28 May 2012

The Season To Garden

GOOD MONDAY ALL MY LADIES, i haven’t posted a Monday post in AGE! we i have few updates on our garden – not that i mentioned anything before but well...

we started weeding last weekend – i did most of the workP5192647

P5192648also hubby cut down some tree branchesbranches it was such a lovely day, i took some pictures of my sweetheart in a swing daddy  improvised by tying her car seat to a tree weedingswingontree1

yesterday the weather wasn’t sunny but in the morning hubby built a cage to prevent the birds picking at our saladgarden0121

nice work eh?

later i helped him plant potatoes, carrots, onion, beets, courgette, corn.

garden0122 garden0123

{the blossom of the trees are shedding}

this year we’ve made a path between each vegetable to make room for weeding and watering. i am excited about the garden and weeding is such a fun way to relax.

we didn’t even finish planting that it started to rain – how lucky, God was providing the service :D!

How was your weekend?

25 May 2012


… i feel like tearing my body apart to put the puzzle back together renewed,

… though i am drinking more than eights glasses of water a day but still my skin is SO dry, i need to detox BADLY but i am scared to cut things nutrients

… i miss my pregnant and glowing skin.tothemoon

… my fashion sense has left and even reading fashion and beauty blogs don’t do the magic.

… i am not sleeping long enough, but then again i have a baby who is teething, so she needs me more than ever – little cute baby, i can tell she is in so much distress, i wish i could take it away from her :(.

… i hope is just passing feelings – the one that overtake you when your period is imminent, i am breastfeeding so my period is not coming any time soon.

… i feel boring again.

…ON A BRIGHT NOTE: i am lovING re-writing my novel and reading One Day by David Nicholls – awesome book, it takes me on a trip through Europe {oh, I LOVE IT, so inspiring}

Enough of this randomness, well i will finish with a boring question

question: how do you achieve a healthy looking skin?

Please share and stay truly blessed,

xoxo TOI.

24 May 2012

K. Elizabeth: She Rocks

I Rock

I’m a rockstar!  No, I’m not talking Kelly Clarkson, Pink or Melissa Etheridge rockstar.  Although, I do perform a pretty rendition of Old MacDonald Had A Farm at bedtime every once in a while.  Even still, I’m a rockstar.  And I mean that in the most humble way one can say that without coming off as overly cocky.

You see once upon a time, I was teenager who dreamed of studying fashion and journalism.  My life plan was to go to the college of dreams, graduate at the top of my class and move to New York.  I would get a job working at one of the major fashion houses and a part-time gig as a writer.  I didn’t want to start off at high position fresh out of the gate.  Instead, it was always my goal to start off at the very bottom and work my way up.

This way I could know what each job entitled and why they were so important for a company to run because one day I would have my own brand and company to run.  I wasn’t playing on having any kids.  Honestly, the scars of my childhood were so deep and fresh that I believed I’d suck at being a parent.  I swore to my family that I would donate a few eggs to science and then get my ovaries removed.  Heck, I didn’t even want to get married.

Well, life must have really gotten a good laugh out of that one because here I am ten years later with two amazing, intelligent and beautiful children.  And my husband and just finished celebrating our first wedding anniversary and the anniversary of our steady over 7 years ago.  I’m telling you life has a sense of humor for sure.   But I’ve learned to roll with the punches.  And that’s why I rock my dears.

You see a lot of times people don’t roll with the punches.  Instead they step in to them and allow themselves to get knocked down.  Then they stay down.  Not me.  I’m not that person.  I refused to be that person who steps right into a punch.

I did go to the college of dreams.  I was named Suma Cum Laude of my class and I studied fashion.  Now, did I move to New York and get a job at major fashion house?  Nope, but I did land my first job in the fashion industry working a major retailer.

Do I have a part time gig writing?  You better believe it!  I write all this to say that when life gave me what some people would call lemons, I made lemonade.  Yes, a few of my plans changed but I didn’t let that stop me from reaching my ultimate goals.  

I didn’t allow what I was to stop me from being who I was.  And for moms and wives that can be difficult.  We try to be everything to everybody and always put ourselves on the back burner.  Take it from me, putting yourself last is not worth it at the end of the day.  I almost got caught up and almost gave up on my dreams.  On who I was and wanted to be.

I found myself miserable because I was constantly frustrated that I was helping my loved ones get their success while mine hung in front of my face just out of reach taunting me.  Finally, I woke up and smelled the coffee.  It was okay to have my own individuality.  At the end of the day, the roles that I play-mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend- don’t define me.  I define them.

