30 Mar 2012

Week 18 – Love for Music and Reading

Dear sweetie AOI (aka Berry),
Another week that flew away too fast. It was just two days ago that your favourite aunt was here. She left on Wednesday morning. I am sure you don't remember and you might think she was just in your dream because now when you see on the Skype you smile and want to hold the computer. In fact you grab everything you see me holding. You want to type on the computer and other times you try to push it to the floor.
Today you slept a lot because I think you are feeling under the weather a little, your nose was running or your teeth are coming, you are dribbling bubble saliva. Also you wanted to be close to me, but now you are your normal self again laughing and being chatty angel. You have the most beautiful laugh ever, yeah you are laughing properly.
You have your own rough bedtime routine. Daddy plays some BritPop such as Radiohead on his guitar or classics on the piano. you like to listen to him and he likes to have a great fan like you. Sometimes you join in the piano playing.pianowithAOI
This week's bedtime story is the Secret Message by Mina Javaherbin last week’s was Up. You like when I read to you, I like reading to you because I am practising reading to an audience.
Normally you fall asleep while feeding around 21:00 or 21:30 and sleep for about two and half hours. When you wake up you want a change and a feed then you sleep until 3:30am or 4:30am. I change your cloth diaper then feed you. You sleep again until 6:30am or 7:30am, circa because sometimes you want a little bit more after that feed.
Other times you sleep from 21:30 until early morning. Either way I don't mind because you give me plenty of time to relax during the day.
However, I always feel like I need to do something – writing – to justice the free time  you allow me. You are truly a great baby.

This evening you fell asleep at 22:00 – I believe that was cause by the fact that you slept very well during the afternoon. Because you couldn’t sleep daddy sung Les Miserables songs to entertain you. Right now you are sleeping beautifully, you might sleep through until early morning so I better fall asleep too :).
Tutto il mio amore x 2,
Mummy TOI

BFF: Getting the Sexy Back?…


yes, i failed to trim down in weight. I am still the same as 28 days ago. I wanted to lose some weight before 8th of April because we are going to EUROPE!!!

I would like to look good and feel good in my body for my holiday in Europe, but I’ven’t managed to lose the post-partum weight. I know what i am doing wrong, i am going to work out a little bit more and eat a little bit healthy.

but i shouldn’t forget that my size has increased also because i am breastfeeding and my breasts are one size up.

one thing i can do is to dress well to bring out the best in me, buying the right size and working with my posture and a little bit of lip gloss to boost my confidence. i hope that will do the trick.

Source: stylepantry.com via TOI on Pinterest


her outfit portrays confidence and sunshine to me.

29 Mar 2012

Alycia: She Rocks

Hey everyone! I am happy to be here :) My name is Alycia Crowley.
TOI posed the question who is the woman in you? Who is the woman in me? That is an interesting question. I think I have a bunch of different women in me, that makes up the woman who I am right at this moment. And the woman I am now, will also change. Let me explain.
What I have learned about myself in my short 23 years of life, is that I will always be growing and maturing as time goes on. Who I was at 16 is still apart of me, as is who I was at 12, and 19... today I am so much more at 23. Women spend a lot of time trying to “find themselves” but one of my favourite quotes explains how “Life Isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.”
I got married at the young age of 20. I like to say 20 ½ ;) you know, buying all the time I can get! Haha Everyone has an opinion about when and when you shouldn’t get married. A lot of people felt like I was getting married too young. People expressed that “You can’t know who you are this young, what if you grow apart and become different people?” or “Are you sure you are done being selfish and giving up that independence?”
These questions kind of surprised me when I sat and really thought about them. Did getting married mean I was going to loose my independence? Was I really going to change THAT much?
The truth is, when you get married you do have to compromise with each other, but you in no way have to loose your independence! The compromises are doable because you love the other person you are with, you want to make them happy. Making them happy, makes you happy. But, you also need to make yourself happy. Finding the balance is what makes a great marriage and a great partnership. Make sure you can do that before you get married, or make sure it is something you both are working towards.
The other truth is... YES, you WILL CHANGE! To think that you won’t change as you get older is crazy. To think you can’t stay in a healthy and wonderful marriage because of this, is also crazy. We will always be changing and growing, and so will our spouses. The key is to make sure that we stay on the same page the whole way. The key is to GROW TOGETHER.
This might seem like a scattered post but sometimes  people in relationships or their marriages might feel like they have lost their identity, or their independence. You don’t have to loose yourself!
Make it a point to have the type of relationship with someone (or yourself!) that ENCOURAGES you to work on yourself, that encourages you to find things that make you happy! Is it a hobby, a job, friends that you need or want? The list goes on and on.
The more you find that happy balance in your life, in or not in a relationship, the closer you become to being truly happy, and the type of woman you want to be. With age you grow more and more into yourself. Enjoy the journey by creating growing opportunities, within your relationships with loved ones and friends, and most importantly, YOURSELF.
One thing I love about blogging is the community that it brings among us women. We are all independent, smart, forward thinking woman, who have carved out a little space for ourselves in this big online world. Continue growing in the direction of the woman you want to be, and before you know it, you will be her, and she will just keep on getting better!


