8 Nov 2012

Walk Off The Earth

i had a completely different post in mind for this entry then hubby walked in the room and showed me this video, a song by Gotye, one of the coolest handsome singers i am digging these days. his beautiful song is creativily performed by five peeps and one guitar

imagine my joy... i love quirky, talented people... people i would LOVE to brush shoulders with. i then went on to watch more videos.
i am sold – they remind me of my love for the Animal Collective, an experimental psychedelic band!!!
i like them all but i’m really drawn to three people in the band: the big bearded guy{his position in the band is unique plus he plays the instruments i used to play when i was little}, the long hair, big voice guy and the tiny pretty face female singer.
they are in the process of making it big so join their music career journey.

1 comment:

  1. I think I have heard of them...love discovering new bands!


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