28 Feb 2013


This week Click Chicks Photo Challenge’s theme is Water.
Okay, the weather is about to change soon into something warmish, but I don’t like the muddy puddles the old snow is about to create so, I want to be somewhere warm, somewhere like Hawaii or the Caribbean, dipping our feet in the water. But I can’t because I want to save up money for my summer travels in USA and Europe, all I can do is to recall our lovely summer 2012 at the lake.
feetinwaterphotos taken with iPhone 4 and edited using windows live writer picture effects colour pop

#ProjectMilf: Fav 4

1projectmilfbadge2013HURRAY! OMG, I am over the moon for week 4 of #ProjectMilf. I am pushing through without looking back or backing out of the challenge, it all thanks to you lovely ladies for walking along this path with me.

And before I give away the weekly update I want to share with you all this week's theme: Fav 4... it's all about favourite four... (things we enjoy and is helping us during this challenge). It could be a favourite TV show, drink, tips, blogger... anything that is part of our favourite 4.

1. AOI: I want to do well in any chose task for this lovely little person that I call daughter. Every time she eats vegetables and fruits, I want to be dedicated to my fruits and veggies just like her Smile

2. My #ProjectMilf Buddies’, you are all so inspiring and supportive.

3. Wii Fit: I am happy when my Wii Instructor tells me I am doing it right.wiiweight

4. TEDxTalks: on procrastination. Okay, procrastinating to watch this 9.51 minutes talk is worth it because since then I am taking few steps into stopping myself from procrastination. I was sold when started explaining in depth why we procrastinate.

“Failure is a positive learning experience” Vik Nithy


On that thought, let’s me tell you how week 3 of #projectmilf went by


Still happy about tracking my meal on fitnesspal, this week my stomach got the idea that I don’t need to overeat. The only time I eat more than my potion was when I went for one hour walk. I didn’t any strength work but I went for long and short work tree times this week (see the results above)


I have $50 towards my $1000 funds for a good cause War Amps and PlanCanada


Okay, I have to say FAIL because I didn’t edit any chapter on my laptop, but still on track. Just have to work extra hard before the end of March


Finger cross for week 4.

How was your week 3?

27 Feb 2013

It Doesn’t Matter

NOTE: my daughter was born with a limb difference and I don’t know when she will come to me and say something heart breaking regarding her little hand. I don’t want to wait until then. For this reason, though I never thought about becoming an advocate in spreading awareness about limb difference, I want to make my mission in raising awareness for people with differences: all kind of differences. I prayed for God’s help in finding my purpose in life and I believe He wants me to be an advocate for people who need help to stand up for themselves: bullied children and children with a difference. I didn’t know how to do it but slowly the answer came to me January 2013. Once a month I want to open my blog for posts that share parents thought on how they embrace their difference, how the teach their children to be tolerance towards everyone with a different… etc..

When I was in my teens, I was singled out because I am Ghanaian and Black. It sucks being teased. I love my difference and I hope I will bring my daughter to accept her difference and hopefully in spreading awareness people will learn to accept everyone’s difference.

The post I am about to share is about my thoughts weeks after my daughter was born and we found out for the very first time that she has a limb difference.

I feel vulnerable sharing these thoughts because the words are raw from my diary, but as part of my mantra be bold, fearless etc., I want to keep calm and write what I fear.keepcalmandwrite30-11-2011

I am fascinated by hands, I don’t know if I cared so much as I am these days. Writing, painting, playing the piano, horse riding typing, excising, everything she chooses to do she can do. The sky is her limit for sure.

The importance is for her to understand how clever, wonderful and loved she is. I haven’t written about it because I don’t see it as something that can block her from achieving her dreams. I think about the pain of those who can’t have children or lose their kids, and I am grateful AOI overcame all the obstacles in my womb to come to us.

Not having full hand is not a disability. She is the most beautiful person from inside and outside, healthy, clever, lovely and loved…

[I hope she] Never shies and hides her complete beauty by hoping for sameness. It is so part of her that after a while you don’t notice.

I don’t know if I am making sense, but I want to write my thoughts.

AOI is the most beautiful baby both AMI and I have ever seen – we are not biased, because everyone who sees her say so. 

When she was born and the midwife handed her to me, I noticed my gorgeous little girl. Her deep brown eyes, her little pink lips, her little baby cries, wriggly body and full grown brown hair flat on her forehead for being in the water for nine months. Then I noticed the hand but just for a fraction because she is my breath and she was in my arms after 9 months imagining her and dreaming of her.

