29 Sep 2012

She Rocks ‘n’ Rules

My indulgence: Marie Claire October 2012 The Big Beauty Issue
so, some of you know that i challenged myself not to buy magazines from the moment i moved to Canada 2011. Well, this month i couldn’t resist paying for a magazine – well if i must confess… last year i couldn’t resist buying few magazines, just two or three promise, but Angelina Jolie was on of the cover (who can resist her?).
so, last night whilst hubby sang and consoled our sleepy little girl to sleep, i crossed my legs on our bed and indulged myself with my own issue of Marie Clair.

marieclaire2012i felt like, as Bryan Adams sings, i’ve died and gone to heaven.
As always, what a great issue! Full of poignant stories, beautiful fashion and inspirational beauty/style tips.
I bought the magazine mainly because i love Gwen Stefani, tom-boy with a kick-ass female attitude and love angel music and baby is always numero one in my heart. So her picture on the cover, deep brown eyes, her blonde-blonde-blonde hair raised into a rough rolled up ponytail and her chic bad-girl outfit, who can resist that?

Anyway, the interview is a great read.

First thing she’ll be 43 next month and she looks 12 years younger. What makes me like her even more is this statement

“I was definitely swimming upstream,” she says “trying to balance everything that’s been going on with having kids and a family. There’s no way to do all these things.”… “Every day I fail at something,” she laments “Every day someone is suffering because I’m doing all these things.”… So she’s downsized a little. (the journalist points out.)
who can't relate to those words. I believe as women we love to multitask, we all strive to be good in everything, every day and when we fail at something we push ourselves too low. In my opinion, just like Stefani does, streamlining, putting things into perspective and focusing on the important things in our lives, can help us achieve our goals.
Another part of the magazine i enjoyed reading is the article in the Beauty section titled "Portion Control". Initially I was sceptical about it because in my youth days some magazines have promoted unhealthy dieting and i am SCARED of dieting but knowing Marie Claire is a mag with integrity I approached the article.
I am glad I did.
OMG, if just like me you are struggling to get back to your pre-baby body then please have a peek at this article. It's one of the best articles on healthy living I've read in years!

Few excerpts:
  • "your old techniques don't work anymore," says Heather Bauer, a New York City-based registered dietician and co-author of Bread Is the Devil. "You can't binge and starve your way to a healthy weight." Research suggests that even exercise can't counteract the evils of age-related weight gain.
    • Experts say those growth hormones also prevent glucose absorption in fat cells, and when there is a deficiency, it's hard to lose weight. On top of that, pregnancy and breast-feeding mean many women temporarily increase their nutritional intake, and stress- family life- can cause overrating and trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone that signals to the body to store fat around the midsection.

My worries are explained! Alleluia for this issue. The article explores how each age can moderate their lifestyle to be healthy and look good.
I am in the infancy of my 30s, I need to streamline my lifestyle again; eating healthy food (carbs 30%, fat 35%, protein 35%) and doing exercises in moderation. Getting rid of my 20s clothing and enjoy the 30s in full.

Yes, I can do this!

hope this issue inspires you as much as it’s inspired me to a healthy me again.

27 Sep 2012

Published Author

i am sooooo EXCITED to announce that I am a published author!!!musingsonmothering

image via edited by me

some of my poems and photographs are featured in Musings on Mothering, an anthology which celebrates motherhood/parenthood!

there are so many empowering, uplifting and soulful artworks, prose and poems by mothers and fathers featured in this anthology which i believe will become a classic, because as long as there are mothers in the world we all need words of empowerment.

the writing is accessible and relatable. 

i love Motherhood a poem which tells the story of a new mother, the fears of the initial role and the falling in love with this role called motherhood.

you van listen and view some of the work in this promotional clip.

NOT BECAUSE i am featured in this book but i believe it is a book to keep on your library shelf as you walk through this journey called motherhood/parenthood.

 like it on Facebook

Twitter it

and you can pre-order at discounted price of £10.99 through this store {THE OFFER ENDS TODAY} but please contact me more details on late purchase with pre-order price.

hurray to motherhood/parenthood!!!

watch out the space for more updates and surprises Open-mouthed smile!