Alycia blogs over at Crowley Party, where her and her hubberz live life as a party, because they think life should be a party, and be celebrated, they try to do just that. Her blog is a lifestyle blog, highlighting the things she loves, her family, fashion, crafts, food, and whatever else she is interested in!

28 Mar 2012

Thoughtful Wednesday: Justice for all their Sons

Once upon a time I had a blog where I poured my thoughts on race issues. I stopped blogging on that blog because after a while my inside felt like tearing apart, because there is too much race inequality in this world for me to bear. I decided to focus on the positive side of life. But sometimes some issues cannot be over looked.

Some injustices need more awareness than the popular media can give.

Today is the anniversary of another childless mother, father. Today marks one month 2 days since Trayvon Martin was shot down. trayvon-martin Since that moment a mother became childless because a man deemed his ‘right’ to shoot another person down because he was wearing a hoodie and his face was black.

Now the media is manipulating facts and evidences, arguing that the shooting was not racial profiling because the man who killed Trayvon Martin is Hispanic. Some bigots are saying that he shouldn’t have wore a hoodie because a young black male wearing hoodie at Night is like looking for trouble.

Am I reading right?

Just because one wears a hoodie makes that person a hoodlum?

wearing a hoodie doesn’t make one a gangster. i like to wear my hoodie sweater and my family do too

the question is, how can a man be left free to go around the country after killing another human-being.

I blame the system for allowing a law that gives the right to any sick person to fire a gun then argue that he was threatened or he was protecting ‘his’ neighbourhood or he was doing good for his city because he thought the person in front of him was a bad person without any evidence.

According to me this law is like a modern version of the lynch law!

Trayvon Martin’s death goes along all those sons who died and they case are still unresolved and not brought to justice.

May his soul rest in peace and may his name open a road for justice in front of inequality. 

27 Mar 2012

Trendy/Trashy?: Willow Smith Fashion Sense

some call it a child with avant-garde fashion sense, willow-smith-photoshootWillow-Smith-Fashion-Style   62571136others call it a child with weird fashion sense,2hmd1dg 42807PCN_Pinkett    willowstyle2 willowstyle3 and me?

all i know is that these pictures click something in me willowstylereminding me of a character from Avataravatar

how about you? what do you think of Willow’s fashion sense, trendy or trashy?