She was more beautiful than in my dreams. She is MORE beautiful than a sublime in her name.

No, I don’t see her little hand as a disability that’s why I don’t want people to pity us, because we are so lucky to have her. She is so good to look after. her cries are specific and at only two weeks, she listens to us so well. She moves her head and does the cutest stretches with her limbs.

Her yawn is heart stopping, she makes me wanna be a baby again. She just melts my heart full stop.


Of course sometimes, just for a fraction, I wonder why my beautiful AOI, why she has to be the one to have five fingers.

I know there is a reason for everything but it’s still unclear.

I am going to try my best for her to be clever, compassionate, understanding, loving, beautiful inside and outside. She has it all, two parents that love her more than words can reveal, want the best for her and ready to give up anything for her happiness.

I wrote this poem two days short from her 1st month in our life.it doesn't matter


Every time I watch my wonderful daughter, I realises that her difference makes her more awesome. I LOVE her so much it can break me!



26 Feb 2013

Oh, How Pin + Interesting & a winner

There are famous pinners who has more than one pin repined 1k. Well, I have a looooooong way to go but few of my own creations are repined and I am happy because they inspire me and I am glad some people found it interest enough to re-3pin it and get inspired by them.

Well, this is one of my personal creations I pinned that is making this lady proud 

Do you follow any pinner that inspires you and has been inspiring many others?

p.s: the winner of Free Prescription Glasses is

Entry #3Sharon S.

25 Feb 2013

Week 8: Cabin Fever

Good Monday ladies.

Yesterday was so lovely, sunny and just –3*, AOI and I went to church – daddy came back in the afternoon. In the evening our playgroup had the toy wash I coordinate so I walked to the location.

But what a week it’s been.

Monday was Canada Family Day, yeah! Only Canadians love their family so much they give a day off from work to celebrate the family.family holiday During the day I organised our bags for the trip to Alberta the following day. In the evening we joined some friends for a lovely meal.

AOI was coughing a little the whole day but we didn’t think anything was wrong. Only around eleven she woke up shivering.

Tuesday she was very ill. Her mouth was boiling when I breastfed her. Even before I would measure her temperature I knew she was not well at all. I was torn inside about the trip. I really wanted to go to Alberta and see the Rocky Mountains but I didn’t want the hardship of a long trip affect AOI’s health.

I was getting dressed when AMI told me that it was best AOI and I stay home. Though I was a little sad, I was more relieved because we could stay in the warmth of the house and try to cure her fever, cough and runny nose.

The first night was worse for both. I didn’t sleep because my sweetheart was not comfortable. At one point I had to rest her boiling body on my chest to let my heart beat sooth her to sleep. Also, I thought that maybe my body can absorb away a little of her fever. That was her first illness and I was so powerless in front of it. Read more here

Wednesday morning she was feeling a little better. She was still weak and cuddly – something I cherished. The only thing I didn’t like was the cries that meant she was in pain and not comfortable. I tried my best to keep her happy. She had a morning bath and she loved it. She wouldn’t get out of the water. We also watched Sesame Street more than usual, she occasionally laughed but I could tell it was not the laughter of my usual bubbly girl. Eating was also difficult for her, I gave her more breast milk than usual. I cherished those moments of feeding because I know soon they will be forever over. She slept most of the day which I believe helped her get through the fever quickly. She nearly slept throughout the night, apart from getting up for her water and milk fix.

Thursday morning, the first thing she asked when she woke up were “Books and porridge'”. I knew she was feeling well. I took up her request of porridge but she didn’t eat much, just five spoonful. I was worried she was not eating enough. Everything I gave her she would just eat few bites and the push it away or play with the food making mess on the floor. I kept my cool and gave her more liquids.

I thought about going to playgroup but I thought too risky. So we stayed indoor and I could tell my daughter was having cabin fever. We had books everywhere on the floor. She would lie on the floor and look bored. I gave her a morning bath and then she had a good mid-morning nap.

I thought time was going to be stagnant but it didn’t. We were able to get through the day quite well. I read to her and when she was asleep I enjoyed my time off.