26 Sep 2012

In Touch is Out[of]Touch

really, really, what the heck!!!
come on you people at In Touch, be considerate of human emotions sometimes. i know that as a weekly mag you LOVE to rip people celebrities emotions apart but really? do you have to go as far as ripping a child’s emotions and privacy?
what does she got to do with her parents’ busy lifestyle to be constantly on your cover?Suri-Cruise
to make my point clear i’ve used the InTouch cover but personally edited the image to try to protect her, at least on my personal blog!
i believe she is the most paparazzi-ed child in Holllywood.
if i was kate holmes’ publicist i would surely sue In Touch for invading my daughter’s privacy by using her image on its cover and having those titles underneath.
please try to be In Touch if not change the mag to Out[of]Touch!

24 Sep 2012

Our Weekend

do you ever feel like you have so much to write but as soon as your computer screen pops open words evade you?
well, i am feeling like that right now. so i have to be quick and get down as much i can.
our weekend
  • we got back from Niagara Falls Friday night
  • Saturday we went to our friend’s house for Ethiopian lunch. hubby and I love Ethiopian cuisine and for the first time AOI tried. she loved the food and wanted us to be quick in feeding her the injera and veggies.  a couple whose three years old boy doesn’t eat much were impressed about her appetite.
“O come and learn from AOI” they called their boy who was busy playing outside, on the balcony.
  • Sunday, we went to church and after that we went to a writer’s event in our city.
One of our local writers’ book, which won the 2002 Man Booker Prize and is a best-selling fantasy novel, is now turned into an international movie. A friend and I went to listen to him and another well known writer discuss seeing their writing put into a 3D motion movie and TV series.
so the writer is going to the premier this week. during the discussion he mentioned that would be the first time he’ll see the movie in its entirety and also the screenwriters interpreted his novel and didn’t translate page to screen. the way we view a film is different from the way we read a novel. 
So I am impressed about the trailer. I started reading the book back in 2010 when we were getting ready to move here, well i am so impressed about the film that i must finish the novel before the movie hits the theatres.
well, it makes me feel good to know that a person I am acquaintance with has achieved something great.
how was your weekend?
to a bright week.

22 Sep 2012

Niagara Falls

Oh, it feels good to be back to our own bedrooms and beds!
It was nice to be in Niagara but this time i missed the comfort of our marital bed. Sharing a double bed with a baby when we're used to queen size is not fun. It becomes an adventure when the baby in question kicks off the covers while the room is very cold. I had to tell her to stop, sometimes she complained but most of the time she listened.
Well, how was Niagara Falls?
We got there Sunday evening around half past seven. Hubby and his colleague, R’s dad went to register for the conference and had something to drink, courtesy of the conference organisers - we missed the meal but had bread and beef sandwich.
The first night we got we didn’t have a good vibe for the place. What is all about the spooky attraction? I mean somebody said the place is better than the American side. But all i could see were spooky fun fair attractions. Maybe it could be the perfect place for eleven year old children but not for me. All the night lights reminded me of a tacky Vegas replica. P9195972No-way that wasn't for me.

The following morning brought me different eyes to view the location. Ten years ago I was standing over the American side taking pictures of the same spot I was standing on Monday morning. My sister came to see me and then-boyfriend-now-hubby (that was the first time she was meeting him after she told him she would kill him if he treated me bad, he is still treating me good due to that warning). We had a meal but i've always wondered how the Canadian side is.
Well, though the Falls are spectacular,fall2falls1
i wasn’t missing much because the town is tacky as hell. Okay, there are nice fall-view restaurants and more beautiful hotels but nothing that one cannot live without visiting.sheratonhotelfallview

Monday evening AOI and I took the chance to go visit my sister in Mississauga when R's dad drove back to Toronto because Tuesday morning R had to start the second stage of chemo (8-12 weeks long).
We got back Tuesday evening.
Wednesday hubby took the day off to spend time with us. We walked  by the Falls and took many pictures. In the evening we drove Niagara-on-the-Lake. That's one of the hidden gems of Canadian municipalities!