23 Mar 2012

Week 17 - Milestones

Dear amore di mamma,
this week was the week of milestones for you. Tuesday you had your fourth month vaccination – three shots. You cried but not for too long. You slept for most of the afternoon, you were fine by the time daddy came back home from work.
Wednesday we went to the swimming pool alone, our friends didn’t come to the usual pool. The same evening, whilst we were preparing our dinner, I you roll from your back to your front and then front to your back again. Daddy couldn’t believe it but you did that again. You wanted your pacifier. That was incredible to see.
You can sit down without support for few minutes. You are trying to lift yourself to sit and every time I take you lift you up you pill yourself off the seat. You’ve been practicing your walking movements and you do lots of crawling movements when you are lying on your front. I also noticed that you reaches out to your cloth and mirror board books. clothbook
You respond so well to your Ghanaian name. I call you with both your first and second name because I want you to learn and like them both.
Today you tasted a piece of banana and a clementine. It was so funny to watch you. You are so ready to start eating some solid food. Hopefully next week we will introduce something, with the help your auntie N. – yes, your favourite auntie is in town, you smiled so big as soon as you saw her at the airport. She brought you such lovely outfits, I can’t wait to try them on you :).
I am stopping here because you are sleeping and I better sleep; this weekend is going to be hectic, I can tell.
Un bacione dalla tua carissima,
Mamma TOI

22 Mar 2012

Amy: She Rocks

Journey to my Individuality

Individuality is a word I ran far away from until I was well into my college years. I spent most of my youth trying unsuccessfully to blend in and be just like everybody else. Problem was, I wasn't just like everyone else. I was different both on the inside and on the outside. Yet, no matter how hard I tried to hide my differences, my individuality struggled to break free from the reigns I was trying to impose on it.

In a majority white K-12 school system I stood out as one of the few black students. I tried my best to fit into the so-called white suburban Texas culture. I listened to country music, inserted "like" and "oh my gosh" into almost every sentence and begged my parents for a Mustang for my 16th birthday.

Among the few black students in my school I stood out as being a foreigner, a Nigerian or as they liked to taunt me, an "african booty scratcher."

I tried my best to fit into the so-called local African American hip hop culture. I listened to rap and R&B, tried to hide my parents strong Nigerian accents from my classmates and blasted the latest BET top 10 countdown hits as loud as I could while driving around in the Mustang my parents eventually bought me.

In my core group of friends who were in the "regular" classes I stood out as being in the gifted and talented classes.

I tried my best to fit in with my friends by trying to fail the gifted and talented exam in the 5th grade so I could join them in the regular classes, downplaying school in their presence and begging my parents to take me out of the public school and send me to a private school I saw in the phone book called the Honor Roll School because I felt that maybe everyone was "smart" there and I would fit in better.

What saved me from a life of trying to conform was traveling. Traveling opened my eyes to a world outside the stifling confines of my grade school walls. The people I met in my travels were so different, so unique and yet each and everyone of them seemed happy in their own skin. The taste of traveling I got as a young child tagging along with my parents to Africa, South America, Europe and the Caribbean was the tip of the iceberg for me. It planted a desire in my heart to get out of my comfort zone and see the world. I did just that in college and jumped at the opportunity to study abroad in South America. It was a life changing experience. For the first time in my life I just tried to be me and no one else. It was liberating. The best part of the experience was that everyone accepted me for who I was. I loved it. Traveling helped me to discover myself and to learn that no matter how different I am from my peers I still Rock!


Thank you again Amy for writing this beautiful heartfelt piece.

Ladies don’t forget to stop by Amy’s blog, where she writes about life as a new mother and a young wife.

21 Mar 2012

Letter from my 16 years old self

Sometimes I worry that my love and protection for my daughter might turn itself against me.

Some time ago I watched a series in which the daughter of a devoted mother went into rehab. In a group therapy she said “My mother was always there for me. She loved me too much and my father was always away for work.”

After this comment I turned to hubby and said “One cannot win, eh?” Too much love can be poisonous, but too little can also be poisonous. I want to give all my love to my child, but what if that love is too much. What if my love becomes an enemy.

I mean what if the same devoted mother I would like to be is seen by the my daughter as evil? One of my brothers was teasing me because he thinks I will be strict with AOI, because when we were little I was authoritative sister while my mother was lenient – in the end he turned out alright. But I don’t think I will be over the top with my daughter.

