12 Nov 2012

Our Weekend: Up and Down the Snowy Streets

good monday everyone. happy remembrance day

today is sunny and bright but fresh snow started falling on friday and it didn’t stop until sunday morning.

saturday we were supposed to go to a bilingual family {french} learning program at one of our local french school but maybe due to the snow it was closed. instead, we decided to go to Walmart to buy a maxi doormat because getting into the house is annoying when our shoes are covered in snow. we also looked for a new car seat for AOI. We wanted this Graco 3-in-1, infant/child/booster car seatgracocarseatbut was out of stock. on our way home we decided to stop by babies’R’us where we found this Evenflo, an infant/child car seat, hubby believes this is the best choice especially if we have another babyevenflowe met with some friends to have sushi lunch, AOI’s second time at the place, she had some rice, veggies and fruit.

after lunch hubby changed AOI’s old car seat with the new one, her seat is so posh compared to our car.

the exciting part about our day up and down the snowy streets was cleaning our car windows each time we returned from the shops because the snow was like white blanket coving our city and the car screens.

also during this weekend i started organising AOI’s room with the purpose to finish the whole by the end of the month, this is a sneak peekAOI'sroom

check out my manicure colours for the week {i’m participating in this fun manicure monday linkup hosted by lipglossandbinky and lalynns in rotation}.MANICure-Monday-Badgemondaymanicure1

due to the fact that i’m knocking my hands into something, i wanted a manicure that is very low, low maintenance

i used two colours: colorplay107 c431 by debby Deborah Group, Milano and 430 coralicious by Rimmel, London – simple yet fun Smile


p.s: AOI’s scratch looks better than last week, it 80% healed, there is only a little white scar which  hope it disappears before friday AOI

hope your weekend was exciting, have a great and fruitful week


  1. her room is looking good! i hope to see pictures of it completed.

    i can't believe people have already gotten snow. i'm praying that ours doesn't get here till Christmas, haha.

    glad that her scar has healed so nicely. she is beautiful!

  2. I have been lurking, but let me say I can't believe how fast that year went by. She is beautiful and getting so big.

    We have that Graco seat for my daughter and I love it. I almost wished we would've went with it instead of buying that carrier.

    Love the colors on your mani. I love Rimmel, their brush is awesome and really helps you stay in the lines. Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Your daughter is a cutie!!!! Thanks for linking up... I like how your nails turned out! I'm now your newest follower!!!!!


  4. Your baby is so sweet. I also love your manicure. It's nice to see a pop of bright color, especially when the weather is getting a little bleak.

  5. You daughter is a CUTIE!! I like your nail color! Nice to meet you, I am Bernetta!

  6. Your baby looks so cute!


  7. I can't believe your daughter is growing up so fast! Sounds like an eventful weekend!

  8. she is so precious! we bought Elyse a new carseat this month too...I can't believe they're already outgrowing the infant carseats!

  9. Both car seats look like safe choices. Sacramento only gets snow every couple of years...so I LOVE reading about how your little family shuffles about in the snow!! It makes me wish it snowed here a little more often! :)
    AOI's room look great!!! Keep us updated!


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