29 Aug 2012

right now…

we are in toronto, on, catoronto

we are visiting family and friends.

we went to see R, my friend’s little boy.

he is doing well, but prayers are always welcome for the young family.

he is staying at the Ronald McDonald house, a place for sickkids who need to live out of the hospital but close enough to the hospital for quick treatments and check ups

i read this memoir bloombooki am glad i did because i got to know the kelle hampton offline with all her flaws and passion for life and her daughter and beers. it is such a poetic memoir with beautiful images and language. such an inspiring read.

i am enjoying the last few days of hubby’s work-free mind, carrying AOI everywhere, enjoying being a daddy daddycarrysuch a lucky little baby – she makes me miss my baby/childhood, when i was carried everywhere too Smile!

i am loving our young family of threefamilyofthree

we am feeling blessed beyond measure because we have a new baby nephew, AOI has a new cousin who is 9months 10days younger than her

and to conclude i am thinking about this quotewhatdoesntkill

enjoy the rest of your week.

18 Aug 2012

9 Months–Standing Up

dear my dearest, sweetest daughter,
you are nine months old today. hurray! finally, i’ve given up on wishing time could stop. i don’t mind watching you grow so fast, because with each passing day my love for you multiplies and i want you to reach the next milestone. you reach your milestones effortlessly.
twelve days  ago you stood up without holding yourself for support. i was stun because it felt like you didn’t even know you were doing it, but when you realised you weren’t holding up to something you sat down. standingbut today you showed us that you mean business with you standing without support. you stood up longer and even took a step. you reach for my hand when you want to walk for longer time or don’t want to sit. it is so cute to have your little fingers wrap around my finger. another thing i like is you wrapping your arms around my legs when i am cooking or washing the dishes, you become my third leg in those moments – so cute!
you are very friendly  and affectionate with  people – you like giving kisses. last week a little boy didn’t like your demonstration of affection but it was just him being a stuck up boy. i can’t wait to start taking you to the playgroup in September to meet new nice people.
i LOVE watching you watch the Wonder Pets, your favourite pets. you dance to their music. you really love any kind of music. ABC song is still one of your favourite songs.
you like going out of the house for walks. last week we went for one/two hours walk, two days in a roll. the third day i couldn’t feel my muscle, i had to take a nap myself.
you are a little girl with passion for adventure. these days you are exploring, forcing me to work more in the kitchen. you like unloading the dishwasher or crawl/stand with a kitchen cloth in your hand cleaning the cupboards or fridge. sometimes you even climb the dishwasher. you are such a mover.
you have three teeth in total, two at the bottom, one at the top and another one coming on the top. you make me laugh so much, you look like an old toothless woman when you smile/laugh. you have such a great sense of humour. yesterday you were laughing so much when we imitated the air noise you make with your nose. it was hilarious to laugh together with you. you are truly a joy.
you are doing well with your sleeping pattern. you normally go to bed between 8:30/9:00pm. you wake up one time in the night, then sleeps again until 7-8:00am. after your breakfast and a quick crawl around the living area you take a nap. you are not sleeping in the afternoon, but you nap if we go a long walk.
i made some homemade apple juice/sauce and you love it. that’s the new thing you tried during your eighth month of age. last weekend we went to our friend’s house to pick apples.apples since monday i’ve been busy making apple sauce, apple/chocolate pie (i called that pie muddy apple pie). you love what i managed to get out of those apples. you even tried some of the pie pastry, it’s like biscuit.
you also tried cream cheese, past (pureed), full fat greek yogurt and dry apricot. we eat at the take with you. i prepare your meal at the same time as us, we want to get into the habit of family eating together. you are enjoying most of what we eat, but i am not giving you anything with lot of salt of sugar, it is not good for your delicate metabolism.
and one more thing, yesterday we went out for dinner as a family of three. we’ve been out for lunch but never in the evening. once we got home we watched Babies a documentary about four children from four different corners of the world sharing their first year in front of the camera. it is such a cute documentary. i should start making your first year album, but i have so many pictures i don’t know how to be selective.
i better go sleep. i love you UN MONDO!!! all my heart
Mummy TOI!
p.s: you are enjoying using your toothbrush Smile

16 Aug 2012

Marlow and the Monster

Marlow and the Monster  is the ongoing story of Marlow and his unwanted guest, the 'funny' Monster.

This monster thinks it is scary but really it is funny little colourful thing. Every night it crawls into Marlow's room and often has him in trouble with his parents who don't believe him about the existence of this monster. One night Marlow tries to give the Monster to little sister, Sarah. Is it Sarah who finally figures out that the Monster is really charming and friendly.
This is the new release by the author/ illustrator Sharon Cramer.

When I was little I was scared of the dark but never believed in monsters. I wanted to read this book to my my daughter, but she is too little to participate. Plus i was reading in the kindle so she couldn't turn the pages as she likes to do, so I read it while she was moving about in the room. I finish reading the story in ten minutes flat. I was not convinced, because my skeptic grown up mind was in motion. So I slept on it and read it again this morning trying to bring my inner child into the reading.