I know both hubby and I would like some discipline with our children. We wouldn’t let they go to people houses and touch everything they can see or let them be rude to their grandparents or family members. We would like them to show respect to people without feeling like they can’t say no or tell us if something is not right.

I was in search for an answer when I found it in one of my old journals entitled Letters. Browsing the pages I found a letter I wrote when I was 16 years old. She wrote it just for when she becomes a mother.

The letter is in Italian so I will translate it as I wrote it back then:


This letter reminded me of how a good mother should be.

Yes, I have to love my children unconditionally but I don’t have to spoil them. Letting them do all they want doesn’t mean I love them unconditionally. I believe there are times a parent I have to be able to say NO, because saying no is another way of love. I have to have an open dialogue with my children so that they can voice out and ask for opinions. And I have to be able to help and support them when they are in difficulties.

This letter from a teenager was very insightful. I hope I will be as insightful as that young girl now that my journey in motherhood is in full swing.

20 Mar 2012

Trendy/Trashy?: Baby First String Bikini

going to the swimming pool is part of our weekly routine, Miss AOI loves being in the water. She’s truly a water baby. Wednesdays and Sundays are our pool days.

i went to buy her these cute swimming nappies  by bummis. swimmis they are fun and sincerely they don’t scare the hell out of me because they allow her to be a baby.

i remember long time ago children wearing only shorts and not worrying covering the top because let’s be honest what are they covering. i believe children should be allowed to be children by wearing innocent outfits.

but having a cute swimwear as thisblooming is going to be nice when she gets a little bit older, so when i started to look for new swimwear for my baby and found these slide4 slide7

1 and 2

i was taken aback,… aren’t they still in diapers at this tender age, and why are they wearing string BIKINIs? isn’t like bringing up these little children to become too body conscious, like some kind of young Victoria Secret models?

well, i don’t know… what do you think? baby first string bikini, trendy or trashy?

18 Mar 2012

4 Months

Dear amore di mamma,
Happy four months young. Four months ago, only four months ago but at the look of your daily growth it seems ages ago that we held your newborn body in our hesitant arms. In moments like these, i would like to capture time and let you stay a baby for just one minute more. Really, the months are moving too fast, at a blink of an eye i see my tiny newborn turn into a sweet infant. Of course i want to see you crawl and all the rest that come with baby development but there is no rash. I can do yoga moves with your. Your aunty N, bought us a baby yoga book and we are using. There are two or three moves that we can do anytime during the day and you love Tampa Season. You like to roll around, you are also trying to sit. AOI
To have some kind of ‘control’ of your growth, I've decided NOT to introduce earrings to you until later date. Initially  daddy was the only one who didn't want earrings for you, but a week or so ago I decided to let you decide when you want to have your ears pierced.
Today we went to the swimming pool with your new ‘aunties’ D and V, your future babysitter S, and aunty V’s husband. Aunty V took some pictures and i was looking at them and I whispered, I love this baby. Then I thought this baby is mine, I am so lucky to have her, does anyone love their children the way I love mine. I love it when you wrap your arm around my neck and keep your cheek close to mine. Those moments are precious to my soul. No matter how much love someone has for their offspring, I love you more! Every time I look at you my heart skip a beat. I love you so much and when we are in the car and you cry because you want something, my heart tears.
It was during one of these moments that I started sing you a lullaby I created only for you. If i had the means I would compose the best song for you...
Me do, Amore mio, my love, you are my world! I love writing these weekly/monthly letters to you because it is just a grain to show you how much I care, how much I love you and how glad I am to have you in my life.  I love to see how much you recognise me, I am glad to you I am your mother and I love you dearly.
All my love from the soul,
Mommy TOI

16 Mar 2012

BFF: Last Winter Snow

another BFF day, focus on fashion.

the weather is picking up. though i am looking forward for spring, because i LOVE spring, i don’t like the fact that it leads to the hot, sticky and mosquito lover summer, yet i am contemplating where we can go and spend our summer holidays – well, first we are going to Europe next month.

