21 Feb 2013

#ProjectMilf: 3 Things

Hello everyone, welcome to week 3 of #ProjectMilf!

First, I want to thank everyone who took the time to wish my daughter a quick recovery. She slept in her crib most of the night which means she was feeling better for me to let her sleep in the comfort of her own bed. When she woke up this morning she asked for books and porridge, two of her favourite things when she is not ill, Now she is getting back to her usual mischief and I am smiling again.

Now, before the week 2 update, I want to tell you about my #ProjectMilf week 3 prompt.1projectmilfbadge2013_thumb2

This week is all about sharing 3 Things about ourselves. Something that no one knows (at least in blogland). It can be funny, serious, funny, motivating… Because we want to get to know each other more. So these are three things about me.

1. Raw Rice: I am so embarrassed to admit it but I used to carry raw rice (jasmin) in a little container as my snack. 

2. Talent Show: Amicidimariadefilippi8The year before I got married, I travelled to Rome (capital of Italy) for the casting of Amici, an Italian popular talent show. My hope was to launch my career as a singer (don’t know how to sing but that didn’t bother me)

3. Career Choice: When I was little many people used to tell me I would be a great lawyer because they said I am good at defending people. But all I really wanted to do when I grew up was becoming and actress, modelling, singing (anything show business related would have done me well) because I wanted to meet Bryan Adams, have a relationship with Enrique Iglesias, marry Leonardo DiCaprio and write my book; I was really convinced that the easy way to becoming a writer was becoming famous.

Thank goodness the lists above are from my embarrassing past.

Now unto #projectmilf week 2 update.


I am pleased to say that by using fitnesspal, my body is getting the idea that I don’t need to overeat my calories. I didn’t go overboard with my unhealthy eating habits. I also realised that I can snack on blueberries instead of tortilla chips. I didn’t do much workout. I danced a little and did 20 star jumps.


I phoned the War Amps and chatted to one of the organises, that’s a good start for me that I can be a great procrastinator.


Apart from the weekend which I managed to edit 4 chapters, I haven’t had the chance to do more editing because I looking after AOI and she wasn’t feeling well until last night.


to a great week 3, may we get to know each other more

p.s: don’t forget to under my 39Dspec giveaway, two days left


  1. Glad AOI is feeling better! :( Sounds like she was having a rough time!

    Sounds like you've been following your steps to achieve your goals! Great job!
    Keep it up! You're doing great! :)

    1. thanks Rolex, she was having two rough days but apart from a little grumpiness she is was great today.

      about the goals i am trying to keep up.

  2. Glad AOI is feeling better. You are too funny about trying out for a talent show when you can't sing.

    1. i know, but it was so much fun. i remember the first audition i just miss it up ruining the chance for the other contestant without really wanting to. now i can laugh about it.

      don't know why i don't tell people but it's quite funny :)

  3. Also glad Miss AOI is doing better! And i LOVE your third sing..how awesome. All those yummy men! And kudos for reaching out to War Amps...they do a lot of great work. I would totally help!!

  4. Glad AOI is feeling better!!! Singing on a talent show even though you can sing...funny!!! That takes a lot of courage to try out for something like that!Did you just eat the rice raw?

    1. yes, i used to eat the rice raw but stopped when i realized it is not good for my poor teeth and general health

  5. I love that you used to eat raw rice. I used to eat raw noodles. HAHAHAH!!!

    You seem to be on track with your goals! So inspiring!


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