15 Dec 2012

and my heart sunk

“have you heard the sad news?” AMI asked me when he returned home from work yesterday

“no. what happened?”

“there’ve been another shooting.”


“in america, about 26 people died. it was at an elementary school.”

“gosh,” why was this killer there? i thought then asked “why they keep killing people?” i’m tired and horrified to read news of crazy people deciding one morning to commit an idiotic action. i blame the system which allows some idiots to buy a gun as if it’s a condom. and it’s the same system which doesn’t allow people to enter a club unless they are 21.

in the evening, after i placed AOI tiny sleepy body in her crib. i sat down to catch up on with the latest news. i was pulled into the reality of things by Casey Leigh’s blog entry. my heart sunk, i cried and felt the pain of those parents. i become bitter after learning a sad new like this latest. i really can’t stand how senseless people decide to take the lives of innocents.

the following words from Casey’s post hit my soul, twisting my throat into major, major pain

twenty empty tiny beds… presents under the tree… lunchboxes…sit unopened.

i boil, i boil, boil so much at the apparent cruelty of some individuals. how can one trust in people? just like Casey wrote, i once longed to be in paradise to escape this awful world… these days i want to stand tall and try my best to be a better person, to bring up  my daughter to be a compassionate human being. someone who cares about the pain of others.



my heart is in pieces for those children who couldn’t make it back home on friday, who won’t see Santa’s present under the tree and cuddle their parents. for their parents that won’t see their giggles, have their soft breath on their neck as the carry their sleepy tiny bodies. broken hearted parents and my heart sinks.

my prayers and thoughts go to their family. may god embrace them through this painful moment.

some may ask why should we worry about america’s gun problem? i don’t leave there but i say let’s worry because we never know where we will live next and because the gun problem it’s becoming international.

let’s help in fight to bring control on guns in the hands of civilians!


  1. With all the prayers and outpouring of emotion all over the world, I hope the family find comfort in knowing that we are all prayer with and for them. Very nice post. #SITS Andrea @ be-quoted.com

  2. This news just broke my heart. I can't even imagine what those families are going through right now. Sending lots of prayers their way

  3. 20 empty beds...You summed it up so elegantly. I cannot imagine the pain those parents are feeling not to mention grandparents, siblings, etc...I don't like guns but there is a bigger problem in America and it is how to effectively treat people with mental illness. All of these random shooters have had psychiatric issues. If there were no guns, they'd use other weapons.

  4. it's truly a sad event..my heart breaks and breaks each time i think about it but i can't even imagine how the families of the victims feel...umimaginable!!!


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