31 Oct 2012

‘Fat’ a poem by Caroline Roth

this poem is dedicated to everyone who’s ever felt bad about their body due to comments people inconsiderately make

29 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Bulletin

Friday evening hubby took us for a sushi date - loving the family three dates :)
Saturday, late morning, i met with my future student and his mom for a meet and greet session - i am offering my knowledge of italian to help others improve theirs… soooo excited.

For lunch we met with our friend D and her daughter S at one of local favourite bakery/restaurant. She offered pizza... Yummmm!

They left early to take her daughter to get her hair done.
After we finish we went to buy cupcakes...PA277102They're so yum.

Sunday we didnt get ready in time to go to church. Instead we stayed indoor the whole morning catching up Ex Factor UK.
Late afternoon we went to our local art gallery.

To finish the day, i don't know how and why i did it, but i cut my locs short. haircutHubby likes it but he said he doesn't want to encourage my sudden act of madness.

i’m enjoying Ex Factor UK and this year there are so many potential international musicians. i will point more out but for today Jahmene Douglas is to watch

26 Oct 2012

Turning 3.0 years+Big Deal+AOI’s Birthday Planning

i have three things to share with you 

  • today is my birthday, officially celebrating the big 3.0 years!
  • i feel like floating over the moon, ‘cause as for a big gift, a piece i wrote about my struggle to get back to shape after baby is featured on whattoexpect.comwhattoexpect

couple weeks ago i mentioned how one of my friends asked me if i’m pregnant. what i didn’t mention is that her comment nearly made me lose my appetite. you can read the full post and share your experience with me here.

  • Two days ago hubby phoned me from work to tell me what we’ve bee dreading...
    His work colleagues are throwing a baby shower for two colleagues on the same day as AOI’s birthday bash.

What are we doing about this clash?

Well, the first thing we had to do was set the hour and prepare the invitation cards. the baby shower is from 1pm to 4pm, so our invitation is set from 3pm to 5pm. I'm sure whoever want to come celebrate our baby's first birthday will try to make an appearance. thinking about it, i’ll do a skype version of the event for my family overseas.

so, on that Sunday we can go to church, have our skype party (30mins) and even make an appearance at the baby shower.

i’m using this free e-card {it looks nicer from evite website}

Source: new.evite.com via TOI on Pinterest

you can stop by my pinterest board to see what i’m pining for more partee ideas Smile!

24 Oct 2012


yesterday we woke up to this view. snowhomeAOI and I had to go to a french playgroup and i wanted to walk so I wrapped the little miss warm in her snow suit, a blanket and scarf. i wrapped myself overly warm and i’m sure whoever saw us from their car thought i was a homeless. i was so worry to be cold that maybe I over did it, but it’s always better to be warm than sorry.

AOI fell asleep five minutes into the walk. it was so beautiful walking through some blocks because the streets were completely white. snowstreetsnowdaysnowday3i especially enjoyed photographing the clash between autumn and winter. because it’s the classic battle between winter wanting to take over while autumn is not ready to let go. snowday1snowday2snowday4snowday5snowday6snowday7the trees were in the bright autumn colours yet cooled down by the soft snow.snowday8snowday9i must say walking in the snow is a great workout, especially when you are dressed in multiple layers and you feel like in a sauna. yep, yesterday i felt like walking in a sauna while the icy air was hitting my face making me feel young and rejuvenated.

the snow is still falling snowfallsthis the view from our back windowsnowhome

picture rotated on purpose

outside might be cold but the warm smile of my baby and great tunes courtesy of songza {this morning we are listening to The Rebirth of Alt-Pop, cool thing} are keeping me company. as i press publish i am dancing to Jack Penate’s Tonight’s Today.

enjoy your day

22 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Lazy As Always

hello Monday,

well, what a lazy weekend we had.

Friday we went to a Caribbean dinner date as family of three.