18 Sep 2012

10 Months: Is Forever Enough… (Walking)?

Dear AOI, my sweet Berry, my little cotton  – your baby face is round and soft you remind me of a ball of cotton. Happy 10th month my dearest daughter.
This is how it works. today you turned ten months calculating from the day you were born but all the updates here are from the day after you turned nine months.
from 22-08 until 01-09 we were on holiday in Ontario. you are a good company for traveling. you don’t complain too much. in fact i think you like the hustle and bustle of people at the airport.
6-09= we went to a doctor’s measurement appointment. you are still on track with your development. You weighed 7.87kilos and 75cm tall (17.35 lbs and 29.5 inches). he said you’re developing very well. i can tell myself.
right now my heart is twirling in its place. i REALLY can’t believe you are already 10 months, oh my my! last month I said I didn’t mind seeing you grow, well I am taking back my words. I do mind a lot. It breaks my heart to see how fast you are growing out of your babyhood. Maybe I am feeling like I need a time out to savour your infanthood because you are walking like you mean business – in fact you mean business.
you took your ever first step just before you turned 9 months and another step weeks after when were in Port Perry, and you took two steps when you were at aunt Y’s house. Since Sunday 9th August you are walking no doubt. I wasn’t sure if that was really walking but you took more than five steps and every time you fell down you stood up to walk again. You are still wobbly on your feet but you are getting there. For instance yesterday you were walking and walking. You turned yourself without falling. It seems like when you come to your aunt Y’s house you become bold.
i was watching some videos of your wobbly crawling days, four months ago, how strange few minutes make a big difference when you’re a baby. i miss your early days of crawling, and i know i will miss these early stages of walking. i am film you as much as i can.
oh gosh, you are stubborn sometimes. each month i can see that more and more. if you are upset and i want to entertain you with something, for example a book you will take the book and throw it away. i mean, which baby does that? you remind me of myself a little because i can be stubborn and can throw tantrums.
also, just like me, you LOVE books. AOIreadsAOIreads1
it is so cute to watch you browse through a book. you normally turn and flip throw the pages as if you are looking for that important line you love so much! but really the book is just a guidebook. really, you like everything book-like.
you also love water – even a cold swimming pool will do, you love playing with other children and i believe you will be a great big sister one day. i am slowly feeling like i can do this all over again, but i want to celebrate your first birthday before we start from square 2.
the most hilarious scene is you and the vacuum cleaner. you can’t see eye to eye with that thing. when i vacuum the house, if you are awake, you scream and wave your arms in the air. or hide behind my legs and peek at the vacuum. i can’t resist laughing.
your favourite hobbies are touching everything your see around the house. opening the cupboards and drawers. unloading the books from the shelves in my studio and your bedroom. getting off the bed – you can get off by holding on tight to the sheets and rotating yourself legs first. one day I woke up early so after i fed you i left you next to sleepy daddy and went downstairs? after awhile I hear the worried voice of daddy “T did you left her off the bed?”
“No, she was sleeping when i left the room. Did you hear fall?”
“No, i just woke up and found her standing there by the bed, playing with that paper.”
“Oh, maybe she managed to get off, because she’d be crying if she fell.” you were oblivious to our concerns. you kept on playing and giving us your four teeth shining grin. Oh, i love your grin. a pure delight and it lights my fire and i love you soo much.
we are listening to music more often thanks songza. music makes my romantic side shine through the fortress of adult life. it kind of takes me to the days of my pregnancy with you. we listen to lullabies and i dedicate the most beautiful songs to you. one of the songs i like is Lullaby by Dan Wilson. Oh, it’s so sweet

They didn’t have you where I come from
Never knew the best was yet to come
Life began when I saw your face
And I hear your laugh like a serenade

How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough, is forever enough
How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough, ‘cause I’m never never
Givin’ you up
I slip in bed when you’re asleep
To hold you close and feel your breath on me
Tomorrow there’ll be so much to do
So tonight I’ll drift in a dream with you

Repeat Chorus
As you wander through this troubled world
In search of all things beautiful
You can close your eyes when you’re miles away
And hear my voice like a serenade