And while life still throws me punches, I’m better equipped with rolling and dodging them.  I urge you to do the same.  Don’t let the events, situations and changes in your life break you or define you.  Instead, define them and use them as stepping stones because you rock too!


K. Elizabeth is a wife, mother of two and writer/blogger.  She shares her experiences in motherhood and love for fashion on her blog YUMMommy.  She’s also co-authored This Is How We Do It: A Survival Guide For Busy Moms and was number two on Jet Magazine’s ‘Must-Read Blogs For Black Moms’ list.

22 May 2012

Movie: Leonardo Di Caprio

i couldn't wait to share the clip below with your.

back in 2011 I mentioned that Leonardo DiCaprio, my male favourite actor, is going to be Jay Gatsby in the 2012 remake of The Great Gatsby - one of my fav books.  OMG, i can't wait to go watch the full movie.

the cast is fantastic, i love them all: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire Amitabh Bachchan {he is one of my favourite Indian - Bollywood - stars}

here is the exclusive trailer, enjoy the clip.

questions: ever you ever seen Robert Redford's version of like The Great Gatsby? have you ever read the book?

18 May 2012

5 and 6 Months Letter Update

Happy 6th month birthday dear daughter.
Yep, today is your 6th month birthday. I can’t believe how fast time has passed. Today some of the early memories as a new mother started to flashback. your tiny body is now being replaced by a tall little baby.
let’s do a quick update
On the April 8th you made your first airplane journey. you were so good on the plane, did not cry, smiled to many people. Our first stop was London. You were good to mummy because we were going up and down the bus, walking the chaotic cosmopolitan city of London. You didn’t cry much because you liked me carrying you wrapped tightly against my  chest. P4111703 I made the wrap myself.
after three days in London we went to Devon for a week. you met your grandfather, aunty J, M, cousin KB and EFF. it was a nice reunion.
you didn’t mind having your aunties and grandparents holding you, but since we got back you don’t want unfamiliar faces hold you for too long. you prefer to play with people when I am holding you.
On April 18th we went to Italy for another week. you met your other grandmother, my mother, for the first time. two days after our arrival in Italy, your grandmother said that milk wasn’t enough for you, i new that but i am not ready to wean you. she bought few things for your meal adventure.firstfood  She introduced you to vegetable broth and semolina cereal.
you loved it and now i puree the boiled vegetable. you love courgette and potatoes. you don’t mind carrot. you don’t like pureed apple, too sweet for you.
when we got back to Britain you were christened by your grandfather who used to be an Anglican priest, he is in pension. it was a quiet affair, were just 15 adult, 1 toddler and you as a baby
right now you can sit down all by yourself, play alone. you are moving about a lot. you roll and turn and sit so easily, it all happened few days after we got back from Europe. it is incredible how you reach a milestone over night. i miss your newborn phase, but i am enjoying your every day growth. AOIsitting you are such a clever little girl, you love your ABC. since your aunty N introduced you to Elmo, you love singing ABC with him. when you are crying ABC or the sound of the piano can sooth you.
though you are good playing alone with your toys, you are at that stage you want my attention every second. i have to invent new songs to entertain you with. it is proving difficult to multitask, like writing you letter updates. i am trying my best to find balance in all my daily duties.
i love your belly laughs, they make me laugh – when you see me laughing you laugh more and i laugh more; it is pure happiness. the smiles you reward me every day are priceless and heart fulfilling.
oh, my angel i wish you more laughter, love and strength.
P.S: The week before your big journey your aunty N, from the USA, came to visit us. She told us a lovely news, you are going to have a little cousin to play with soon. We are so happy for her and uncle W.

17 May 2012

Erica: She Rocks

Hi! My name is Erica. I've been following TOI since back in October and I'm very excited that she started this series. I'm stoked to be a part of it! (Thanks TOI!)

As I write this, I have been a mother for exactly 18 days. I have been also been a law student for just short of three years. You may wonder how (or why) on earth I’m taking the time to write this, and the answer is it is because I feel that it’s important. One of the most important (and challenging) things about being a woman is finding a balance.

I learned that I was pregnant the summer before my last semester in law school. I was ecstatic. I was ready to start a family with my husband of 5 years. But at the same time I was nervous. The baby was due in March- two months before graduation. Was I going to have to put school on hold? I had spent the last 17 years of my life in school (elementary school, high school, college, and law school) and I was finally approaching the light at the end of the tunnel- would I be able to cross the finish line with a Juris Doctorate degree and a newborn?  I decided that it was worth a try- and 8 months later, here I am in the thick of it. 