Saturday we had the most delicious roast hubby has roasted thus far. roastAOIyumsroast

1 day after she turned 11months, this little Miss insist feeding herself. the operation is quite messily cute

home-grown veggies are the best. after lunch our lazy selves kicked in. we were supposed to go to a pumpkin maze thing but the weather was so grey outside that the only sensible thing to do was to stay behind the warmth of our closed doors. in the evening we went out to buy fruits and dairy products that were missing from the fridge.

Sunday, after church, hubby prepared Indian chicken curry with rice [i was in charge of boiling the rice and adapting the meal to a baby version for AOI]. it was yummy. in the afternoon we went for a walk and on the way back we went to a nearby sandwich restaurant for a cup of tea and dessert.

we were drinking when i noticed my doula on the other side of the restaurant talking to her friend. she noticed me when we were leaving the place. we were so happy to see her. she kissed AOI and our little girl looked as if she knew her from somewhere. she was her usual first sight shy but she gifted her one of her lovely smiles. we agreed to meet up one of these days. she has a little girl, five months old, and when she said baby AOI repeated her favourite word.

in the evening the went to ‘co-ordinate’ the toy wash of the playgroup AOI and I are part of. Co-ordinator is mainly the person who goes to most of the toy washes to make sure people turn up. apart from yesterday’s I have three more to attend over the year. i like taking responsibilities. talking about responsibilities I’ve offered to be part of the communication committee of our church, i will be managing their future website.

well, i like life on the fast and furious pace.

Source: google.ca via TOI on Pinterest


today we started our morning with soft pop, indie and now we are listening to sleepy baby playlist all thanks to Songza. i love this music stream website/app. if you are a music lover, you will appreciate it too.

well, off i go to put this little miss down for late afternoon nap, while outside the snow is falling meaning winter business.

how was your weekend? have a great week.

19 Oct 2012

First Year Party Plans + Crunchy Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Hello, hello…

so yesterday my lovely girl turned 11months. From today I have four Fridays to plan her first birthday party.

She will turn 1 on 18th November, which is on a Sunday. I would like to have everything planned and organised by Friday 16th, the day her granny, my mum, will come here from the US. She doesn’t want to work and I don’t want her to work but just enjoy her time with her granddaughter. So if I do everything before she gets her we will have Saturday to enjoy our time with granny. Taking photos and getting the last bits and bobs.

From now until 16th November, Fridays are party planning updates. In this way I hold myself accountable of organisational skills and good time keeping.

  • Today I wrote down the names of families and people I would like to invite. I have to be careful about numbers. 

I have intention to bake most of the pastries myself. I am learning to bake cookies.chococookies I’ve being baking chocolate cookies for awhile and now but I didn’t feel like sharing any recipe until recently. This is a crunchy chocolate cookie recipe my husband loves, when he loves something it means it’s quite good.chococookie I adapted the recipe from a old magazine I borrowed from the library. I’m sorry but I can’t remember which.


1 over brim cup all-purpose flour (about 8 above)
1/2 cup whole wheat flour + 1 teaspoon corn starch
1/2 teaspoon baking soda + pinch of salt
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, melted and cooled slightly
1cup granulated sugar
1 large egg
1 large egg yolk
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup semisweet or milk chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a medium bowl, hand mix the flour, salt, and baking soda. Set aside.

Using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugars together until well mixed. Add the egg, yolk, and vanilla. Mix well until the batter is lightened slightly in colour and fluffy. Add the dry ingredients and chocolate chips at the same time. Mix until all the dry ingredients are well mixed

Scoop dough into generous teaspoonful-sized balls and place on non stick baking tray or parchment paper on baking tray.

Bake the cookies for 10-12 minutes until the edges are set and just lightly browned. Set aside to cool, then serve.AOIcookieyum

Mummy: Crunchy yummy cookie

AOI: yum, yum!