Repeat Chorus x2

Isn’t the song beautiful? the words are so true to my heart for you.
i love watching you sleep. AOIsleepyin my arms, on our bed, in your crib… you look angelic and i pray i am in your dreams too because i am sure it’s like being in heaven.
during your ninth month we travelled to Ontario for a week, visiting R and his parents. i have the cutest video of you and him together. he is doing well and we’ve always been lucky to find him in his jovial moments.
you still have four teeth but they seem stronger, i mean you can eat nearly everything. you eat pretty  much whenever daddy and i eat, but i tend to mash or puree yours. we did an allergy test on the 10th and you tested positive in egg, and there is a trace that you might be allergic to peanut butter, but you’ve eaten peanut coated snack and nothing happened. also while were in Mississauga your aunt Y prepared peanut butter soup which you enjoyed eating but nothing happened to you. i am not going to give you peanut butter if is not cooked.
13-09= you started the playgroup and though you’re one of the youngest, you are proving to be a tough little girl. when the children want to play with something you have in hand and you don’t want to give it back you dodge it from them. but sometimes you are the one taking things out of other children’s hands and i have to intervene. i tell you “you can’t grab things from people’s hands. you can take another thing to play with.” to which observation you stop, look at me and turn your attention to a difference toy. i fancy believe that you really listen to me. i don’t like it when you hit people! i don’t know if you think is a game or you mean it or is just a baby thing, but i hope you stop because i don’t know where you learned that from. when you are hitting i stop you and tell you to be gentle and to stroke, as in caress.
we still go for our walks, i enjoy them and you do enjoy them too because you fall asleep thirty minutes into the walk. i take different spots where i stop to write, read or self reflect. in the meantime you to sleep enjoying the breeze on your face, what a win win situation.
we are back in Ontario, daddy has a conference in Niagara Falls so we were lucky to tag along. We came to visit aunt Y, initially you were shy to go to her but by the time we finished dinner you two were the best of buddies.
i wish i could bottle all these precious moments to be able to re-live them when i want. the only possible way is to write, take picture, hold you and listen to music together with you. mummyloveyou
i love you soooo much. you’re my smile and sunshine.
loves, mummy

Our Weekend: Antique Shopping

hello Tuesday and my lovelies,
another week here, eh? well, friday evening we went to a party in a lovely apartment overlooking the river. bare windows, open hard wooden flooring. minimalist decor. i wanted so bad to snap some pictures but i couldn’t bring myself to do so because, well i didn’t want to look like a villager. but inside my village-non-cool girl was kicking the non-village-cool girl.
well, i left hubby at the party to go put AOI to bed, we are trying our best with some sort of bed time routine.
in the name of old days, hubby and some friends went for drinks after the party. but in the name of new days the following day he had hangover, the older you get the less your body can stand alcohol. he was in bed most of Saturday morning.
AOI and I went for a long walk, on our way back we saw a backyard sale. i went home and got the car and hubby. we went to purchase these itemsantique1antique2antique3
i want to revamp them and use them for my home decor. will show you once everything is done.
on our way home i drove on a bumpy road, that didn’t help hubby’s delicate state, so he had to walk. by the evening he was beginning to feel well.
Sunday we flew to Toronto, hubby has a conference in Niagara Falls. westjetwe are lucky to be able to visit the falls from the Canadian boarder. we viewed it more than ten years ago from the American side.
well, i will update you on the trip when we get back, in the meantime enjoy the rest of the week.
Ciao, ciao
p.s: how was your weekend? anything nice?

14 Sep 2012

I the Sonnambula

3am her little dolphin cries wakes me up. i breastfed her tiny sleepy angelic body, changed her wet diaper, rocked her back to sleep. so what does this mother do when sleep doesn’t want to be her friend at 4am?

she slips out of bed, enters her studio, writes a quick note to her daughter and reflect about the lack of sleep. does some editing of her novel, reads some blogs until sleep comes knocking, begging her to come play the golden dreams game.

unless her daughter calls her again at 6am she is off to slip back into bed next to her hubby’s warm body to have sogni d’oro!


update at 11am

so i went to the warm embrace of hubby, but in the end i turned and twirled while sleep teased me with images of Sofia Loren and Antonio Mastroianni running bare feet in a sandy beach of a vintage Italia.

it felt good when my body would feel the heaviness of sleep and images of Marilyn Monroe’s mask moved into darkness but the sign of early morning breaking through the darkness in our room made me fight away sleep. the light welcomed me to wake up and go bring our daughter for a warm cuddle. as if she could feel my struggle to fight away sleep she woke up and called me with her cries that sound like gentle throat clearing.