Monday morning, two days after delivering my beautiful baby girl, I packed my school books, climbed in my truck, and drove myself to school. None of my classmates expected to see me there. Despite seeing my big round belly at school everyday for the past few months, I don’t think anyone thought I could actually finish what I had started. But there I was- sleep deprived, probably smelling like spit-up, and missing my baby like mad- but I was there. I really didn’t have a choice. Law school is much different than college or high school- attendance is mandatory and absences will affect your grade. 

Oddly enough, one of the toughest challenges I’ve had to face in balancing law school life and new mum life is my decision not to breastfeed.

After all, one of the reasons formula was invented was to “empower” women so that they could continue to work after childbirth. However, it seems that women who choose to formula feed are chastised by the same people who advocate equal status for women. I am constantly bombarded with articles and comments from people that make me feel as though I am a terrible mother for not breastfeeding. Some go so far as to say that formula feeding is poison or a form of child neglect.

Yes, I know that breastfeeding is best, but the logical part of my brain also knows that formula feeding is okay, too. My husband was formula fed, and he is one of the most healthy, athletic, and smartest men I know.  The emotional part of my brain, however, feels guilty for not breastfeeding. I wonder if I could find time to pump between classes or function with even less sleep so that I could nurse. It weighs on my mind and stresses me out every single day. And instead of finding support and encouragement from women who admire the fact that I’m taking on law school and new motherhood, a feat that would have been unheard of a generation ago, all I find is criticism and condescension. But I guess another part of being a woman is keeping my chin up, recognizing that I can’t do everything perfectly, and simply doing the best I can. It’s finding a balance. 

Yes, part of being a woman is mastering the art of balance. Before becoming a mother, I balanced schoolwork, housework, personal time, personal hygiene, and fitness. I always scheduled my day in a way that would allow me to exercise, put on makeup, go to school, do homework, tidy the house, and have dinner on the table all the while squeezing in some time to write, surf, or do other activities for my personal well-being. I may not have been able to do all these things flawlessly, but I still took pride in being able to balance them. It made me feel good about myself as a woman. 

Now that I have a baby, I’m having to learn how to re-organize and re-balance my life without the luxury of a schedule (the nemesis of newborns). It hasn’t been easy, and most days I simply can’t do it all. I haven’t been able to get back to the gym yet or keep up with my favourite blogs. My house is a bit messy and my hair seems to look like I just got out of bed no matter what time of day it is. I also haven’t been able to be the mother that newborns deserve- the one who is there 100% of the time in those few weeks; to hold, to comfort, to nurse. Being away from my newborn daughter for hours (up to 8) at a time absolutely KILLS me, but I know that she is in good hands with her father, who has been able to take time off work while I finish school. I also know that in time, the woman in me will be able to piece this new life together in a way that works for me and my new little family. Because that’s what women do, and that’s what makes us great. We take the demands in life- both the traditional and the modern- and we find the sweet spot that works for us.

{that’s why the woman in each one of us rocks}



Erica is a 25-year-old law student and Marine Corps wife living in Hawaii. She welcomed a baby girl in March 2012 named Evangelina Pilar. She blogs about pregnancy, newborn life, and fitness over at Mi Todo (My Everything)


Just five words  {She lives in HawaiiI, HAWAII}! just for this reason you should check out her blog, plus she has an adorable newborn baby girl and also she is very nice. Please stop by her blog to show some womanly support :)

16 May 2012

Wednesday Italian Word: In Piscina

today we went in piscina {to the swimming pool}

Source: merolamoya.com via TOI on Pinterest

we {AOI and I} were supposed to meet some friends in piscina, but they didn’t show up. when we got there and i didn’t see them a part of me wanted to come back home, however i took the courage to stay there by myself with my sweet daughter.

the last time we went to the pool was more than a month ago. we walked in the water for circa fifty minutes. AOI was laughing, she loves water. it was a lovely early afternoon workout for me.


do you have any word in English you would like to learn in Italian?

just leave a comment below :)

15 May 2012

Trendy/Trashy?: The Sheer Bodysuit

We know celebrity are allowed to shock us. but how far are they allowed to go to shock us?

Few years ago and currently some celebrity teamed up to shock us during public appearances by wear sheer bodysuit. gaga-sheernicki-minaj-sheer which ‘leave’ everything to the imagination.

What do you think when celebrity dress like this: trendy or trashy?

10 May 2012

The Mommy Diaries: How I’m Surviving Parenting without Killing Anyone [a book review]

What Dallas Louis suggests to future and new mothers in her new book "RUN! LOCK THE DOOR AND RUN!

