4 Jan 2013

Friday’s Letters #1

this is my first Friday letter link up. i used to write letters to my little daughter every Friday when she was still in the womb, so i thought why not start linking up for more short letter writings. so, I'm joining in the fun with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds.

anyways… let me start, shall i?


dear Friday, strange as it might sound {because i don’t work out from the house} i still see you as the kick off of our weekend. though I'm stay at home mother and writer, you’re still a welcomed day because that means hubby doesn’t have to go out of the house without his wife and daughter for a whole two days. dear hubby, aoi and i love having you with us on Saturday and Sunday. i love to watch you playing mega block or reading chemistry books to our little girl. dear aoi, my daughter, my first born, i smile just writing your name down. you are so sweet, busy, busy but so sweet to watch you play by yourself. though you are fun to watch you kiss the phone as if it’s a person, you can be annoying when it comes to talking to your aunt or granny on the phone. you scream and kick when i take the gadget out from your hands because i want to see their faces too. really, little daughter of mine, can you wait a little longer to start fighting with me for my own phone? or just get your own phone if you can. i love you, little berry Smile with tongue out! dear mum, welcome come to the technological age. now you can Skype and see your busy granddaughter every day. also remember that there is more on the internet than the Obamas and Joel {the preacher}. dear sis, it was nice to talk to you this week like old times, we shouldn’t let busy life prevent us from chatting on the phone or Skype for as long as we want. i love you

dear readers {new and old} thank you for reading. have a fun weekend Smile


  1. Awww love your letters!! And I love weekends with the family too! Awesome your mum is all into technology!

  2. I've always enjoyed your letters.

  3. What a great idea, short weekly letters :)

  4. Aww I love your letters. I love when your blog posts are to AOI also. So sweet all the time.

    I stopped by to say...HAPPPY NNEEEWWW YYEEEEAAARRR!!!! :throws confetti:

  5. thanks for visit dear, you have a great blog! kisses

    ♥ Margherita ♥

    Frivolezze Provinciali

  6. {Melinda} What a sweet idea! I have a teenage daughter -- the phone obsession only gets worse!! :)


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