2 Jan 2013

Vision Board

Happy 2013 everyone.

Hope you had a lovely New Year Eve and First New Year day.visionboard2013beyond

visionboard2013So, this year instead of writing down my hopes, wishes and goals for 2013 I decided to map them down on a vision board.

Like the idea behind the law of attraction – if one focuses of positive or negative thoughts, positive or negative things come into their lives – I believe that to achieve a goal one has to have a clear images in front their eyes, in this way the universe can conjure up to make those visions come true.

My vision board will be accessible on a daily basis to clarify and remind myself of the hopes, wishes and goals I am working towards from this year and beyond. I write beyond because based on experience I know wishes come true but it can take time.

For example long time ago I wrote down what I wanted in a man. My husband turned out to be very close to that description. I also wrote some of the attributes I wanted my children to have and my daughter has that and even better.

I am HAPPY, I envisage positive things in our lives from this year and beyond.

I wish everyone a very Happy, Bold, Fearless and Purposeful Year!

questions: do you write down your hopes, wishes and goals for the current year? Have you ever done a vision board?


  1. I LOVE your vision board!! I'd like to do one for myself and keep it accessible as well. How did you create yours? My favorite part of your board is the "keep calm and write what you fear" poster.

  2. I like to write down my goals and dreams for each year. Then, I make a vision board to help keep myself focused. I'm glad that I was able to accomplish almost all of my goals my last year. Happy New Year!

    1. you have such a great determination and you are doing great with your blog and writing. keep up the good work

  3. That's one awesome vision board you are making me want to do one!! I usually write down my goals in my journal!!

  4. Happy New Years. I love your vision board. I'm in the habit of cutting out magazine pictures to make tangible vision boards. In fact, I may make another one this morning now that you've inspired me :)

  5. I love this, now I want to do one and post it everywhere :)

  6. GREAT idea... love it! I saw something similar but it was a board someone made and put up on the wall that was more of like a planning board, but planning OUT OF vision and goals. I'd really like to have one of those because I need a place I will constantly see and be reminded of the things I'm working on or towards. I agree that writing it down is more powerful too because it's like a stronger commitment to working towards it.

    So glad I found your post at the Saturday Sharefest at SITS. Happy New Year to you!

  7. I love this! I haven't made a vision board in ages, but I think I need to. There's nothing like seeing what you want on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing this with us!


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