12 Dec 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for Me

i know christmas is about getting together and being thankful for the birth of christ. also, i’m ALWAY grateful and appreciate any gift somebody gives to me from the heart. but this year i’ve decided to make a list for few objects i would like ‘santa’ to put under the christmas tree. then maybe hubby will buy me one thing and then i’ll slowly buy the rest with my pocket money.
1.any nice computer would do
2. i would love to sew something nice next year and some pre-cut cute fabrics would be nice to have
3. rebecca ferguson was second at xfactoruk 2010 {i believe, she is more famous than the winner}. she one of the contestants i promised i would purchase her album. i want the delux version of her debut
4. i NEED a new perfum and i would like to use something completely different from the usual floral scent i go for. woods scent is intriguing
5. i want to make a personal family photo book from Blurb
6. i want a christmas top which i can also use during the rest of the year
7. i want to start being fashionable again and i like the hat above
8. i want more fun fabric
9. sewing book to have always as a guide would be a great bonus
10. another sewing book for doing something for my daughter and all her cousins
so, those are the objects i would love to receive at least one this christmas.
question: do you make a list for the christmas gift idea i you would love to receice?


  1. Cute idea!! Dropping hints for the hubby... ;)

  2. Great gift ideas....I just get money from my mom...lol

  3. Hope Santa obliges...love your gift ideas!


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