13 Feb 2013


…made me want to learn how to strip-dance.beyonce-gq-cover

I like Beyoncé Knowles, the real Beyoncé not the stage one.

I mean, I respect what she’s been doing since the age of eleven? and still doing and doesn’t look like she’s going to stop any time soon. She is a beautiful-powerful young woman; she has an incredible body, voice and I can see her writing poetry and selling books when she is too old to catwalk the stage. Really she can turn into gold anything she touches.

In my opinion she is our modern age Tina Turner but, unlike the Simply The Best lady, I don’t like when Beyoncé is on stage. In my opinion she is pretentious. She is just a metamorphosis of the current trend – sexuality is cool. I really don’t know how to explain it but when I see her performing as her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, she puts me off.

Maybe I should address Sasha Fierce…

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl because I am not living in America and don’t have access to primetime TV. I decided to watch Sasha Fierce's Super Bowl 2013 half time performance on YouTube after I read good and bad reviews around the internet. I wanted to made up my own conclusion.

She appeared onstage singing lines from her R&B hit Love on Top under a giant lit up silhouette of herself. At that view I thought lady B is going to set the place on fire, WOW this is going to be awesome.beyoncesuperbowlThen like a tigress she cat-walked the stage in a plunging leather Rubin Singer corset and skirt which, later on, she stripped off to reveal a sexy lace underlay.beyoncesuperbowl3

The first pose on the stage floor made me question is this a family friendly show? She moved her booty, seducing the audience and I thought maybe shaking my body like her might help me tone up.

Other moves followed, those preformed on the music collaboration with Sean Paul, made me want to learn how to strip-dance. Oh, yes! She got the moves but, her sensual moves told me she can strip-dance and I want to learn that.beyoncesuperbowl4Being a third party to the Super Bowl and American culture, her moves also made me wonder if Super Bowl, is it a misogynist thing, where they invite sexy ladies to shake their booty for the crowd to cheer?

The moment I cheered up was when the trio Destiny’s Child ladies sung. I love  the harmony. I loved listening to their voices, they didn’t have to move sensually to entertain the crowd, their voices work just fine. Beyonce-Superbowl-2013They took me back to my eighteen years old girl, jumping up and down in my living room and singing as if I was an independent lady – refer to this post.

For me, Beyoncé saved herself, from Sasha Fierce, when she performed Halo and gave all of her self to the stage and the devoted audience beyoncesuperbowl2I loved and felt her energy, her passion for what she does but the sexualisation of a beautiful woman really puts me off. I grew up with Beyoncé and having her sexuality strutted in front of my nose, maybe, scares me. I see her as my sister, so I don’t like to see her trying to fit into the new image of powerful singer by using her sexuality.

We all know that Madonna used her sexuality to become the power name we all know these days. Since then she has incarnated into different persona so many times I can’t keep track. Yet, I don’t think the young pop singers need to follow in the same footsteps as Queen Madonna.

Also I don’t mind Rihanna, Kate Perry, Lady Gaga, because they all started their career by pushing their sexuality in the forerun.

It would be great to see a singer that doesn’t have to market her or his art through sexuality. Beyoncé knows she is powerful and I would love if she would stay true to Beyoncé, the shy and clean lady she is, and not transform herself into this provocative persona she calls Sasha Fierce. I would love to see her power without her sexuality, that would be the best power ever.

But I digress.

After watching the 2013 Super Bowl, I watched the 2012 Super Bowl half time show. Madonna’s show was the SHOW for me, there was music and theatre and special effect! Though 2012 Super Bowl there were hint of sexuality and rudeness, compared to Beyoncé Sasha Fierce’s Super Bowl show, Madonna’s show looked innocent.

I don’t want to take anything away from the achievement of Black Women on the 2013 Super Bowl stage, my main concern is how the future generation will end up if sexuality is gratuitous thanks to the media industry.

I like Alicia Keys because she doesn’t use her sexuality to promote her art.

I hope more pop singers will start to set the example that revealing less body parts on stage, covering up a little more, is more sexy. Hopefully, one day Beyoncé will inspire me to do more than just learn how to strip-dance.


  1. I know what you mean about her performance. I was half thinking that too! She did well, and she did get fierce on the stage. Looking at her after she had her baby one year ago, makes me want to step up my game.

  2. I love this post from you! I like Beyonce and have plans to attend her upcoming concert. I think part of the reason why Beyonce is so successful (in terms of record sales and monetarily) is because of her sexuality. I don't think it's right but she know that sex sells. I also know that her stages costumes in Europe are a little more provocative then when she tours elsewhere because of how sexuality is viewed in Europe. When I visited Paris I was completely shocked that a huge billboard ad included a women's breasts. I understand why some people will argue that the breast aren't always a sex organ (in the case of breastfeeding) but there is still something to be said why it's not allowed in America. If Beyonce's concerts stopped selling out and no one bought her album I'm sure she would change her image. But she won't, because she doesn't have to, because sex sells. If you take a look at her clothing line (which pretty much doesn't exist anymore) she has revamped it several times trying to make it popular and successful but it didn't work. There is something to be said for the difference in her album sales and clothing line sales.

    Artist like Alicia Keys who are just as talented (arguably A. Keys may have the upper hand in the talent department due to her knowledge of the musical instrument)have been known to delve into their sexual side. I have been to all of A. Keys album tours and trust- it does get sexual. It's not nearly to the point of Beyonce as Alicia's costumes are NOTHING like "Sasha's" but she has grinded on her fair share of men on stage. I don't kow too many performers who keep it PG all the time.

    This is just my two cents- I'm not defending her one way or another I just think part of her 'success' is because she knows how to 'entertain'.

  3. I like Beyonce. I think that we all different comfort levels when it comes to sexuality. Some of us don't mind it while others do. I'm not going to lie and that sex is great because it is. Instead, if we as parents are worried about how our children process sexuality, that's our job, not entertainers, to make sure they get the right message. Beyonce is one of the few entertainers who hasn't been involved in scandal unlike Mrs Alicia Keys or actually managed to wait until marriage to have a baby.

    I didn't think her outfit was too sexy because honestly I've seen more risque outfits watching a ballet show. And well, urban dancing wasn't considered sexy until of course the media said it was and we believed it. I think there are a lot of entertainers who push the sexuality envelope way more than Bey does or ever would.

    1. i totally agree that it is up to us parents to worry about how our children perceived the right message regarding sexuality but I also know that the media has so much influence on our children sometimes it's scary.

      I don't think her outfit was very sexy, what were risque for me were her moves. i've never read anywhere that urban dancing is sexy, i am writing about what i saw on the stage but i liked her performance I was just wondering if it would be nice to have her setting new trend where sex was not involved but maybe that won't happen in my lifetime and i am okay with that

  4. My friend mentioned that she thought that Beyonce's performance was straight stolen from Tina Turner. A few days later we saw photos of Tina Turner with a similar outfit. I thought the performance was high energy but unoriginal. You know, when it comes to sex it's pretty simple. It sells and sadly, that's what's important to most people.

  5. Well written my friend...and I agree that sexuality is turned up too much..it can take away from actually enjoying the talent. I've never been a fan of her's because I thought she over does it...give me Whitney all day everyday


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