28 Dec 2012

Peep Show From Christmas Day

happy Friday everyone.

so how was Christmas?

let’s me start by saying that on Boxing Day i decided to workout because i felt bloated from the previous day and i don’t want to wait until next year to put into practice one of my resolutions. yes, i want to be fit once again and start TTC for baby #2.

you see, i get cold feet when i thing about TTC (trying to conceive) #2, i want to just jump into without to much thing and the only way i know best is to become fit ASAP before i become icy about it.

anyway, yesterday i felt like ran down by a truck after the exercises on Boxing Day. today i feel better!

well. Christmas was quiet as we wanted. we chose to spend the time together as a family of three. last year we had my brother over and it was nice, but we wanted to see how it felt to be just the three of us. it was peaceful


AOI’s crafty auntie sent her a stocking, so the night before Christmas i baked some cookies and filled her stocking with few things. for hubby i prepared one of his old socks with a mango, a clementine, a pair of Christmassy socks and a mug.

we kicked Christmas day off by phoning my family in USA, Italy and Canada. later that morning we skyped hubby’s family in the UK. we did a Skype gift exchange. AOI open her stocking and these are things she found…

stockingiftsa book, two mugs, a set of three toy boats for bath time and five cookies i baked that night before. I'm happy to report that she enjoyed the cookies. hubby didn’t so i ate them all myself.

the rest of the day looked something like thischristmaslunchpanett-onewe had our Christmas meal, then we exchanged gifts.

we didn’t buy anything big for AOI because we don’t think at one year of she cares about big toys. we want to make her a tepee and kitchenette. but for Christmas because she likes Sesame Street i thought a piggybank with Elmo’s smile on it will make her happy.giftexchange1elmopiggybankAOI bought daddy, via care of mummy, an IPad hard case because she likes to use daddy’s IPad and sometimes throw it on the floor – she doesn’t want him to be sad if it breaksgiftexchange2on hubby’s wish list he had a crystal science kit and i also bought him a pair of lined trousers for the cold. he also bought himself a jigsaw for his carpentry hobbygiftexchange3AOI bought me, via care of daddy, the body shop spa set – i can’t wait to lift my feet in the bathgift

one of the items on my wish list was a laptop and hubby was so nice to get a new one for me. the new HP ENVY dv6 {with apple sticker applied by moi, because in the end what is a Mac? Just a permanent sticker}. I'm enjoying it so much. hpcomputergift

i also bought myself two learning books to improve my French and crafting hobby {i want to repurpose most of my old garments}learningbooks

AOI had a nap soon after lunch while we just relaxed.after a good nap she ate a big piece of panettone for her snack.yummypanettone

all in all this Christmas was quiet but enjoyable and good family bonding time.

hope your Christmas was fun, full of laughter, togetherness, yummy food and cute gifts.

hope your weekend is merry and bright

xoxo, T

Italian words

aspettando babbo natale= waiting for father Christmas {above photo}

panettone= typical Italian Christmas cake


  1. Looks like the perfect Christmas!

    Glad you had a great bonding time. AOI is so adorable! Love the pictures

  2. Awww...sounds like a nice relaxing time. AOI is just the cutest!

  3. Happy Holidays! Your daughter is just so adorable.

  4. Looks like the perfect gift...little man received the same iPad cover from his uncle..hope your new year is even better!!

  5. Looks like the perfect Christmas day! Your little one is so precious. Happy holidays!


  6. looks wonderful with just your family of 3...and I think the iPad hard case was a very good idea, we need to get one of those soon!

  7. I love the ipad cover idea. How cute! And you have theeeee absolutely most adorable girl!


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