24 Dec 2012

Christmas Tree Photo Dump


Beginning To Look Like Christmas by Various Artists on Grooveshark
good morning ladies and gents.

i’m trying to feel less the pain and enjoy the festivity again.

so, last friday AOI and I baked a yellow cake – okay she was sitting on the kitchen floor while i was busy putting the ingredients together. saturday we went to the ghanaian association end of year dinner party, it was a good laugh. AOI fell in love with a little baby and she wouldn’t stop kissing her. it was embarrassingly cute. she made miss my little nephew but most of all i would like to have another baby. i pray Almighty give the I and A-A family more babies in 2013!  sunday was church and then went christmas food shopping. i was going to try to be healthy this christmas but i think i’m going to give that resolution up.

plus, maybe i should just have another baby before i work my buttocks off to get back into shape.

anyways… AOItree

i believe what is helping me feel less the pain is watching AOI fascination with the christmas tree lights and all the various ornaments – she helped with the decoration. her eyes light up, then she points and says tree or albero {italian version of the same object} whenever we are in the living room.

we purchased a real pine tree, just like we did last christmas – i like the smell of winter pine wood in our living room.christmastree1

we set up the tree two weeks ago. we are impressed by the fact that AOI hasn’t destroyed the decoration or pulled the tree down. sometimes she wants to shake the pine leafs off or take an ornament out but between giggles and dodging we manage to stop her in time.chritsmastree2012christmastree2

even AOI goes to bed and the house is quiet we turn the lights down and the tree brings a little bit of extra magic in the housechristmastree4christmastree6

{the christmas painting is one of my own creation, i interpreted the chimney in my inlaws old house}

christmastreethe other day i came home to see some gifts under the tree. hubby had wrapped his and the gifts from Britain and put under the tree. the following AOI was intrigued by the bows, she pulled two off the gifts but i put them back without worries. christmastree3

{accent of christmas around the house}

we are still in the making of christmas traditions and this weekend we watched The Santa Clause and The Snowman introduced by David Bowie {this last video is one of hubby’s childhood christmas traditions. he says he’s been watching this short fiilm since christmas 1982}

questions: how was your weekend? do you prefer a real pine christmas tree or artificial pine tree? why? do you have any christmas tradition?


  1. Beautiful pictures! Merry Christmas

  2. Your tree is beautiful! I just love this time of year.

    I've only had fake trees but maybe next year we'll go the real tree route. I just don't like the mess it creates so I've just resisted. We shall see next year :)

    Tonight, we have church service, then we will go home and I'll make us dinner. We'll open presents and then we'll watch a Christmas movie.

    Tomorrow, I will make an entree and dessert to bring to my inlaws home. We'll exchange gifts and eat together. Then we head to Sean's aunts home where we all bring our desserts and eat some more.

    After we drive home and Sean and I watch Christmas movies some more.

    My favorite time of year :)

    I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Your tree IS magical, especially that moment when the room darkens and the lights glow. Your baby girl is precious, I haven't been here in a while and it is grand to see her getting so big. Now it is time to have a joyous new year and I wish you many more babies. I'm one to believe you can never have to many!

  4. The tree looks beautiful. I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

  5. Hope u had a lovely christmas. The tree looks amazing! Wishing u a happy and prosperous new year (and a baby :))xoxo


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