Now she is having her mid-morning nap and thoughts are flooding me. I believe the more I get out my mummy mind the more the thoughts keep flushing over me. well I am switching to mummy mind because this scene is what I have to drink in and marvel.AOIsleepy

oh, who doesn't want to be a baby again. mummy i really mean it when i say i love you though I don’t have cute pictures of me sleeping!

13 Sep 2012

Ehhh! How Many Blogs Do I Follow?

Today after the playgroup, which was a success, AOI went to bed for a long nap – she was so tired for playing two hours straight.

While she slept I browsed my blog reading list from the dashboad of blogger. Apparently I am following more than 400 blogs, but really I am reading about 1/4 of that. So I took the challenge to visit all the blogs starting from Z up. Many of those blogs are not updating. Some have changed their domain, others have close ‘divorced’ from blogging, others are crazy about the giveaway/reviews. some others don’t use blogger any longer. But importantly some are hidden gems in the rough.

So I unfollowed as many I can. I want to build a good relationship with some bloggers and i still remember the reason I started this blog in the first – to get feedback on my thoughts and I don’t want fake followers.

I want people who want to share their opinions. I believe I followed many of the blogs because initially they were on the blogsphere to share experiences but then they got caught in the giveaway/review games.

Sincerely I don’t want my dashboard reading list to be full of junk – ehey, some giveaways are awesome but it would be nice to real life experiences from them blogs because due to the junk blog entries sometimes I don’t see the updates of my favourite blogs.

But that’s going to change. I am going back to basis, ELIMINATE the junkie blogs and get to know the good old real bloggers. the ones that inspire me and are here to share and make good real relationship.

12 Sep 2012

The River Bench

i took a walk to the river, this was my third time.

on our way to the river i saw a woman walking her cat. yes, a cat on a strap, wish i had my camera with me. 

when i walk the flow of blood into my mental cells force me into a blissful self reflection and deep thinking, which i adore. my thoughts twirl fast and i which i can talk into a tape recorder.

so, i walked pushing my baby in her stroller and while the bump bump bump on the pebble sandy trail rocked her to sleep, i listened as the wind lured the trees to shed their leafs in front of my eyes. my mind searched for words to describe the sensation this time of the year awakes within me.  this time i drove up and down the city with my first protruding belly purchasing the last few things before my baby arrives.

today i sat on the same bench i sat on nearly a year ago while hubby took the first pictures of my 30weeks pregnant belly.foto2 today typed my thoughts. it’s impossible to believe a year is nearly here. the weather was so different from last year’s, it was warm. i was wearing a blue dress and trainers after our swim in the local pool. we weren’t living close to the river as we are now. we had to drive but now we walk. today i wore a jacket because autumn is so real. AOI was wrapped up warm in a shawl, sleeping. the wind gently stroking her warm cheeks, it felt good.

foto3this is the same stop hubby comes to fish, while i sit contemplating about our blessings and life in general.

as long as i can remember every where i’ve lived i’ve always found a little corner where i call my private self reflection spot. in italy was on the stairs of some offices. in london was on the bench in one of our local parks. now, i believe on the river bench is where i will always come to sit to ponder about life.

today the wind was luring the trees to become leafless but in few months the snow like a rich lady with her white fluffy fur will come to comfort these leafless trees. then spring will come again to bloom their leafs into gorgeous green.foto1

but until  then, oh my, this mummy here has to start planning her first baby’s birthday party. and every time i want to do some self reflection i will have the river bench on which i can ponder.

p.s: pilates was great. for AOI’s morning nap we listening to lullabies, for afternoon nap classical and in the evening we listened to italian oldies  lucio battisti, is so melancholic.