***I CAN’T WAIT to see London, Veneto and Devon***

we went for a walk, i am loving the last winter snow. it might snow again but it won’t be the same, the new snow will be spring snow. this jumper is vintage, long time ago it was a new gift from my sil J.

i believe it’s time to bin it, because my breasts are not the same size as they used to be.  but i really like the style and i find it hard to give up on something i really like, i will try to find something similar to replace it with.ellejumper3


hat: knitted by my sil M

specs: Blue Bay @Occhialilandia in Italy

Jumper: elle gift from my sil J

vest: love culture @winners

boots: weather spirits @walmart


Question: do you ever struggle to get rid of your clothes?

15 Mar 2012

Latorsha: She Rocks

I am woman hear me ROAR!!

The days of working lots of overtime to get mo’ money took its toll at times.
The newlywed phase didn't last as long as I would have liked. The honeymoon doesn't last forever.
Gaining 40+ pounds during pregnancy tried to hinder my self esteem.
Sleepless nights filled with crying, nursing, diaper changes, etc. felt like it would kill me at times.
Going from full time working mom to son's activity chauffeur and play date planner was quite an adjustment.


But I still rock!

Sure I got knocked down and blindsided a few times.
BUT YET, I found I could still rock heels, yes the 3 inch ones at times.
I could still rock the hair, the makeup and the glam!
I'm not a great fashionista but I rock what I know!
Since I made exercise a part of my life I'm also rocking the shorts, tank tops, and yes even the bikini!
Now I just didn't pull my "rock it" ways out of a bag!

It took time to get back to me.

You know, time to get back to the things that make me a better wife, mom, friend, family member and ultimately a team player in all that I do.

Taking time for me and learning to enjoy the moment is one way that I got started getting back to me.
However, your story isn't my story, we are all beautifully unique.

What makes you rock? You know, when do you feel and look your best?
Talk to me. I'm listening.


Latorsha, is the blogger of Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway, a place where she tries to remain optimistic by any means necessary, mostly laughter. She especially loves connecting with new people. On twitter you can follow her at
@AnOptimisticMom. You can check out her blog Here or contact her at AnOptimisticMom@ gmail.com

13 Mar 2012

Trendy/Trashy?: The Puppy Pacifier

Last week after a long reflection on the topic we bought Miss AOI a pacifier. She doesn’t use it very much but it helps when we are driving and she wants to eat NOW. Before buying it I research the advantages and disadvantage of pacifiers.

Advantage: sooth baby easily

Disadvantage: can lead to dental problems 

Those are just one advantage and disadvantage.

Apart from mothers getting frustrated when their babies become addicted to pacifiers, some mothers complain because they lose their share of pacifiers. They keep buying and buying throwing money down the drain. I am sure these mothers are more than happy for the new invention.

Puppy pacifier.giraffe3reddog1  1 and 2

Now, AOI is not into her pacifier but is it really necessary to add a puppy to a pacifier?…, what do you think?… trendy or trashy?

9 Mar 2012

Week 15

Dear lovely daughter,
this week was a quiet one for us.
We stayed indoors most days. Wednesday we were supposed to go swimming with some of our friends but we didn’t because daddy went to the dentist and on his way back home the car spun 180 degrees. He was so worried that he advised me not to drive because due to the snow the roads were dangerous. I was disappointed but I wanted us to be safely at home. In the evening when he came home we went for a walk and the snow was so high we had to push the pram with all our strength.heavysnow
Yesterday we went to the indoor playground but you were asleep so we stayed for only ten minutes. We went to do some shopping. I bought two poetry journals, a travel magazine for this province and children lullaby CD audio.
Today we didn’t leave the house, you slept most of the times and I finished writing the synopsis of my YA story and emailed it off. I made your first hair cliphairclipit’s not excellent but it’s a beginning
You are growing so well, I am happy about the way you can chat so much when you are wide awake. I love everything about you.
I love you so much and it is good to have some quiet times to enjoy each others company – it’s lovely to hear your cooing, you are a very chatty baby. In most photos you are talking :).
Well, sweet Berry, until next, all my love
Mummy TOI.

