28 Feb 2013

#ProjectMilf: Fav 4

1projectmilfbadge2013HURRAY! OMG, I am over the moon for week 4 of #ProjectMilf. I am pushing through without looking back or backing out of the challenge, it all thanks to you lovely ladies for walking along this path with me.

And before I give away the weekly update I want to share with you all this week's theme: Fav 4... it's all about favourite four... (things we enjoy and is helping us during this challenge). It could be a favourite TV show, drink, tips, blogger... anything that is part of our favourite 4.

1. AOI: I want to do well in any chose task for this lovely little person that I call daughter. Every time she eats vegetables and fruits, I want to be dedicated to my fruits and veggies just like her Smile

2. My #ProjectMilf Buddies’, you are all so inspiring and supportive.

3. Wii Fit: I am happy when my Wii Instructor tells me I am doing it right.wiiweight

4. TEDxTalks: on procrastination. Okay, procrastinating to watch this 9.51 minutes talk is worth it because since then I am taking few steps into stopping myself from procrastination. I was sold when started explaining in depth why we procrastinate.

“Failure is a positive learning experience” Vik Nithy


On that thought, let’s me tell you how week 3 of #projectmilf went by


Still happy about tracking my meal on fitnesspal, this week my stomach got the idea that I don’t need to overeat. The only time I eat more than my potion was when I went for one hour walk. I didn’t any strength work but I went for long and short work tree times this week (see the results above)


I have $50 towards my $1000 funds for a good cause War Amps and PlanCanada


Okay, I have to say FAIL because I didn’t edit any chapter on my laptop, but still on track. Just have to work extra hard before the end of March


Finger cross for week 4.

How was your week 3?


  1. Sounds great TOI! I've been doing lots of walking as well.

  2. Wow sounds like you are doing great! I hope you have many more successes!

  3. Woohoo I have to watch that video this week. And awesome on your success lady!!! And love that miss AOI encourages you to eat your veggies!

  4. Good job on your progress so far. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for dropping by my page.

  5. Yey,Rooting for you! Sounds like you making great progress with your challenge.

  6. Look at you doing well with your goals. So happy to see that. I really can't believe that it's been 3 weeks already. Love the encouragement and seeing how well everyone is doing.


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