19 Dec 2012

Goodbye AMSAA

they did a small funeral for you today. i heard you looked peaceful. we are sure you are happy where you are because that’s where you came from.

everything happened so fast. i was told on monday that you had the symptoms of a fever on friday and by sunday you were gone.

i miss you and i hate it that we lived far away and i didn’t phone you enough, but you were only a little child who didn’t care about phone conversations.

it burns… this pain of not seeing you again, not holding you and not hearing your voice burns like crazy. but we must move on so we cope as much as we can… in the end we’ll make sense about your sudden death and accept it as much as we can.

but for now, goodbye a.m.s.a-a.rip

you are truly an angel who came on this earth to bless us with your presence. now we know that we have a new, young and strong angel looking over us.
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