18 Oct 2012

11 Months: The New Age of Determination

Dear daughter, Amore di Mamma e Papa’,
I fee like crying.
OMG, I can't believe how time is flapping its wings away so fast – cliché I know but that’s the pure truth. Do I rejoice or do I let sadness wash over me for how quick you are approaching your one year mark. I feel sad because the quicker you grow the quicker I will not be the centre of your world.toi
That's how things are turning around. The other day at the playgroup after you finished your snack you left me to go play with the toys and the other children. I thought you would come looking for me but nothing, I was the one looking for you. That makes me think about when you'll be older, in your tweenies and teens and you will not like me around. I think about when you’ll travel the world with your friends and I will be home thinking so much about you and missing you like crazy.
Right now I am the centre of universe to you and I’ll miss these precious moments, when you cling unto my leg and you want me to hold you tight. These are few of the reasons why I feel sad. But I pray that you’ll still giving me hugs when you’re older and enjoying your days with your friends.AO2AOIdaddy.1 Let’s the little baby in you shine through when you are with us.
However, I also rejoice because your need to go explore means you are a strong and independent little girl. I like letting you play by yourself but I am always one arm reach away from you - unless you turn and leave while I am not looking. Like yesterday, at the library, you wanted to wander off by yourself.
I love watching you walk up and down the Coy house with an empty pop bottle in hand drumming on the floor occasionally. I love your laugh when I start running after you. You get all excited, shaking your head in laughter you try to dodge me. When I manage to get hold of you, you giggle and I tickle your tummy for more giggles.
Gosh, I will miss all these moments for this reason I don't mind leaving dishes and laundry undone to film a fraction of our daily life. Most videos are of you or you and daddy because I am the one filming. However, sometimes I set the video because I want to be in the video with you.
I want to be your mother always but at some point in life – teens onward – I would love you to see a friend in me. I would like to be the friend you can trust, talk to and will try to not judge but advice you based on her own life experiences.
You have two more teeth, top gum. You are also trying to eat with spoons, and spork [spoon+fork] by yourself. Deep down I dread the moment I’ll have to start weaning you away from breastfeeding. My stomach churns at the thought. Breastfeeding you is the most amazing experience. I’ll miss that so much, but I still have time to adjust to the idea.
These days I find myself looking through the trillion pictures i took of you as teeny tiny baby. AOIAt the time when we held you your cute baby legs dangled just below the chest. Nowadays your lovely long little girl's legs dangle pass our belly falling on our bladder area.
One thing I don’t like is quick temper. Normally you listen to me and stop doing anything you are doing when I say NO. Sometimes you behave and throw tantrums like a 2-year-old.
Mmmm, I have to say you are one little determined girl. If you set your mind on something is hard for us to deviate your attention off it. That's where i got the title for this entry. Yep, that's my conclusion for your 11months age.
Your temper and determination remind me of myself a little. We are so similar in character, it’s scares me because or we’ll get along like bee and honey or we’ll not see eye to eye, but I pray with all my might that’s we get along like the former. We can sting like bee yet are we sweet like honey.
your hair: h gosh, i love styling your hair, you have the cutest curls. to style them i have to have around with you, but after that the pig tails are too cute. the colour if your hair is brown with traces of light brown and blonde, just beautiful. AOIphones
You are saying many, many words. I believe you are making conversation which I can’t understand all but here is the list of few words you can say:
  • Baby= [baebae] (you say babe when you see other children, but sometimes for lost of better noun you use baby for everything),
  • night night=[nai,nai]
  • please=[peas],
  • thank you= [ta],
  • more= [mmoo],
  • mum= [mmumma]
  • dada= [ddada]
  • papa= [ppopo],
  • yummy= [yum, mm],
  • bye bye= [baba].
You can also imitate sounds and actions. Here is the list of few things you can do:
  • You imitate peekaboo
  • yawning while tapping your hand on your mouth to make an echo sounding ha.ha.ha [something similar to a Native American sound], especially when you are crying you do that and that entertain yourself in that way
  • blowing kisses 
  • You are quite a dancer, you boogie to any tune you like the sound of, you have good music taste
  • You clap when we say good girl, when you hear people clapping and Wonder Pet’s tunes.
  • You are climbing off beds and sofas without falling. AOIclimbYou try to climb, chairs but I am still scared because they are tall. When we let you you climb out of your booster chair onto the dining table. Sometimes you fall out of your chair because you won't sit
  • You like to be active around the house. Taking some of your mega blocks [daddy bought it for you this month] to give them to me when I am in the kitchen cooking. When you see me chopping fruits or veggies you want some to eat. Few days ago you had your first choco cookie, it was yummy because your face was messy.
  • you made me laugh after a food shopping, as soon as we got back home you went to look for the fruits in the bag. I was like wow, among all the things in the bag your sweet little hand grabs the fruit bag. If it was up to you you would spend the whole day munching fruit
  • funnily, yesterday you were crawling and behaving like when you were tiny baby, maybe you miss your infanthood too. it is just too cute watch. 
  • make the sound ahhhh, uhhhh, baa-baa-baa as in songs
  • when I say hello, you pretend to answer the phone [pic above]
this month grandmother – daddy’s mum – sent in a parcel for you. in this parcel she put two jumpers she knitted and doll that looks like mummy. Dolly likes when you kiss her cheeks, button nose and cuddle her.AOIcuddledolly
you love being read to. you bring books to us to read to you. i cherish the view of you curled in daddy’s arms for a storytime. AOIdaddyreadGirl of Mine, That’s Not My Kitten and Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? I pray books will always be your great companions, because words can great beautiful worlds. also keep your passion for music always alive.AOIplayspiano keep enjoying piano and guitar, two of the instruments i wish i can play well.
AOImummytimealways remember that daddy and I are right here for whenever you want to tell us and ask us anything you want to know. you are and will always the centre of our world
always our love,
mummy  and daddy

