29 Jan 2013

Like A Queen

Some of you know that last summer we were looking forward to buying a house. Unfortunately it fell through because we are still waiting for our Canadian residency and we couldn’t raise the full deposit requested for non residents.

Anyways, finding the right house was a big task but in the end we found something that we both loved and, after the vendors dropped the price, we could afford.

In the process we listed what we wanted from the potential house

futurehouseI want to find a place that has a lovely bathroom. Though it's the room of the house I’ll spend less time in, I want a spacious and bright bathroom. A bathroom that has all the facilities as the flat my family once rented in Italy had. We had a bidet, old school but still a bidet.

Having a bidet in your bathroom is normal in Italy. Also, whilst travelling through Singapore and Malaysia, I noticed that most hotels have it. Those hotels which didn’t have it had a tap with a small hose attached for after you finish your business.

I recently saw this toilet seat bidet and I want one in our future bathroom.

Why do I want one? It is so fancy and unlike an old bidet, which I still had to clean and wash my hands, it would cut cost for paper and washing my hands after going to the washroom.

Plus, since watching Coming to America, I’ve always wondered how do queens and kings clean themselves after they go to the washroom, now my curiosity is answered. So, in my future ideal bathroom, I want to feel like a queen after I use the washroom.


  1. That sounds cool! I've used a bidet once when we were in Spain and I found it to be very uncomfortable because I had to hold myself up! The seat would take care of that...I think. Good luck on finding the right house for you when the time comes. If it has MOST of what you want it's usually worth considering because it's so hard to get it all.

  2. I've never seen a bidet in person so I haven't had the pleasure to use one. We have been looking for a house all month and we finally found one. The deal may actually be going through right now! We've been here several years and we already have tons of furniture from the house we owned before we had kids so we've been renting and living in really cramped quarters for 2 years.
    I know you'll be able to find what you need. Pray and have patience while searching. Inventory should be up a lot in the summertime!

  3. Lol! You should definitely have a bidet!!! I've never used one before…but we should all have special things that make us feel like queens! :)

  4. I've never used a bidet before but if queens use it then you definitely need one in your future home!

  5. I've never used a bidet either. They seem pretty cool though. Hope u find your dream house!

  6. Bidets are cool and the one you like is pretty hi tech!

    Praying your residency comes through very quickly so you can get the home of your dreams!

  7. Never used a bidet, but hey to each their own and if you want your hiney to feel like a Queen, then more power to you.


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