21 Jan 2013

Week 3

Good Monday Everyone.

How was your week 3 of 2013?

I must confess that every day I wake, I don’t recall with clarity what I did the previous day. My present past is becoming slippery at the tick of the clock while my remote past is sharper like crystal. For this reason, though a recount of my week on a weekly basis can be heavy and boring for some, I am glad I take the time to write little details that made my week happy. I want to be able to come back to this little online space of mine to reread how my days were when my memories will be too grey to recall anything.

These are little actions that formed our week. scones

Mondays are for weaning ourselves into the week. We didn’t do much during the day. Our (AOI and I) favourite things to do on the day were reading Grumpy Bird or Rabbit’s Nap, watching Sesame Street and cuddling. In between all these activities we had lunch, changed diapers, took pictures of a smiley little girl, wrote blog posts and edited some lines of the novel. We listened to Songza (Beautiful Lullabies), my favourite song on the playlist is Don’t Panic by Coldplay

 Don't Panic by Coldplay on Grooveshark

We danced bare feet in our dining room. When Quelqu’un M’a Dit by Carla Bruni comes up AOI looks at me and smiles happy. She then sways to the music and move her head side to side raptured by the melancholic tune. I used to listen to Bruni’s music when I was young in Italy but I wasn’t a great fun, but her songs in French and English are sweet to listen to.

My busy week starts at five thirty each Mondays, when I have to go tutor the little boy who is learning Italian. Last week we focused on Days of The Week and Family Members. I love tutoring and would love to have another student but for now I life to focus on just one person. I try to incorporate games with the learning and he loves that. He become alert as soon as I say let play a game trying to use the Italian words he knows, mainly colours and numbers.

Tuesday the usual dilemma presents itself, to go or not to go out. We were running late for our first day return to French Yoga and Familie group. The more AOI grows the harder it gets to get out of the house in time if we are alone. She takes everything as a game of dodge-mummy-catch-baby. She normally looks at me, then run away and obviously I run after her. I believe I will lose weight with her as my trainer.

Where was I?

Yes, we were running late yet another Tuesday for a playgroup. We left the house 15 minute into the start of program but I thought well, if we get there and we can’t attend at least I can return these books and toys we borrowed. When we got there, thirty minute late, there were just two mothers and their four children combine and the program hadn’t start yet. AOI had fun and saw other children, and she danced. She was such a darling..

AOI made history. On Wednesday she slept more than eights hours and followed the record for three nights in a roll. The first morning when I woke up at seven, and realised that I didn’t wake up in the night to feed her or change her diaper, I was taken aback. I was so proud of her and when I heard her morning cry/call I went run into her room and showered her with butterfly kisses.

We went swimming after six months hiatus. AOI was shivering when we entered the water, I felt so sorry for her. Still she wanted to be in the water so I walked and twirled her around for about forty minutes. Before leaving we went into the hot tub, she enjoyed that. In the evening it was bittersweet to witness how AOI is growing so fast. When we leave the house she simply says “bye-bye” as if in saying “Okay, just go would you? I am busy eating or reading a picture book or Elmo or Ernie are more fun that you.” I can’t believe my tiny baby is turning really into a toddler. She is also becoming so mischievous, her favourite mischief is putting pieces of toilet roll into the WC.AOIelmo

Saturday and Sunday we had the most hilarious adventures with our car.

Saturday, it got stuck in the snow in our parking lot. We had to be creative – my creativity initially – by digging the wheels out out of the snow. Then on Sunday, on our way to church we couldn’t close the driver’s door because it was frozen. Once we managed to close the car we had to use the passenger’s door to get into the driver’s seat. It was a funny and comical situation da film.

To conclude the week we went to one of my writer’s friends to have a lovely Indian meal.

Have a great week 4 Smile


  1. JJ has become fascinated with toilet paper and dropping things into the toilet. So far Moo has lost quite a few markers, one of her Christmas toys and we've had three rolls of tissue that we've had to fish out. I'm just glad he hasn't dropped our phones in there or the remotes!

  2. I do think it's lovely to write down all your daily happenings here.
    It's the small moments that truly count.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good well. Lol @ the car getting stuck. But good job on bring creative!

  4. What an eventful week u had. Lol at "dodge-mommy-cacth-baby", sounds like fun to me :) Super cute!


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