16 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Playing Like Kids

so our weekend was spent enjoying own company and eating good food prepared with our seasonal crop. Friday I prepared bake sausages vegetable macaroni with grated cheese on top. We had that for dinner and lunch the following day.

After lunch we went for a walk and stopped in the park to go on the swing and slide.slideswing It felt good to let ourselves be children again. That's the beauty of having babies,they awake the child in you – not that we behaved like boring grown ups before AOI was born, in fact is thanks to her that we're becoming two responsible adults.

Saturday evening we were going to have vegetable pearl barley soup for supper but it was not read in time therefore we had toast and mixed berry jam.
Sunday after church we had our soup. After AOI's nap we went to our a play date.

yesterday, Monday, AOI and I went to say hello to our midwife. after that we went to do one and two shopping and by the time we managed sit and phone your auntie R in Ghana was three o’clock. we talked for one hour and then i had to cook and get ready for my writer’s group. i stayed for one hour instead of two because daddy had a dinner to go to.

well, that was a long weekend, though Monday is weekend I couldn’t write the update until this morning while you are having your morning nap. in the afternoon we have a play date to go to. i’m happy about this play date. 

hope your weekend was fun and the week has started well

12 Oct 2012

Lousy or Good Mother Friend?

I love walking, it gives me both time to reflect and good doze of fresh air for myself and my daughter.

Today I had a book in the other hand. Yes, I walked and read at the same time. I am immersing myself in YA literature. I have to read is like studying the market I'm writing for.

The novel, By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters, is interesting. The author spotlights how bullying can push young people to attempt suicide. I've being there, but this is not the post for it.

Today I reflected about my lack of tons of friends in my life. I’ve never being the kind of person to have many friends. I used to team up with those who targeted by bullies due to their brains or something that singled them out. I got along with them because I've always  being the odd one.

The one who is not of the right colour, doesn't have the right hair or not cool enough to be surrounded by people who want to be friends with. The one who had an accent and liked geeks and didn’t  like people who said too much dirty words.

I sincerely thought becoming a mother that would change. I believe that I would made friends easily but apparently that's not the case. Making friends has to be two ways process.

I am writing this because few weeks ago I saw of hubby’s colleagues’ wife. She is a mother, so when we met she invited AOI and I to have a play date with her two children, one of them the same age as my daughter. I was looking forward to date.

When the day came and I phoned her to confirm, she said we couldn't meet because her daughter had a cold and she didn't want AOI to catch it. So considerate of her, but pulling out of the play date brought to mind how she stood us up two previous play dates. That made me sad,plus why didn’t she bother phoning me to let me know?