11 Sep 2012

Going Back To Pilates

when i woke up this morning i couldn’t feel my feet. they were heavy as if i was an old lady – well i am truly getting old, too much grey hair. so much that i had to use mascara to cover the front, but mascara are not made to hide an ageing person.
“what did i do yesterday?” i asked myself as i picked my daughter from her crib. my body felt as if being hit by a truck and i was scare she would fall from my arms. i didn’t feel like doing anything but still i went downstairs to kiss hubby goodbye and fetch breakfast for AOI and myself.
slowly my energy level returned but still i wasn’t in the mood to do much so i played music. then i remembered. yesterday i was dancing to songs your kid should grow up. the last time i danced like yesterday was some months ago when my daughter was itty bitty and would look at me bemused but surely unsure of this woman crazy dancing moves. yesterday she was laughing and shaking her body to the music.
it felt good to move again, because i am feeling bad about my body image and after i dance my mood lifts up. but i am feeling low because i am heavier than two weeks post-partum and that’s not a good thing. i can’t believe how much i am letting myself go with the lack of eating in moderation and opting for healthy food choices. really i need to tone the muffin that forms after i close my jeans, i can’t afford replacing all my old jean
so today i made a phone call. initially i wasn’t going to because i phoned last week and they didn’t return my call. but, today whilst tiding up the house i saw their phone number again. i composed it there and then before i could change my mind. thanks to that call, tomorrow if hubby comes in time from work, i am starting Pilates again.

i am so happy because i love Pilates, more than yoga. i work on my core without feeling the pain and i tend to tone my stomach easily, and strengthen my lower back, which i really need to as my daughter grows and i lift her up.
today  for mid-morning nap AOI listened to lullabies, the mid-afternoon we listened to children music that grown ups like.  we are listening to music often because hubby has a new app on his ipad. apparently the ipad is for work but he is so kind to leave at home so AOI and I can entertain ourselves.
songza anyone? yes, songza is the new app. i am talking about. which gives you the possibility to listen to any kind of music. late afternoon nap AOI listened to sleeping classical. we she got up i danced to club/dance music. if you like music and want to listen to everything then download songza from App Store, it’s free!
anyway, all this verbal diarrhoea  to say that i am slowly working on my fitness and stamina.
how do you keep you fit?

Our Weekend

i can’t believe monday was already here and gone. i mean where did last monday go?
i’ve being busy doing many things i can’t even remember, but one thing i’ve done and i proud of was signing AOI to one of our local popular indoor playgroups. i went there to register last thursday, all coolly dressed up, praying my hair didn’t smell like fried chips, our evening meal. everyone was so dressed up. even the kids and AOI was wearing no shoes. it was as if returning back to school after the summer holidays and you wanted to impress your classmates, but your outfit is worn inside out.
well, i managed to get ‘us’ into one of the small groups. i can’t wait go on thursday morning 9:30am. both AOI and i have to wear something nice, we want to make friends for possible future play dates and not wearing shoes won’t put us in the good, presentable mother/daughter team.
friday evening we went to a BBQ. we were sitting by the table eat when hubby’s work colleagues little girl, L, came to ask for some bread and butter to eat next to us. After she ate everything, referring to AOI, she said “I think she is happy with her little hand.”
“Yes, she is.” i smiled at her. i was so touched by how cleverness
after more observation about how AOI can clap but not like the way L claps, she asked “can i touch her hand?” AOI was smiling and wanted to play with L. “I think she likes me.” L hugged and kissed AOI. How sweet to have such a lovely little girl as a friend.
well, the end of the day is already here and i have being composing words in mind but nothing want to come out.  saturday we wanted to go to the swimming pool but on the way there AOI fell asleep so we stopped at the library. i got books to improve my photographic skills, i want to take great pictures. i want to capture better memories for my family. i will only keep and share the good ones.zucchinicake i baked zucchini chocolate muffin/cake, thanks to our garden we have so many zucchini that i have to creative. zucchini recipe anyone?
also this weekend i read more. i want to improve my writing: language, grammar and punctuation. english is not my first language therefore i am always paranoid about little things. i read some blogs which i would like to emulate the flow of words the authors use to express themselves. sometimes words form together in my mind like thick fluffy clouds without form, i wan to be able to turn them into stories like my eyes do when they look up into the clouds above.
have you ever done that before. sometimes i can see mona lisa in some clouds, or a sheep in a green field or some random paintings.
i organised all the books in the new bookcases we purchase on kijiji (sort of Craiglist), $30 for two cases, not bad eh?
after we picked up the cases we went to the university to print work articles for hubby. whilst there i stood in the sun, my daughter sitting on my arm, curled into my hip. i soaked up the few last warm rays which returned full force this weekend. i love the beginning of autumn when the leafs turn into gold and burgundy but there is time for that so for now i want to enjoy each ray in the sky. distanceAOI took some steps on the grass, i guess it’s less harsh on her delicate feet. she is learning to love the grass but i believe next year will be the time for her to giggle, running down a green field and my camera will be ready to capture beautiful, memorable life.
so our weekend was hectic.
how was yours?