It was funny. It is a book which encourages children to recognize the funny side of monsters. Marlow's monster is colourful and likes to play dress up with Marlow's little sister, so really when it says "I'm SCARY! I'm SOOOOooo SCARY!" it just wishes it's scary enough to prevent Marlow's sleep. I believe it is just annoying.

In the end I even got the concept behind the artwork. The author/illustrator might have decided on the quill pen and ink, black and white for Marlow and his surrounding, leaving just the splash of colour for the Monster it's visible only to the children and it is funny monster full of brightness.
 no scary monster can be bright and colourful. in fact I can conclude that the Monster has won over my grown up mind over and I wouldn't mind having such a colourful monster as a friend - only of it's fun like Marlow's.

for a chance to win a couple, comment below and stop by talkingbirdsbooks for more info.

14 Aug 2012

Our Weekend: illness sucks

yesterday the sun was shining over this part of my world, but today is raining!
before i update you will our weekend let's me try to write how last week went.

last week i really wanted to start the week with my weekend update then keep up the good job writing my blog posts regularly, but i couldn't because the world collapsed on me. 

i posted my weekend update with a heavy heart, i wanted to write about it but i couldn't prevent myself from tearing.
last monday i was told that my friend's nearly three years old boy has type B leukemia. i was devastated, numbed and teary. i couldn't imagine R being so ill. i felt the world heavy on my shoulders; i couldn't imagine the pain of his mother, the woman i describe as wonderful, ready to help me organize party for hubby and pack our suitcases for this move.in the short time i've known her we connect so easily. how did she take it. R so cute, polite and has a smile for everyone. he is full of life, adventurous for such a young age.

monday afternoon we went to the hospital, and i was crying my eyes off with his mother, asking myself why it has to happen to R. it was so painful i couldn't do anything but pray, to be positive and tried to encourage my friend. Later we went to his room to see him. he was over himself when he saw AOI and I walking in and it lifted my heart. i was happy because he was his usual self, he wouldn't let any illness push him down - that's the attitude of a winner! he could walk in his hospital room but he has to wear a mask to go out. throughout the week we went to the hospital to visit, to be there for the young family, to show them how much we care and have them in out thoughts, just to be there!

last friday he and his parents flew in a ambulance plane to Toronto for a quicker treatment. his treatment started on Saturday, and they are talking about three years treatment. R will turn three at the end of the month, so i pray he will have a nice birthday and not feel too bad. 

So that was our last week.
this past Saturday we finished unpacking everything in the kitchen. during the week I went to buy new clothes for myself, two recipe books and new shoes and onesies for AOI. i wore something nice to lift my mood. Sunday we went to church. After church we went to a fair in our city. Hubby is building his shed very fast.
he put up all the four walls and he started working on the roof.

To get my mind off things and stay in a positive mood i am watching Being Erica, a Canadian sitcom set in Toronto. It is too funny.
But throughout the day and week i have R in my mind and a positive healing thought always on his way. i pray the treatment goes through well, fast and painless as possible. i want to see him out of a hospital room asap. please say a little prayer for R.

it is my weekly life update.

may this rain wash away all the pain, i pray this week is bright and happy!

6 Aug 2012

Our Weekend: Settling In

last wednesday we moved into our new house. house1

we woke up early wednesday morning and started moving things to the new place. i worried that the place was not ready because when we saw it there was still work to be done to call it complete renovated house.

we took two loads before i remained in the new house while hubby together with two colleagues made the next many trips to bring our big stuff from the hold house. though it didn’t feel as home, when i was left alone i toured the house and i liked what i saw. i didn’t remember the place being so big, with more rooms than we would ever use – they are all well occupied. AOI has her bedroom, i have my study, hubby has his own study and we have this great bedroom with walk-in closet.

by one o’clock we had everything in our new house. we ordered pizza for lunch we had to sit on our dinning chairs on the deck to eat.

that night i had a distant memory of the paver which lead to the house we wanted to buy. i was glad to have this lovely house over our heads because we found it in such a short time, we count ourselves luck.house2 another thing i like about this place is the fact that our landlords are really into property development. i hope when we buy our future house he can be nice to tell us where to get good deals for materials to make it nice.

i was also day dreaming about my mother’s house in Ghana. i saw this install it direct pave stones and i wondered if her house is going to look something cool as the house on the website. the pavers are nicely done and look expensive. i promised to ‘creatively’ help her decorate the interior, and landscape the exterior. she told me she would love if the help a financial help. i pray i can help both ways. she is such a hard working lady and she deserves a lovely house.

well, our weekend considered mainly of me watching the Olympics, trying to make this house feel like home, AOI crawling about and hubby starting a shed project. AOIcrawls

AOI likes the house but it is not carpeted so she slips easily, that worries me. she has banged her head couple of times nothing serious but i am going to look for something which will help her crawl around the place without too much accidents. 

hope your weekend was eventful unlike mine.

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