Friday we ventured outside. I waited after AOI’s nap because I wanted see people walking about in the shopping mall. Before leaving the house I trimmed AOI’s curls, around the back and thinned the top to tidy the lovely curls. AOIhaircut

Saturday was a chilling day for us. In the morning I took some pictures, a AOI did a little painting, and then wanted to practice her photographic skills, I set the camera and she clicked, this is what turned out, lol! AOItakesphotosIn the afternoon we went for a long walk. On our way back I purchased a new t-shirt. For dinner we had Thai, unusual for me to order a meal when hubby is not around but I wanted to celebrate our last day as just mother and daughter.

this week I want to share some pictures from my iPhoneweekiphonedump

Have a lovely week 9 full of sunshine, laughter and good health


23 Feb 2013

Portrait of My Child #2

Week 5 finding the light-horz
AOI: search and embrace that light within because she is your best friend
Week 6AOIgoodmorning-horz
AOI: good morning amore
Week 7Negative Space... It's a Positive
AOI: as she observes the vroom-vroom of the fast cars, the nature around her is slow but bigger
Week 8AOIundertheweater1
AOI: my sweet daughter, my muse, was feeling under the weather beginning of the week. this photo was snapped on February 20th after a restless night
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
I want to capture precious moments this year, for this reason I am taking part in various photo projects.
Above are the portraits of February
please take a second to vote for us, just click the link

22 Feb 2013

She Rocks Assignment #1: Red +or Love

sherocksassignment1_thumb3Today is the last Friday of February, this means is the day for my new project; She Rocks Assignment {a follow up series} # is RED + or LOVE


  1. Please enter the permalink to your blog post, and in the text field enter only your official blog name (do not enter your name, etc). 
  2. When it prompts you, please choose and crop the thumbnail you select. 
  3. Submissions that do not link back to this challenge and have a badge visibly displayed if not it may be deleted.

For more information read here.


Now Inspire me with your “She Rocks Assignment”.


Red Love

red love snowred loveFor She Rocks Assignment #1, I opted for RED because it is one of my favourite colours and LOVE in honour of San Valentine.

I believe I first fell in love with red because my mother bought a velvet deep red dress for me when I was about four. Then I received a red bicycle and since then I dream about a red sport car. But until that day comes I love incorporating red in my fashion any time I can.

I wore this outfit on Valentine’s day. I didn’t have time to snap pictures so few days ago together with AOI we had a mini fashion shoot in our living room then I went outside to get few taken.

AOI is such a love, she is getting interactive and everything I do she slowly imitating me. I left my shoe there for a second, the next thing I see are her tiny feet in them. Knowing that one day she will like to wear some of my items makes me happy with this new body weight. But until then, can somebody tell her she has all the time in this world to wear my closet.

Doesn’t red look so nice on my little girl, I wonder if red will become her favourite colour one day.

When I look at my daughter, I see pure LOVE!

show some love, HELP US REACH #1

21 Feb 2013

Winter Blossom

This week Click Chicks Photo Challenge’s theme is Nature.
Normally we don’t let the cold outside stop us from going to playgroups but today I wanted to make sure AOI doesn’t get runny nose so we stayed indoor. My daughter developed cabin fever. She was grumpy towards the end of the day, had books every where and wouldn’t stop her little frustrated cries but it was good we didn’t go out because tonight she is feeling better than this morning.
Plus, outside looks something similar to this…snowsnowday9 I took these pictures in October but nothing has changed since, maybe just a little spoilt because it is not fresh snow any longer.

#ProjectMilf: 3 Things

Hello everyone, welcome to week 3 of #ProjectMilf!

First, I want to thank everyone who took the time to wish my daughter a quick recovery. She slept in her crib most of the night which means she was feeling better for me to let her sleep in the comfort of her own bed. When she woke up this morning she asked for books and porridge, two of her favourite things when she is not ill, Now she is getting back to her usual mischief and I am smiling again.

Now, before the week 2 update, I want to tell you about my #ProjectMilf week 3 prompt.1projectmilfbadge2013_thumb2

This week is all about sharing 3 Things about ourselves. Something that no one knows (at least in blogland). It can be funny, serious, funny, motivating… Because we want to get to know each other more. So these are three things about me.

1. Raw Rice: I am so embarrassed to admit it but I used to carry raw rice (jasmin) in a little container as my snack. 

2. Talent Show: Amicidimariadefilippi8The year before I got married, I travelled to Rome (capital of Italy) for the casting of Amici, an Italian popular talent show. My hope was to launch my career as a singer (don’t know how to sing but that didn’t bother me)

3. Career Choice: When I was little many people used to tell me I would be a great lawyer because they said I am good at defending people. But all I really wanted to do when I grew up was becoming and actress, modelling, singing (anything show business related would have done me well) because I wanted to meet Bryan Adams, have a relationship with Enrique Iglesias, marry Leonardo DiCaprio and write my book; I was really convinced that the easy way to becoming a writer was becoming famous.