BFF: Red…

Today’s BFF (beauty, fashion and fitness) focuses on my fashion.

apart from yellow, red is my favourite colour and this winter to keep my body warm I’ve been wearing this coat a lot. I bought it in the January sales, I love a good bargain. I wear it onto of anything, this time I am wearing my fav boots and jeans – overused.


redcoat2redcoat3  hunterbootsspecs: Paul Smith @David Clulow

   coat: Calvin Klein @The Bay

Jeans: Levis @Levis San Francisco

boots: Hunter @Amazon.co.uk

8 Mar 2012

Journee: She Rocks

i am so excited to start She Rocks on such a symbolic day as International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate all women.

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY to all my lovely ladies!!!

and i am more than excited to have Journee kick off the series, her piece is wonderful, NOT TO MISS!!!


Rediscovering Myself

When TOI first told me about her series "She Rocks" and asked us to write what makes us feel like a women,  I honestly had to pause and think about it.  I was a bit hesitant about even writing something, because I didn't know.  After getting married and having a child I gave up a big part of my life and myself (but it is a sacrifice that I am happy I made) however, this left me in a place where I had to rediscover myself. 

I struggled with it for a while, because the things I used to enjoy I really couldn't do anymore.  I often found myself reminiscing on who I used to be and saying to myself "I remember when I used to read all of the time, but I don't anymore".  Or "Wow!  I really enjoy listening to jazz, but I quit"  Also, the things that used to make me feel womanly didn't make me feel womanly anymore, like wearing a pair of heels.  I don't go anywhere to wear heels.  Most days I'm tending to my baby and my hubby.

So what was I to do?  No offense to my husband or child, but I couldn't let them make me forget about who I was!  I had to understand that IT WAS NOT selfish of me to be more than a wife and a mother.  There was nothing wrong with me pursuing my dreams outside of them.  My dreams are what keep me alive and fresh!

I began dreaming again, like I used to do before I had a family.  I let my mind run wild, and I envision me fulfilling all of my goals.  After a while slowly but surely I began renew myself as a woman.

There are things that I am currently working on, that I want to pursue.  One being a business venture.  I have always wanted to have my own business.  This has been a dream of mine for quite some time.

I have a vision of myself accomplishing many great things in life, and I plan on making it happen.  I have found this is what I need in order for me to be a great wife and mother. 

Oh, and as far as rediscovering myself goes,  I am welcoming that with open arms.  I had to accept that I am a new woman and I need to stop holding on to the old me. I am now at a place where I can start rebuilding myself and develop new interest. I can start new and continue to become the woman that I've always wanted to be.

Thank you TOI for giving me an outlet to express myself! 



journee BIO: Journee is a child of God, wife, and a first time mommy. She is a mid-west girl at heart, and rocks her hair natural, and she is taking these task and challenges head on. You can find her blog at Journee Is Unique


Thank you again Journee for writing this beautiful piece.

Question: Which new interests are you developing?

7 Mar 2012

She Rocks Sneak Peek: TOI

Two of my favourite songs which inspire me un gran mondo are Summer '69 and 18 till I die both by Bryan Adams (i love BA- if you have free ticket to one of his concerts think of TOI : ).

