31 Jan 2013

Mummy Style in This Cold Province

I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t feel confident in my new body, postpartum. The belly is not flat as it used to be, I have muffin tops all the time and wearing some of my old clothes is a challenge. Added to the mash is biting cold winter between –20/-30ºCelsius when were lucky.

When I have to go outside I can’t allow myself to be stylish as I would like.

If I show you what I normally wear, you might think I am homeless. I put everything I owe on this frumpy body of mine. While living in Europe I loved dressing well and took care of the accessories I put together. I think my fashion was boho-vintage-something.


boots: call it spring/ jeans: Levis San Francisco/ coat: vintage/ grandfather cardi: Hudson North @The Bay/ long sleeves tshirt: no name/ vest: no name/ scarf: DIY from an old sweater/ earrings: Old Navy/ spec: Bvlgari @David Clulow

I want to find my style again and one of my 2013 visions is to get my sense of style back. I am not going to be afraid to experiment with different items, get inspired along the way and embrace with both arms my new mummy body.

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  1. i'm looking forward to you getting your grove back! :)

    i love your coat and scarf together!

  2. Secondo me stai molto bene in queste foto, il cappotto ti sta a pennello e con i capelli così, te l'ho già detto, mi piaci molto!


  3. I love the look :) One of my friends said that my style is a little boho. And I'm okay with that. And I'm glad you are embracing your mummy body as you find the style that fits you :)

  4. I love you coat. I tend to gravitate towards brown and black in winter for some reason.You go girl!

  5. Looking forward to following you on your groove back journey! I could use some tips :-)

  6. I am loving your mommy style. You are def. stylish. I think it's awesome that snow is your background.

  7. The coat is fashionable...chic!!

  8. Love the coat, it's beautiful!


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