Thank goodness the lists above are from my embarrassing past.

Now unto #projectmilf week 2 update.


I am pleased to say that by using fitnesspal, my body is getting the idea that I don’t need to overeat my calories. I didn’t go overboard with my unhealthy eating habits. I also realised that I can snack on blueberries instead of tortilla chips. I didn’t do much workout. I danced a little and did 20 star jumps.


I phoned the War Amps and chatted to one of the organises, that’s a good start for me that I can be a great procrastinator.


Apart from the weekend which I managed to edit 4 chapters, I haven’t had the chance to do more editing because I looking after AOI and she wasn’t feeling well until last night.


to a great week 3, may we get to know each other more

p.s: don’t forget to under my 39Dspec giveaway, two days left

20 Feb 2013



These past two days my daughter has been under the weather. She still has runny nose and her chest sends out a nasty cough, but her temperature is back to normal again.

Monday night, when we got back home from a dinner with some friends, we put sleepy AOI straight to bed. Few hours later, while hubby and I were busy getting ready for a trip to Alberta (which was going to happen the follow day), our daughter’s coughing and tired cries rushed me upstairs.

She was sitting in her crib shivering. I picked her up and held her tight to my heart. I touched her warm cheeks to mine and in that moment I wanted the power to take away from her tiny toddler body the suffering caused by a fever. How can her tiny body suffer so much. But, as a mortal human, I was powerless in front of the suffering of my beloved daughter.

What I could and can do is to give her a good dose of mummy bear love. Give her the right amount of medication, hold her tight to my heart, wipe her teary eyes, kiss her rosy cheeks and whisper comforting words.

As I cuddled her, I couldn't help but think about my little niece who is no longer here on earth. The idea of losing someone over night is so fresh it goes to the mind at the thought, and I have to fight back the tears that want to weaken me.

I cancelled the trip to Alberta, hubby had to go alone. So, this week is just me and my precious daughter.

Last night I held her tight. Gave her latte, water – not juice – anytime she wanted something to drink. I am a bit tired but right now, after a restless night, my precious little girl is soundly asleep on the sofa. Her chest peacefully rising up and down and her nose noiselessly inhaling tell me she is not suffering too much.


I love you so much little AOI

My heart and prayers go to all the souls suffering...

have a great rest of the week

19 Feb 2013

Oh, How Pin + Interesting

i pinned this


which inspired me to make this by using an old favourite lace top of mine and an old frame as a new jewellery hanger. I can still paint it one day, anytime I want.accessories holder

so pin interesting. what do you think of it?

update: i didn’t complete the pin i showed you last week for the benefit of my body Sad smile

18 Feb 2013

Letters To AOI #2: “Let It be Me”

Today you turned 15 months old.

Sometimes my words are repetitive, but daughter believe me that no matter how many words I say in this world, they won’t be enough to show or tell you how much I love. Today, on the Canadian family day, I will be concise. AOImummyloveAs I rock you, holding you tight to my heart and you say “Moon, moon” we listen to Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne a song that speaks all the words I have my heart to you. My dearest daughter always remember to “Let it be me” when you need a little comfort in this world.

Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne on Grooveshark

There may come a time/ A time in everyone’s life/ Where nothing seems to go your way/ Where nothing seems to turn out right/ There may come a time/ You just can't seem to find your way/ For every door you walk on to/ Seems like they get slammed in your face/ That’s when you need someone Someone that you can call/ And when all your faith is gone/ Feels like you can't go on/ Let it be me Let it be me/ If it's a friend that you need/ Let it be me/ Let it be me/ Feels like your always comin’ on home/ Pockets full of nothin’ and you got no cash/ No matter where you turn, you ain’t got no place to stand/ Reach out for something and they slap your hand/ Now I remember all too well/ Just how it feels to be all alone/ You feel like you’d give anything/ For just a little place you can call your own/That’s when you need someone/ Someone that you can call/ And when all your faith is gone/ Feels like you can't go on/ Let it be me/ Let it be me/ If it's a friend you need/ Let it be me/ Let it be me
Let it be me/ Let it be me/ If it's a friend you need/ Let it be me/ Let it be me/ Let it be me

All my LOVE and HEART,


Week 7: All You Need Is Love

Hope your week 7 was fun and full of love. For me, this week went by so fast.

