2 Nov 2012

Points for November and Ramblings

Hello November.

OMG, just 60 days before the end of the year. Do you remember when you were young and around this time of year your class would set the task to cross off the days from the calendar until the beginning of the Christmas holidays? phew… i remember that so well...

So, i’m going to start crossing days off until the end of 2012. i’m looking forward to

  • Plan and celebrate AOI’s first birthday – 16days

these are some pins of food and decor i’m thinking about

Source: ontobaby.com via TOI on Pinterest

Source: ontobaby.com via TOI on Pinterest

Source: annies-eats.com via TOI on Pinterest


i’m still pinning away but you can check what i’ve got so far here

  • Write the last post about my Cloth Diapering Experience
  • Show AOI’s nursery decoration progression

with just three bullet points everything seems so simple and it feels like being at home is just a stroll on the sidewalk, but i have to add everyday life challenges, cooking, feeding, entertaining a baby {playgroups and home entertaining}, editing my novel, being an italian tutor and being a wife… the three points are great challenge

though it can be a challenge, being a stay at home woman {with all the activities listed above} is enjoyable. i mean, really, i like being at home with my baby and slowly I’m doing few things to bring a little very very little cash into the house, which makes me feel better with my conscience – i am so used to working at staying at home with bringing an income was making feel so bad about my status.

last month i posted an add on internet offering my knowledge of italian to help others improve theirs. it made me feel better and when two people replied my ego lifted. now twice a week i am going to tutor, then i have my writers’ group and then i have Pilates. as you can tell, i’m getting busy by the second.

i’m not complaining… i’m loving it.

when i go away for those few hours it feels good. but once i’m back home i LOVE doing my household duties as mother and wife.

yesterday on my way from the writers’ group i was scared. i held tighly to the stirring wheel for how thick the snow was falling, the window and screens were icy and it was hard to see anything from them. for precaution i drove 30-40km even on the highway. page

look, the snow is more than a feet high.

enough of rambling…

questions: are you looking forward to anything this month?


  1. her birthday is going to be incredible! I love all the ideas!

    that is awesome that you're a tutor! congrats! that must be so exciting.

    i cannot believe that you got that much snow! wow. glad that you kept safe.

    have a fabulous weekend!

  2. she is turning one already!! Seems like just yesterday we were pregnant together!!

    That is a lot of snow.

  3. Your pins are fabulous. I love the cupcakes with the ones on them! It's great you got a tutoring job. A little extra income and interactions with other adults! Double score :)

  4. It all looks really nice! I am sure it'll turn out fabulous! Looking forward to seeing pics of the final product of the party items and also AOI's nursery.


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