31 Dec 2012

Reflection of 2012

Only 24 more hours left to kiss goodbye to this year. As per tradition, the time to sit down and reflect on the year has summonsed me.

My heart aches at the thought. i tremble to how naive I was at the beginning of the month. Clueless about the big change which in a blink of an eye shook our world.

Two weeks away AMSAA passed away. Her sudden death was a big slap on the face, a wake up call to reflect on how life can leave our souls when we least aspect. it spoke to my heart, it strengthened my belief in a greater Being and Paradise because if there are no entity like that then where is our precious AMSAA.

Two weeks ago her mother’s life was shuttered. When she heard the news she couldn’t process the enormity of the calamity. When she phoned me to inform me, she sounded too serene. We all knew that the tragedy hasn’t sink for the parents. In fact it only hit them some days later, but it hit the mother even harder this past week. She despaired for the loss of her beloved daughter. She cried and won’t stop crying, her world is destroyed more than I can possibly imagine. She didn’t hear her daughter’s voice for a whole week. Though we might pretend that she is still there, when the thought of not seeing her face or hearing her voice strikes then our insides turns upside down. Our world will never be the same again but we must move on. the pain will stay but for me that means she is still with me, deep in my heart and she will never go away.

Although the pain this month brought us is unbearable, 2012 also brought along join, life and triumph.

My hope for 2012 was Another Bee Year in God’s Resolution, I wanted to live in the present and suck life out of it as if I am a bee. So, even as much as my heart burns of despair, I have to give thanks to the Almighty because I was able to do so. I give him praises and glory!

So, here we go… a look at the decisive moments of my year 2012.

1. Celebrating A0I's big ONE birthday with a nice group of people. My mum came over for this special occasion. I felt blessed to have each one around as we gave thanks and praises to the Most High

amoredimammapapa2. Welcoming two new born into our family and another any hour
3.Travelling back to Britain and introducing our daughter to our family and friends. It was wonderful to go back to our homeland. We felt such accomplishment because in just over a year in Canada God has granted us with this cute baby.april2012{somebody to his or her precious time to create this by the beach}

devon24. Travelling back to my little town in Italy. Absence can increase love… that’s how I felt anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hometown under such splendour until over a year of hiatus. It was so green and I couldn’t get enough of the views of valleys from my window. Never before I’ve sat at the window to read until April 2012 and the piazza arzview1azrview25. Two trips to Ontario (Toronto - summer and Niagara Falls - fall) we stayed at my sister's house and it was another bonding moment with my family  had a play date with RN, who is having his chemo treatment at one of the hospitals. torontohardrockcafefalls46.Setting up and joining a writer's group. February I met six writers at a workshop organised by the local library. We decided to form a group Six to Eight Writer's Group
7. Completing the first re-write of my YA novel
8. Getting some of my poems and photography published in an anthology on motherhood and getting  AOI’s birth story published on the greenparent online magazine and theembrace
9.enjoying the beautiful lakes our province offerslake
10.Going to Waskesiu for a family autumn holiday. We felt blessed to be able to go to the Prince Albert National ParkfamilyportraitAOIautumn
11. Life threatening illness of RN, this event was the first of the saddest news of 2012. It pushed me to hold on the my faith for dear life. Death of AMSAA – it has left a HUGE empty space in our lives but it has enriched our hearts. It’s in her honour that I want to live a purposeful life, with a new passion and determination to do good and help others.

12. Reading Jenni @Story of My Life fun, insightful and inspirational posts. Her determination to work at her dream is infectious. Keep up the good work girl.

 so, as the year prepares itself to wave it wings away, I conclude that some of my decisive moments brought joy and some others brought immense sadness. However, through my renewed faith I accept that those emotions are two gifts God gives us to fortify our soul. Among the joy and sorrows my faith has strengthened and my belief that everything will be okay in the end is everlasting.

hope everyone enjoyed this year and drew a life changing lesson from it.

wishing you all a warm, bright, healthy, faithful and happy full of life 2013!

Italian word

piazza= city centre


  1. Definitely a testimony of God's goodness to you in 2012. I like that even in the midst of tragedy, you are still able to give thanks. Wishing you an awesome 2013.

    1. it is certainly heartbreaking at how your 2012 has ended; i hope you have a great start to 2013!

  2. I am so honored and flattered you included me here... thank you SO much. Made my day. :)

  3. Still praying for you and your family as you all continue to try to heal from the loss of your niece. I hope that 2013 will bring you all more tears of joy than sorrow! Happy Early New Year!

  4. What a wonderful recap. I am so sorry for your loss.

    I wish you strength, love and happiness in 2013.

  5. Happy New Year TOI. This was definitely a beautiful recap of 2012. I love that I followed you along the whole year and I got to experience these as they happened.

    I am still so sorry for your loss, worse way to end the year for sure. Hope 2013 is a much better year.

  6. Wishing you a Joyful and Prosperous New Year!

  7. Happy new year!!!
    I like your blog! :) Would you like to follow each other? :D


  8. Happy New Year Toi!! Praying you have a more bless filled 2013. So sorry to hear of your family's loss... words can't even begin to express. :(

  9. Your review was definitely bittersweet! Love the picture of your family!! A little piece of heaven!


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