25 Jan 2013

Friday’s Letters #3: Why You Love Motherhood


Dear Older Self

when you will read this letter, you will be old, and maybe you may be questioning the reason you’re mother. This letter is here to remind you that you love motherhood for the little moments that you want to capture but it is impossible to freeze them all. This entry to remind of the time you managed to capture one of those precious moments.In that moment that you wanted desperately to freeze time to keep hold onto the fast growth of your first born.


This particular morning, after what seemed like the longest hour you managed to sooth AOI back to sleep. The main problem was that the lazy mum wanted to bypass her daughter's needs of dry tush, mmm bad mummasitter.

After you changed her and she had had enough 'latte' {she says milk in Italian, so cute of her, maybe she is not keen in Italian any more of maybe she loves that language so much that she wants to live in Milan, Bologna or Rome}, she curled her tiny body into your arms. You kissed her red warm cheeks. She let out a smiley sigh. You felt blessed. You counted your blessings of having her in your lives {husband and you}.

As your baby slept you thought about the many reasons you would like to freeze time. You wanted to bottle up her milky baby smell, her sweet Botticelli drawn eye lashers and eye brows, her peach rosebud lips, her little button nose, her soft fingers and sweet little palm, her morning giggles.

You observed her beautiful brown curls, her chest raising up and down in a sweet dream, you wanted to freeze the moment also for her agile pint size body, her sparkling big brown eyes when they look at you as if you're the only luckiest human being on earth, her giggles as you tickle her tummy, her wiggly toes as they dance around the house. You thought This is it, the magic I want to hold onto. You slid out of bed, tiptoed downstairs to crab your camera to freeze this exact moment


When you baby sleep is pure bliss, and your heart melts.

Love and hugs from your 30+years old self

xoxo T.

p.s: i'm also here



  1. This is so sweet :) Definitely something to print out and read years down the track. Cherish those moments with your sweet girl - she looks so peaceful sleeping, love those moments :)

  2. What a sweet moment to capture and remember. It's wonderful to have so much joy in your life.

  3. So beautiful. Seriously looking forward to motherhood :)

  4. Awww what a sweet post. I'm sure you will look back decades from now and smile over these sentiments :)

  5. OMG look at that precious face. I love pictures of sleeping kids. Makes all the work worthwhile.


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