All You Need Is Love by Beatles/The Beatles on Grooveshark

Sunday, yesterday, after church we went to Wal-Mart Portrait Centre to pick up the photos I had taken of AOI couple of weeks ago. I was so annoyed with shop assistant because they printed extra pictures in the hope that I would pay for them. I asked what if i didn’t want them and she said they will return to the USA where they are printed. I stopped my impulsive self from ripping them in front of her. I believe it was a breach of privacy because they never told me they are going to that.

Tuesday, at the time to go to the French playgroup AOI was so sleepy I didn’t force us to leave the house in the morning. We went for a stroll in the afternoon.

Wednesday we invited AOI’s friend and mum over our place for a play-date. AOIplaydateInitially AOI’s friend, C, was scared to climb the stair but by the time they had to go home she didn’t want to stop climbing. I really enjoyed seeing AOI playing and sharing her toys with her friend and I think she enjoyed it too. Our friends enjoyed it and I suggested we organise a play date at least once a week. If we can go out for walks then great but if we can’t we’ll have the children play in the house. 

The day of love we went to our normal playgroup, I had to prepare snack this week. After playgroup we went to do food shopping for Valentine’s dinner. Getting dinner ready was overwhelming but in the end I managed to get everything ready by half six. valentinesdinnerI couldn’t go to my writer’s meet-up because we had late dinner; also I wanted to spend the evening with my husband and daughter, all we needed that day was love and love is all we needed!

Friday and Saturday were another lazy days.

Apart from going for walks and on Saturday hubby going for a skate in a public ice rink I spotted during my afternoon strolls, we spent the weekend in messy child play area in our living room.

Have a great week 8

xoxo, T.


16 Feb 2013

39D Specs

My first summer job was in a photo-optics shop – developing photos and helping people select glasses from a selection from Armani to Versace. My first specs was a pair by Gucci, 1995.
It was a privilege to keep working in optics 15 years later (I quit in 2010), and over the years I collected designers specs from Armani to Tom Ford, you just name it. I've never worn a not designer glasses before due to this luck.
When John, the director of marketing for 39DollarGlasses, contacted me about trying one of their products for an honest opinion, I wasn’t sure about the idea. First I thought, 39DollarGlasses, I am not that cheap. Second, I remember how we used to have a section in our designer glasses shop for those who couldn’t afford an expensive spectacle, they were not bad just low cost.
Third, I remembered the night I nearly crashed my mum's car because I lost my specs and didn't have a replacement in the car. Since then I go by the motto too many specs are never enough.
So I went to their website and saw nice discounted glasses and I selected these ones.39dollarglassesI chose the chunky plastic frames because I look so geeky-intellectual, even my writer’s group friends told me so. They said they can see my portrait behind a book – so nice of them.
I received my antiglare prescription glasses two Saturdays ago – as if they know how I treat my glasses, I also received a hard case, screwdriver and micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth. My initial intensions were to keep the glasses in the car in case of any incident but, since I got them, I wear them every time. I believe my designer specs are getting jealous and disliking me right now.
I like them and even-though they are low cost they work very well and to be honest it’s liberating to not be attached to a design.39dg10CODE and one lucky reader (living in America or Canada) has the chance to win a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. a Rafflecopter giveaway

15 Feb 2013

Dancing In The Snow In Red

Until we moved to Canada I never saw ice crystals. In Europe when it snowed I was always doing something else to notice how snow forms different kind of flakes or that they look like diamonds under the sun. I just saw cornflakes snow and I thought that ice crystal were just fantasies we see in Disney world.

Then this year, the snow fell and I wanted to catch the flakes on my tongue, just to taste the tasteless ice crystals. Snow stars, for the time I was living in a dream.

I love going out in our backyard and dance in the snow, I feel at one with the weather and I just wish the ice crystal queen doesn’t strike me with her icy cold because I love dancing in the snow wearing red.  toisnowdancetoifashionCollage_thumb[2]

boots: hunter/ dress: Old Navy/ cardigan: garage/ scarf+gloves: no name/ tight+bodies: intimissimi spec: 39dollarglasses (10% off your purchase with the code TOI13)/ hat: everest designs

p.s: I am using these photos as my first entry in Ivy's new photo challenge

p.s.s: next week the She Rocks Assignment Link up is due

please prepare your post and get it linked on the day. read more here and grab your badge
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