The annoying thing is every time she sees me she then remembers how we should do something together, but when i email her she doesn't bother replying or anything.

I am interested in meeting new mothers because I want my daughter to socialise but maybe I shouldn’t dwell on it, or read unnecessary conclusions.mothers club {via}

I pray AOI will always have good friends around her. She is a social butterfly, just like me, her initial shyness is temporary because as soon as she warms up with new people she is the most adorable little darling. If I may say so myself ;)!

Last month we started playgroup. Two weeks ago we met a lady and her daughter. We clicked, we share similar ideology regarding bring up our daughters. She is an artist and I love artists from any field. Her daughter is just 6days younger than AOI. I can see her as a potential good friend. Our daughters could become the best of buddies. At last playgroup she suggested we do something together for our girls upcoming birthday. I’ll invite her for a drink next week.

My motto is: large but lousy friends never, small but good friends always!

10 Oct 2012


…the first snow of the winter season fell over my city. nothing serious to cover the streets, just a teaser to prepare the soul for winter around the corner. for this reason, not-because-i-was-lazy, we stayed home instead of venturing to the library for a french songs and rimes session.
what did we do the whole day locked in the house?
i did laundry, held AOI in my arms 80% of the time, she’s all cuddly and delicate due to two more teeth coming out in the upper gum. she had two naps, one around ten and the other around two. while she slept i watched Italian TV shows online, caught up with The Voice and re-wrote two more chapters.
our landlord sent someone in to finish some work for the house. while the old gentleman was working i listened to Fela Kuti, and did the kitchen chores. at one point AOI comes into the kitchen with a scissor from his tool box. i can’t take my eyes off her for a second.
at half past five i went to Pilates – i am out of shape and stamina – hopefully by the end of this month i’ll have more strength.  
after Pilates i went to talk to the new writer in residence. we discussed what he can help me with my novel. my first goal is to finish the second re-writing of the novel by December (and published for my younger brother who insist having it as his Christmas gift). the second goal is to get it into a presentable and polished shape ready to be sent to potential agents and publishers by the end of his which is in May.
when i got back home, at half past seven, my sweet daughter was already in her bed.
i had rice and tomato sauce for dinner, organised my studio, wash diapers, vacuumed the floors and had creme brule for dessert.
before i sleep i’ll enjoy reading blog entries then Portia’s memoirchinesefanshope your day was eventful

8 Oct 2012

Our Weekend: Thanksgiving

good monday everyone!

it’s thanksgiving over our end of world. historically thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest but these today it’s primarily celebrated as a secular holiday, but we want to observe the traditional meaning of the this festivity.

Saturday morning we went to our old house to harvest our crop from this year’s gardening. AOI was such a helpful little girl. AOIgardenpicking up some leaves for us. it was so heart warming watching her get dirt all over her winter-coat. hubby was happy to see our young family harvesting together happy and all smiley. he said these moments are going to be fond memories, when AOI is all grown up and doesn’t want to be in the garden with us we will remember this day and be happy

we got nice veggies.onionscorn

potatoescarrotsharvest2we’ve been picking harvesting some courgettes and tomatoes since Augustharvest1 how cool is it to be able to spell COOL with my own veggie.coolveggies

in the afternoon we went to our friend’s house for a vegan thanksgiving. at one point another friend of mine asked in ‘private’ “Are you pregnant?”

I was taken aback but i put brave face on “No, no, I am just fat.”

“Oh, you have to be careful.”

“Yes, I know. I am working out and eating better.” after this exchange I lost my appetite and was annoyed.  [i’ll go into more details in another post]

anyway, the rest of the party went on smoothly. i took pictures of the kids playing together. it was such fun to look at how AOI is walking and making friends, just eight months ago she was laying down when the same children where looking at her, now she can interact.kidsplaying

Sunday we hosted a normal thanksgiving lunch for hubby’s foreign students. we had turkey and some of our potatoes, carrots and cornroastedpotatoesturkey

thanksgiving is about sharing the harvest God bountifully provided us. we are thankful for our health, love, happiness and family bonding time. 

how was your weekend? have a wonderful day and week Smile

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