfect celebration! your pictures are beautiful!

  6. Perfect party for the perfect little girl. I love the last photo! beautiful family portrait :-)

  7. So beautiful. Glad everything turned out great. Looks like a great celebration. I love the AOI sandwich

  8. Everything looked great! You did an awesome job.

  9. Awww...I am so glad that she had a wonderful first birthday!

  10. The decorations were beautiful!! She is such a cutie pie!!

  11. wow, the details are gorgeous! i loved your recap. i cannot believe she is one already. she is so beautiful.


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