8 Sep 2012

Ontario Summer 2012: Port Perry/Toronto pt. 2

on 23th August we rented a car and drove to Port Perry… one of our married friends and their kids were visiting family over there, so they invited us to stay. we didn’t want to sleep over because it was going to be hassle to wake up early in the morning to beat traffic. we decided to enjoy the day with them, have dinner and then live.

their house sits on the hill overlooking the man-made lake.

lakeviewhubby went sailingsailingboati went canoeingsolocanoeingjust after lunch T, our friends’three years old brought me this lovely bunch of flowers collected from his grandparents gardenflowers

AOI had a lovely time, catching up with her little friends A and T. she also enjoyed being dipped into the lake and then she stood all excited in the turned to into a mini pool hot tub.babybuds i took the chance to kiss her soft cheeks, to cuddle and tickle her tiny infant body. i tickled her so that i could hear her belly laughs which echoes distinct in the distance.sunsetjoywe witnessed this breath-taking sunset. i felt blessed to be there with my beloved husband and daughter.perrysunset the next two days we decided to chill and hang around with family. Saturday we went cloth shopping. hubby didn’t buy anything but i bought Tommy Hilfiger shirt and pair of socks for AOI. Sunday we had BBQ after church. it was all about good food, company and laughter.

Monday were invited to R’s birthday party. He turned 3 on 31-08, but his parents wanted to celebrate on the 27th because his grandparents and granduncle came from Israel to visit him. Plus our friends from Sasky stopped by on their way to the airport. it was such a lovely party. R was tired but he didn’t complain. he was polite throughout the noise. he was so happy when we all sung happy birthday to him. he loved that moment so much that he asked us to sing it couple of times. we happily sung because we could do anything for him to make him feel better and be out of the hospital at once – keep on praying and believing he will be out from there ASAP.

we stayed a little bit longer even after all the guests were gone. we wanted to leave late to be able to beat traffic. also hubby wanted to buy something at Mountain Equipment Coop and i wanted to buy something from everywhere i find something nice. 

these were the reasons that made us stumble upon the theatre district of Toronto downtown.  P8275022P8275025P8275027and the the media ‘zone’P8275031P8275030P8275032we walked all the way back to dundas’s street mall. where i purchase a pair of rose peach skinny jeans and a red top by Zara. i couldn’t resist taking a picture of this this billboard – too funny!torontodundastorontodundas1

28th i was woken up to a lovely news my sister gave birth to her first born WckH. he is so cute and i cannot wait to hug his newborn body and kiss his extra soft cheeks.

29th we stayed in Mississauga area, just ate and read and watched crap tv and Nigerian/Ghanaian movies – ahhh, the bliss of summer holidays!

30th we rented a car to go to Port Credit, just one hour south of Mississauga. we had a passeggiata along  the lake. then we went to visit R and his parents. at Ronald McDonald House Toronto. we had dinner with them in their apartment. while L, my friend, was cooking i was taking pictures of the cuteness of our children. it is heart warming how R is protective and caring towards AOI. he is going to be the best big brother ever – his mother is pregnant with his sibling. after dinner we took a quick walk around the University of Toronto majestic buildings.

31st we went to Waterloo to check out the university which is great for the topic hubby teaches. we went to a nearby lake and we concluded that Saskatchewan is the place to be for lakes. later we drove to downtown Toronto to visit R and parents again. in the morning we learnt that R had been hospitalised due to a mild flu but because his immune system is low they doctors wanted him in the hospital for any eventual complications.

he was feeling fine by the time we got at the Sickkids hospital. he has a great sense of humour and when his mother wasn’t feeling like leaving his side to come for dinner with us, he said “Go, t’night [granny] is here with me. when you come kiss me goodnight and go back to the apartment.” he’s so wise beyond his years.