Though she is the oldest of three sisters and always wanted to have children, now that she is mother of three, all within 26 months, she says "When you have children of your own, there isn't anyone to tag-team with. You are it. Always." As most of you may agree with her "...that thought didn't really occur... until much too late to do anything about it..."

You may ask your what a mother is she? After having three children within 26 months, Dallas Louis’ life has been a non-stop circus. From nearly getting kicked out of Disney World after her youngest tackled Cinderella, to being on a first name basis with her family orthopedic surgeon, Louis’ children and home life are a constant source of material – enough to fill her new book, The Mommy Diaries: How I’m Surviving Parenting without Killing Anyone (May 2012). image001

It was fun reading this ebook because it reminded me that “Parenthood is an intense roller coaster filled with constant chaos, the pitter-patter of adorable, yet never-ceasing little feet, broken dishes, and emotional ups and downs - from the kids and the parents! And all this in addition to the regular duties, chores, and responsibilities of a normal American household,”and “Sometimes laughter is needed to survive the more challenging days!”

Louis also shares her parenting lessons with a generous dose of humor. Through it all, she also shares her source of strength and the means by which she not only perseveres through her day, but also finds the joy amidst the chaos: God.

Though Louis’ account on the trial and tribulations of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world is not new, it felt good to be reminded that sometimes laughter and prayers are needed to carry on this beautiful work known as motherhood.

9 May 2012

Wednesday Italian Word: Primavera

I am back from our European holidays.

the beauty of returning from a holiday is that i am back to my own place, a little bit of tranquillity and a routine.

the bad side is that i have to unpack and it takes so long to do that because i have three bags to unpack and many garments to wash. i’ve washed AOI’s things, now i have to wash ours. plus i have to go food shopping.

however the weather was so nice that, yesterday I went for a long walk and my city is looking good because primavera, is in the air. P5082523 the dead grass i remember is now a bright green colour.

the weather is getting warmer and it was a lovely walk. i hope i can walk more often to lose the birth weight and the added holiday weight.

the italian word of the day is PRIMAVERA, spring.

3 May 2012

Mimi: She Rocks

I’m a champion of the half full glass, and I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb loving life, people, beautiful places and fine things. In my early twenties I indulged myself in all of the above. I took time out to learn about myself, enjoy my friends, travel and treat myself to my heart’s desire.

I was 26 when I had my first child, and I somehow believed that my old life would calmly retreat and allow my new life as a doting mother and wife to emerge. I threw myself into my roles as a working mother and wife and thrived for only a short time before I began to feel that I was slowly being choked of life. I was living a sham. I stopped talking to my friends, I didn’t go out, and my life was my husband and son. It took me a while to realize that I had forgotten about me and as a result I slowly started to slip into a dark place.

See. I never dreamed of motherhood. I saw myself living in New York being a career woman who wore Louboutins, shopped at Barneys and travelled to the most exotic of places and then I met my husband and things changed. I wanted the family life, I wanted the picket fence and when it happened I felt like a part of me died.

Over the years I have learned that I am an integral part of the equation. If they need me at my best, then it is important that I take time for me.

No it’s not always easy, and it helps that I have a supportive husband, but there are times when I have to put my foot down and take a stand for things that involve me. I refuse to get lost in the shuffle. Before I was a mother and wife I was this lively person and it took an epiphany for me to realize that I could still be that person and a great mom, and a great wife, and a great friend and an entrepreneur and a wine drinker, and a carpool driver and a homework checker and……you get the idea!

If you find yourself in the rut of being a mother or wife or that everything to everybody take out the time. Carve out alone time. If you’re married and your spouse isn’t on board, get them on board. If their well being isn’t an option neither is yours. I really want women to be more empowered over the things that concern them and stop letting others dictate if and when they can care for themselves, where, when and how they can go and how long they can stay when they get there. People can only do what you allow. In my house certain things are not up for discussion. Now that we are over the learning curve all of us have benefited greatly from the adjustments.

Thrifting, social media, reality television, and hanging with the girls are my vices. What are yours? Even if it’s only for an hour a week, I urge you to make time for those seemingly small things. The reality is they make a huge difference. Trust me. I know.


mimiphoto Mimi is a wife, a SAHM, an entrepreneur, a God Lover, a fashion and beauty fanatic, lover of everything fab and chic. She burns cupcakes and remix recipes. She is best at what she does.

and she blogs about all the above at Lipgloss and  Binky

you can also contact her at mimi @ lipglossandbinky.com


2 May 2012

Wednesday Italian Word: a gattoni


{5months 6days}

AOI is trying to crawl.

in italian we say “AOI sta provando ad andare a gattoni.”

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