In the first song Bryan sings

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah, I'd always want to be there
Those were the best days of my life


I guess nothin' can last forever, forever, no

And now the times are changin'
Look at everything that's come and gone […]

We all know that nothing can last forever but we can do little things in our current life that can make those best days last till we die. Summer 1995 and 1997 were the best teen summer of my life. Summer 2001-2011 were the best summers of my young womanhood. I believe for most turning 18 or 21 is the best sensation ever, because you can drive or drink legally as much as you wish, we might not all feel 18 till we die but we can try to be happy in our everyday life by fulfilling our heart’s desires. TOIrocks

We might be married, mothers, singles with the desire to find the right man but She Rocks series wants to be a collective endeavour to uphold our individuality, to remind ourselves and our loved ones that we are still the woman we love or they love.

Writing this makes me realise that I can be funny, laugh at my mistakes, I like to dance in my living room, making funny faces and laugh from my heart. I won’t take myself too seriously even when the gray in my hair is getting thicker and my baby is getting taller. Sure sometimes I will be serious but other times I will let the seriousness fade and let my funny side shine through.

Between diaper changes and cooking meals I will make space for my love of reading, painting and writing.

Another thing I like is travelling and even if money is not there I will make sure to let my fantasy travel and explore my city. Because one can travel their city each day. When we live in a place we tend to want to visit other places whilst forgetting that people are wishing to pay come and visit our city. You can also discover your city and that’s another form of travelling. I like interacting on internet and thanks to the blogging community I can see other places.

Sunday in My City hosted by Unknown Mami and Long Lazy Sunday hosted by Mrs Pancakes encourages us to enjoy our everyday life and make it the best of our life without going far away or living in the past.

I am looking forwards to read all the essays.


the series will kick off tomorrow 8th March at 10am CST (central standard time),

thereafter, stop by to read a beautifully written essay by one lovely lady, on Life of TOI every Thursday at 10am CST

individualise yourself grab a badge-------------------------------->


let’s make this movement work :)

the only way to success is support


The essay sould showcase the woman in each one of us, what makes that woman feel at her best when she is left to be her own and not put into a role such as mother, wife, daughter, lover... {read more}

Stay blessed,

xoxo, TOI

6 Mar 2012

Ghana is 55 years old


in that honour I am posting few videos

to conclude, a video about the beauty of Ghana you might never see on Western media

it would be nice to listen to the first clip because it’s one of the most beautiful speeches ever delivered by a politician. and watch the last video to see the beauty of Ghana.

i love you Ghana, my homeland


5 Mar 2012

Sunday In My City

Saturday we went to the swimming pool as a family of three for the first time. yesterday we drove to church but the door was closed, because i am sure the service was held in another venue.

we were going to the mall when i phone one our friends to invite her for a poetry evening. i received a missed call from earlier, they wanted to invite us for a picnic at the outdoors rink. we went to join them at our favourite ice rink. skates

the sun was bright and shining.

she prepared some pita bread sandwich. pitafilling we were the only three young families there.AOIdaddythis time i couldn’t resist trying skating a little.1stsoloskate we also skated as a family.

oh, you can laugh, i look awful, i look like… hahaha, LOL. after ten minutes i was tired and my back was killing me, but i loved it!!!familyskate

our Sunday was long but not lazy. in the evening i went to listen to some poetry. we really enjoyed our weekend.

how was yours? what did you do?