we went to have and Canadian’ised’ Italian meal at Adega on Elm Street. it was the first time we were going to a nice restaurant with AOI.

as we walked into the restaurant all eyes were on my little girl. i heard an Italian group say “Ahhhhh, sembra una bambola![Ahhhh, she seems like a doll!] sometimes i wonder if she will keep catching people’s attention as she grows. i pray she does because she has an halo around her which is sublimely irresistible.

it was nice evening outting. AOI was sleeping by the time we left the restaurant. on our way out of the city i took few pictures of the beautiful CN Tower [next time we are in Toronto and AOI is a little bit older we will go up the top] cntowerand the skyscrapers lit in the darkness of night, next time i will pose and capture few pictures of the moving city.


so this was our summer 2012 holiday. how was yours, where did you go? anything nice happened to you?

6 Sep 2012

Ontario Summer 2012: Toronto pt. 1

waitingflightthe alarm went off at 5am. we got ready then i went to take AOI out of her crib. she woke up confused, we tried to feed her back to sleep but that didn’t work. she was wide awake from the moment we put her car-seat in the the taxi. she only fell asleep once we were in flight. before that she was enjoying her surrounding and being a conscious traveller.

it was so sweet to watch her interested in what was going on out of the window. the first time she ever took a plane was in May and it was different because she was small to notice anything but this time she was aware of many things.


we arrived in Toronto at around 2:40pm, the flight was 15 minutes delayed. my elder brother (half brother, father side) came to pick us. my sister (half sister, the same as my elder brother) lives thirty minutes away from the airport {you can imagine the noise}

they were delighted to see AOI, she was smiley-shy, so cute to see.

that night i couldn’t sleep because i wanted to catch up with my sister. and i guess my daughter wanted to enjoy the conversation too. but finally at around eleven we all went to bed

the following day we went to visit R and parents, i mentioned my friends in this post, at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto.

babyincitywe took the GOGO bus, one of the big buses in Ontario. AOI was fascinated by the immense skyscrapers, i mean i was more fascinated. skylines are not common in London not to mention in Saskatchewan!

Toronto is busy, busy, busy like London. everyone was on the go go go. but also everyone was so stylish (not everyone, but the majority). that inspired me to take a little bit more time to maintain myself.

this holiday was not for the lazy at heart. we were like the million people on the street of Toronto metropolitan, walking, walking, walking. we didn’t stop to pose and click the camera like real tourists. torontodundasP8224674

hubby carried AOI in the harness and i was the photographer snapping as we walked by. people were in love with AOI, saying how cute and adorable she is “she is so cute.” random people kept saying. hubby was beaming of pride, our daughter hanging out like a character from Hangover!torontohardrockcafetorontohardrockcafe (2)

we were sweating like pigs by the time we arrived at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto. This is a place established in 1981. It seeks to provide a home away from home for seriously ill children and their families to heal better together.

It is located in very nice area, near the university of Toronto. the noise never fade away but once you are in the secured doors of the house you don’t even feel like you are surrounded by the busy city of Toronto.mcdonaldhouse

life goes on on a different lane. it was my friend’s birthday. i bought a photographic book for her. she leaning to use Canon 60D. when we got there R was happy to us, because it was party time. but it was not party without cake, so his daddy and hubby went to by something to eat plus a cake (tiramisu). while there were gone R danced to entertain AOI.

he is always so sweet to our daughter – his parents say that AOI’s babyhood remind them of R’s babyhood. I saw his curls when they moved here in November, they can be mistaken for brother and sister. babyfriendsat one point, after we finished our lunch together, AOI wanted to wander off, but R went to her and stood in front of her and say “No go there.”

R is so polite, good natured and caring. i love to see AOI next to him because he is such a protective little dude. my little girl likes to be affectionate to other children and R is always there for that affection, but towards the end of the visit he was too tired. i saw that so i told AOI “enough kissing” she turned to look at me and the next time she tried to kiss R again he said

“enough kissing.” with his child sweet accented voice.

{Oh God let’s him get better with each passing day, please everyone keep on praying for him}

a journey that should have taken us max two hours, it took us four hours to get back home. we missed connections plus we couldn’t find the bus stop. Take goodness we had the harness to carry AOI, she was happily sleeping by the time we got home and had our Big Mac for tea.

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