16 Feb 2013

39D Specs

My first summer job was in a photo-optics shop – developing photos and helping people select glasses from a selection from Armani to Versace. My first specs was a pair by Gucci, 1995.
It was a privilege to keep working in optics 15 years later (I quit in 2010), and over the years I collected designers specs from Armani to Tom Ford, you just name it. I've never worn a not designer glasses before due to this luck.
When John, the director of marketing for 39DollarGlasses, contacted me about trying one of their products for an honest opinion, I wasn’t sure about the idea. First I thought, 39DollarGlasses, I am not that cheap. Second, I remember how we used to have a section in our designer glasses shop for those who couldn’t afford an expensive spectacle, they were not bad just low cost.
Third, I remembered the night I nearly crashed my mum's car because I lost my specs and didn't have a replacement in the car. Since then I go by the motto too many specs are never enough.
So I went to their website and saw nice discounted glasses and I selected these ones.39dollarglassesI chose the chunky plastic frames because I look so geeky-intellectual, even my writer’s group friends told me so. They said they can see my portrait behind a book – so nice of them.
I received my antiglare prescription glasses two Saturdays ago – as if they know how I treat my glasses, I also received a hard case, screwdriver and micro-fiber lens cleaning cloth. My initial intensions were to keep the glasses in the car in case of any incident but, since I got them, I wear them every time. I believe my designer specs are getting jealous and disliking me right now.
I like them and even-though they are low cost they work very well and to be honest it’s liberating to not be attached to a design.39dg10CODE and one lucky reader (living in America or Canada) has the chance to win a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. a Rafflecopter giveaway
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