10 Dec 2012

Our Weekend: Let It Snow

good monday morning people.
 Let it snow by Michael BublĂ© on Grooveshark
snow is second nature over here. i love that but still, outside is frightful. for this reason we didn’t go to playgroup last week {this week AOI and I will venture to the playrgroup}. thursday i thought about going but then changed mind because AOI was feeling delicate after her 12month immunization jab {4 jabs. she was restless on thursday night}.
friday, staying in the warmth of our house was delightful. plus AOI was feeling better. she carried one of her dolls in a carrier. she loved having me read books to her, especially The Grumpy Bird. then in the afternoon she got obsessed about Healthy Teeth, Health Me: Brushy Brush song from the Sesame Street Celebrity songs on youtube. AOIsong

towards the evening i practiced my baking skills.cookies still not very good but i can eat whatever i bake without stomach pains {AOI likes them too}.

saturday, half of the day was spent lazing around… wait, i wrote some chapters of my novel. in the afternoon, while hubby was trying to convince me to stay indoors, i managed to convince him to go do christmas tree shopping. after that we did a little cloth shopping. i snatched up two pairs of jeans for only $3.96 at old navy.

sunday, we didn’t make it to church in time. we stayed at home getting our christmas home decoration ready. we still have to dress up the tree, and can’t wait. we didn’t mind the snow outside.letitsnow

so, while we let it snow outside, inside we snuggled up warm on the sofa. sleepyangelsin the evening hubby bathed and dressed AOI for bed. i was watching the final show of xfactoruk when he came downstairs with our angel sleeping in his arms. she is un amore! and he’s the BEST father ever.

i love to see him with our daughter because his love for her is unconditional and it’s infectious. i love them SO MUCH!

that was our weekend, made of simple but enjoyable things.

questions: how was your weekend? tell me what you did nice. do you have a weekend update on your blog? let me know in the comment box and i’ll stop by

have a wonderful week and stay blessed


  1. this sounds like the perfect weekend! it makes me excited to have a little one to read books with and snuggle with when it is snowing outside :)

    can't wait to see your Christmas decorations!

  2. What a great weekend! Your daughter is getting so big! I can't believe it... she's gorgeous too!! I love snow...and just cuddling on the couch with a fire going in the fireplace! It feels like Christmas is coming. We're not getting that here though. Our weekend weather was really mild and we spent most of it shopping and with company staying over. :o

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I spent the weekend attending holiday parties and catching up with friends. I will admit...it would have been nice to have some snow! Looks like you had a lovely weekend and perfect snuggle and reading weather. Enjoy your week:)

  4. Such a beautiful weekend. I can't get over how much snow you guys have over there, I am cold just looking at your pictures. I hope we get some snow this year because I want to make snow angels with my big boy.

    AOI is getting so big, look at that pic of her standing there like a big girl. Crazy huh?

    We had a great weekend, went bowling on Saturday, had a game party on Sunday. Fun times. Haven't blogged about the weekend but will in the next few days.

  5. so jealous of your snow...I'm hoping for a White Christmas but the temps have been unseasonably warm so I'm not holding my breath!

  6. no snow out here in nyc yet, in fact it's been fairly mild and i'm worries we won't have a white christmas. baby aoi is so precious! i feel like she was just born and there she is standing up all on her own.

  7. I wouldn't mind having some of that snow! We haven't had any yet and I'm getting sad thinking that we might not get any this year.


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