2 Mar 2012

Week 14 – Social Networking

My dear sweetheart,
You are sleeping in your bouncer as I write this. You were drinking some of mum’s lovely milk when you fell asleep, you often do that. You look so peaceful when you sleep, once you are up you move a lot. You want to see everything, I love the fact that you are discovering many new things. I wonder if you will remember something when you grow up. When I am watching a movie and I turn you around to face me you want to turn back to watch the screen. I’ve written this before but this time your desire to watch the screen is stronger.
This week was another busy week, but very enjoyable.
Monday, in the morning we stayed at home, reading and writing. In the evening I went to the writing group I and another woman have started. It was great to be among people with the same passion and focus. We really want to make it work, for this reason we will meet every Monday from 6pm to 8pm. I have to leave you alone with daddy so that I can go to this group. I really you don’t mind, because I want to make it work. You are inspiring me to work harder at my passion. I want to earn the title I’ve given to myself: WRITER.
Monday I didn’t organise myself properly so you didn’t have enough breast milk for the two hours. Daddy had to turn to the formula I received before you were born. I felt bad, but it was better  feeding you with formula rather than leave you to cry. This formula prides itself to be close to breast milk. You did enjoy it, but I still prefer to give you my breast milk so easy and economic. Since that day I am pumping more milk so you have enough for next Monday and weeks to come. Thinking about when you start eating solid food, I’ve started to put some in the freezer.
Tuesday we I had a BUSY day, well when I have a busy day your day is busy too. In the morning I had to send some poems out for possible publication in an anthology. In the afternoon I was interviewed for the local newspaper – showing my neighbourhood which I don’t know very much about but I willing to show they around. It was just ten minutes interview and a quick portrait, I hope I look good in it. I would have loved to have you in the photo but it was cold and you looked so comfortable in your car seat I didn’t want to take you out. I am trying to network for my writings.
After the interview we went to the library, I took so many children’s book for you. I am reading to you as often as I can.
Oh and we received your Canadian passport 1passport
we have officially become family of three with four [I have duo] citizenship.  We are waiting for the British passport and you will have a duo citizenship too. If  it was possible you could have had all four citizenship, lol :). 
Wednesday was another relaxing day for us. We stayed indoors for the whole day.
Yesterday we went to one of the city’s indoor playgroup. You are the youngest there. You can’t play with many of the toys but I will still go to sign up at that playgroup because it’s good to build up your future friends – baby networking.
I am sure this month our week is going to be something like what I described above.
This afternoon you slept four good hours, way to go sweetie, leaving me to enjoy my free time.
Until next entry ,
The one that loves you most,
Mummy TOI.

BFF: Getting My Sexy Back

Hello everyone, {thank you for complimenting my new blog facelift, one luck reader can get a free blog facelift as well, stay tuned for more on this…}
Well, today I am talking BFF {beauty, fashion and fitness}, main focusing on fitness because I want my sexy back before April 8th (this will be another post). Before that date I have to be able to look good and not feel all over the place when it comes to my look [beauty, fashion and fitness].
After the entry post about my postpartum belly, I let myself fall into bad eating habits – double potions, sweets, cakes, soda and McDonald’s.
But from this week I am back to a healthy routine. After three months without doing any workout, well just few minutes here and there, this week I am serious about getting my sexy back. I want to be that yummy mummy.
I started Xbox Shape Up, and though I like it my heart is truly for Billy Blank’s workout DVDs.Billy Blanks Tae Bo I have fun whilst working out, plus he reminds me of my fitness instructor in London – but Joe is even fitter.
I am weighing myself on the Wii Fit to see the progress, I will post about that another day.
To set my mind into fitness gear, this morning I decided to check if there are new videos on YouTube and this is what I found…
the title caught my eyes [Billy Blanks teaches Kobe, Lakers…Obama?], so curiosa as I am, I had to watch it. I was laughing tears after three minutes workout with fake BB, though a little bit rude, it is funny if you want a laugh.
After that silly video working out was even funnier.
Have a great weekend
xoxo, TOI
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1 Mar 2012

A Note To March

A year today March you brought us the Canadian visa which allowed us to come and live in this beautiful country. I am grateful for your kindness.

I know in most place around this time of year you bring warm sun that recalls spring. The awakening of seasons. I know in this city where I live you bring cold and snow but I am okay with that because that you will bring sunshine in the heart and soul though out will be white snow/muddy snow until the next month.

I want to welcome you, MARCH, with arms open wide. May you bring more LAUGHTER, peace of mind, health and LIFE to all my lovelies out there. May you be full of SUNSHINE as you truly are.rayoflight

{i really love this picture}

P.S: what do you think of my blog face lift? i need to catch up with my comment on your blogs ladies. i’ve been reading post but haven’t had chance to comment. bare with me :).

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